What is surface mounting technology SMT

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Surface mount technology (SMT) has become the most important assembly technology for electronic assemblies and the most important assembly technology for electronic components in recent years.
It has developed rapidly and its importance is constantly growing.
This book is intended to facilitate the introduction to and use of the SMT. Despite its compactness, it conveys more than just basic knowledge. The SMT is presented comprehensively and holistically. The book shows the relationships between components, circuit carriers, design and production.

The main chapters of the book:

  • Introduction to SMT
  • Status and future of SMT
  • SMT components
  • SMT as a system
  • Design of SMT assemblies
  • Circuit carrier for the SMT
  • Applying solder paste and glue
  • Assembly of SMD
  • Soldering of SMT assemblies
  • Cleaning the SMA
  • Quality in the SMT
  • Organization and layout of SMT production
  • literature

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