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The 'pint' in the pub (actually 'public house') is part of everyday life in England (United Kingdom / Great Britain). In the 'Local' you can meet up for a beer - or better: a pint of lager or ale - with friends, colleagues, neighbors etc. Not only after work, but also for lunch or the popular pub quiz, you can find yourself in the pub a. You can also play darts, billiards and many other pub games in many pubs or try your luck at a slot machine. An evening pub crawl is also popular, in which a group visits as many pubs as possible in one evening. Some pubs show important soccer games. In the country, the pub is often the social center.

In addition to beer, cider and other wine, gin (e.g. as gin & tonic), lemonade, etc. are offered in pubs. All drinks are ordered, paid for and picked up at the counter. So there is no service. Tips are not common. Instead, the guest can buy the host a drink.

In addition to drinks, small dishes are also offered in pubs. Popular pub food ('Pub Grub') is:

Other famous pubs are e.g.

Pubs are very comfortably furnished and decorated. The (often funny) decorated 'pub signs' at traditional pubs are beautiful.

George Orwell described his ideal pub in the essay 'The Moon under Water'.

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