What is Indian fashion about

Infographic: Indian fashion at a glance

Indian outfits - whether live on the catwalk or in Bollywood films - are fascinating, but their abundance and rich choices can also be confusing. Or do you know the difference between one Lehenga Choli, one sari and one Salwar Kameez? Not to mention the various trends and styles, for example bell lehengas, Sharara styles or jacket lehengas.

Indian fashion is not limited to one style, but stands for a multitude of different cuts, styles and color combinations that have now attracted a lot of attention all over the world. The fashion industry has witnessed a number of changes in this segment and has recently seen an eclectic mix of Indian and Western influences impacting traditional Indian fashion.

Whether wedding, party or other festive occasion, festive Indian fashion such as anarkali suits, salwar suits and designer lehengas offer an exciting selection and ensure that you are properly dressed in every situation and can let your personality shine through. At the next fashion show or even the next time you shop for Indian fashion, knowing different items of clothing and styles will certainly help. The following infographic from Like A Diva, an Indian online platform for Indian designer fashion and traditional clothing, was specially compiled for FashionUnited. Have fun with it!

Photo and infographic: Like A Diva / likeadiva.com