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China tourist visa and general China travel information

China is one of the largest and most important countries on the Asian continent and has an extremely long cultural history. It is only too understandable that many holidaymakers from Germany also strive to enter China in order to travel to China for a few days, weeks or months. Before going on vacation, however, a China tourist visa be requested. After all, foreigners are required to have a visa when traveling to the country.

You can apply for permits for entry directly at the Chinese embassy in Berlin. But be careful: there are some deadlines. In addition, the processing time must be observed. In the best case, you will take care of yours for a while, maybe even a few months before you leave China tourist visa. If you would like to have competent support on your part, you can use the convenient service from Here you can get help in all questions of the tourist visa for China as well as for other China visas for entry from Germany.

Tourist visa for China - is it really necessary?

The tourist visa China is the indispensable entry ticket to the People's Republic for vacationers. If you do not have a visa for China on board at departure, it is very likely that entry into China will be refused at the airport at the latest. However, these visas alone are not sufficient for entry. Visitors to China must also be able to show a valid passport at any time. The passport with the China visa must be carried on the man at all times in order to be able to identify yourself.

What is required for the China tourist visa?

If you want to travel to the Chinese People's Republic, you should prepare adequately. This applies above all to the China tourist visa, which must be applied for at the Representation of the People's Republic in Berlin. Here you will find information about which documents have to be submitted with the application.

You should start these travel preparations well in advance. The embassy expects a passport that is valid for at least six months. In addition, this passport must contain a blank page for the China tourist visa. You have to provide information about flights and hotel reservations that document the travel planning for the days and months in China. Sometimes one or the other person may be overwhelmed with the application form and the requirements of the Chinese authorities for visas or visas. Then it is even more advisable to apply for the China tourist visa via the service.

These documents are mandatory:

  • The correctly completed application form for the China tourist visa
  • A sufficiently long valid passport of the traveler with a blank page
  • Copy of hotel and flight bookings
  • A current, biometric passport photo of the traveler

Tourist visa China - what to do if passports and visas are lost?

It is a delicate situation if the tourist visa and passport are lost in China. After all, you have an obligation to be able to identify yourself to the Chinese authorities at any time. If you are in Beijing at the moment, the way to the German embassy may be short. However, the Chinese state is large and the distances to Beijing are sometimes very long. If you came in a group, you usually get help from the tour guide. He knows what to do in this case.

If you are traveling on your own with a tourist visa in China, if you lose your passport or visa you should go to the local police as soon as possible and report the loss there. If you lose your travel documents in China, you can identify yourself with a copy of your passport and a certificate of the respective accommodation. Then you should contact the German diplomatic mission, because this is the only place where you can apply for a passport replacement. If you are traveling alone, you have to take the passport replacement to a Chinese entry and exit authority, which will then issue a temporary solution for the China tourist visa. This permit must be applied for before leaving the country.

The whole process of applying for and issuing temporary passports and visas can take two days, during which time you have to stay on site. Ideally, copies of your passport, identity card and tourist visa for China should be kept safe. Together with reserve passport photos, these copies can speed up the process.

Explore the huge country with the China tourist visa

Anyone entering China from Germany usually flies from Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich or Düsseldorf. With a visa for China, the routes often lead to one of the major metropolises in the country. Above all, the megacities of Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong are worth mentioning as visitor magnets.

In Beijing, the vacationer with a tourist visa China can find the embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany after entering the country if necessary. Beijing is the capital of the country and the huge People's Republic is ruled from here. The metropolis is a must for visitors to the country, after all, the city can look back on over three thousand years of history. Some major sights can be admired in Beijing. This is how most guests see the Forbidden City with a visa. The Chinese emperor lived here until the early 20th century - entry to the common people was denied. This ban has long since been lifted. The "Forbidden City" is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Reason enough to take a look at the fascinating buildings.

Of course, Shanghai is always worth a trip for visitors with a China tourist visa. Shanghai is the Chinese economic metropolis and as such is directly subordinate to the Chinese government. The skyline looks almost futuristic. But there are also a number of traditional Chinese pagodas in the cityscape. Those who have a China tourist visa can marvel at one of the most fascinating and dazzling metropolises in Asia in Shanghai.

Visa China - contact points for German citizens

Anyone traveling to China on a tourist visa should find out before entering the country where, in case of doubt, they can find a contact point in the form of an embassy in the Chinese People's Republic. You can of course find the official embassy of the Federal Republic in Beijing. There it is established in the Chaoyang District.

Those who travel to the hinterland with their China tourist visa are usually very far from the embassy. It is good to know that there are several German consulates general in the country. In the Chinese province of Sichuan, the capital Chengdu has a consulate to represent the embassy. The holidaymaker can find further consulates general in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai.