What makes you happy in life

The joy of life: 7 gifts that make you happy!

Did you know that there are things that will multiply your happiness when you give them away? So something that gives you joy in life and that you don't get but give to others?

Joy in life arises through giving and taking, whereby “giving” is probably responsible for much more joy in life than “taking”.

Here are seven of those gifts. If you “give it away” day after day, you can share your unique treasure with others: your authentic self and your zest for life.

Each of these gifts will come back to you many times.

As you read the short list now, think about how you and with whom you would like to share this gift today in order to bring both more joy in life.

Joy in life - gifts for you and others

1. Appreciation

Tell someone how much you value the trust that is placed in you. Sincerely thank that person for being part of your life. Tell these loved ones how much you need him or her.

Feeling valued is one of the most important human needs. If you share your appreciation and gratitude with someone, it will not be forgotten. This appreciation will then be bestowed upon you many times over.

2. Share time & talent

Consciously manage your time so you can spend time with the people you love. Also support local organizations by bringing in your special talents.

As your life slows down and you watch your thoughts closely, you will sometimes discover gifts and talents that you didn't even know you had. Consciously sharing time and talents can lead to discoveries that will instantly bring more joy in life.

3. Share knowledge and ideas

Tell someone about a great book you read so that they can benefit from it too. Give what you can and pass it on to people who may need it.

One of the best ways to really integrate what you've learned in your head is to share it with others or explain it to others. The more often you pass on what you have learned, the stronger this information will stay in your memory. You won't believe it, but active teaching expands your horizons and brings more joy in life.

4. Share friendship

Keep letting your joy know that you are ready to be there when you are needed. Visit someone you haven't seen in a long time. Talk to friends or relatives who live far away on the phone. Introduce two friends who don't know each other.

Bringing a new person into someone else's life can bring tremendous changes for both people and for you. We can only do this with the help of others. People grow through being with other people. If you want to have lots of friends, be generous in sharing friendship with others. That brings more joie de vivre to everyone.

5. Share kindness

Friendliness and small attentions have gone a little out of fashion: a smile, a compliment or a small favor. These will multiply and spread very quickly.

There's a strong quote from Stephen Jay Gould,

"The center of human nature is in ten thousand ordinary acts of goodness that determine our days."

Friendliness is priceless. The love, friendliness and the value that we give to others through it bring everyone together more joy in life.

6. Exchange experiences

Keep records of your life in the form of a diary, success journals or even with photos: things that you have done, places that you have traveled, things that you have learned and of course your successes and failures.

Share a happy memory with a loved one. But also share the difficult times that have helped you gain stronger and more wisdom. When you share that, the value of those experiences is multiplied.

Our unique experiences are priceless. The exchange of experiences builds one of the strongest connections with others and ensures - as you can already imagine - more joy in life

7. Share enthusiasm

If you're excited about something, tell someone about it. Your enthusiasm will inspire others to advance on their own hurdles.

Enthusiasm lets us look to the future. Enthusiasm brings many of these exciting days, which we can enjoy with gratitude. It is contagious and will quickly spread to others.

Remember the quote from Norman MacEwan: “Happiness is not so much about having as it is about sharing. We live from what we get, but we live even more from what we give. "

Sharing all of these things sends our thoughts on a vast journey where they will touch many lives and reconnect with our own.

Do you want to keep receiving gifts that bring you joy in life? Start multiplying your luck today by sharing one of these special gifts with someone today!