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Take advantage of the semester break: the best tips for students

Vacation, lazing around, doing nothing, switching off - this or something similar is what many employees face student life during Semester break in front. However, this is the ideal case that may apply to some students. Semester breaks are by no means extended summer holidays. For the majority of students, the time outside of the semester means work in the form of jobs, exams, preparation and planning for the next semester. Because the student loan is not always enough and the housework has to be written at some point. How to make the best use of the semester break ...

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Semester break Meaning: The somewhat different vacation

The term semester break is the slang term for the time between two semesters.

As follows, the semesters are at the most Universities in Germany assigned:

  • Winter semester (WS): from October 1st to March 31st
  • Summer semester (SS or SoSe): from April 1st to September 30th

The semester break in the winter semester is often between Mid-February and early Aprilthat summer around Mid-July to early October.

The term semester break is misleading in that it does not refer to a real vacation, but means the lecture-free period. Find in this time usually no lectures, seminars or courses instead of. However: Exceptions prove the rule.

Some lecturers - especially those who are still at other university locations have a teaching position - hold, for example, block seminars, which may well be during the semester break.

In addition, many students have to complete an internship during their studies. Since that often collided with the lecture times, especially the semester break is ideal for this.

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Use semester break: Balance is important

The term semester break is of course also tempting for students: Finally, not sitting in the lecture hall at eight o'clock in the morning, but simply sleeping in. The temptation is great in that gained freedom finally to do what you cannot do in the semester:

Holidays, parties, binge watching. If it weren't for another small problem: Very few students are blessed with rich parents, which means that money is needed.

For example, as a subsidy towards the cost of living during the semester - because Tuition and semester fees also want to be financed somehow.

Or for the vacation that is planned during the semester break: this is the ideal place Work and travel because the activities during the trip will at least generate a bit of money. And at the same time the scent of the distance is sniffed.

Ideally, use the semester break so that you get a Compensation for learning stress have during the semester. If you have to write homework during the semester break, you should think carefully about how to plan it so that you can then start the new semester relaxed.

Productive during the semester break: planning enables time out

Semester breaks often mean that now one Examination phase begins: Exams are written and oral exams are held. For this reason alone, it is important not to let yourself down completely.

A study plan and good time management will help you keep track of your Deadlines and your progress to keep in learning.

It is not about structuring every day or planning it completely, that would be counterproductive. Rather, it is a rough structure with a few fixed points meant. You should also plan your free time, because this gives you the freedom to spontaneously engage in activities and, for example, do something with friends.

Good planning and preparation make up that Basis for real relaxationbecause you ...

  • to have all important tasks done.
  • so have time for recreation.
  • know that you after the semester break do not stand in front of a huge mountain of tasks.

In short: When you have covered all the important tasks and topics in your planning, you can confidently put your studies aside and enjoy the semester break.

Semester break jobs: 11 tips for slightly different activities

If you are fed up with classic student jobs, already know all the standard activities and long for a change, we have something for you. With our eleven creative tips, you can do the Make semester breaks varied and use it productively at the same time.

We put in our eleven alternatives creative and unusual summer jobs in front. The payment can vary significantly - depending on the place of study and the employer.

You should therefore decide for yourself to what extent you will benefit specifically from a vacation job: Does it compensate for the lecture period? Does it enable you to acquire knowledge that will pay off on your résumé?

You can do this during the semester break:

  1. Children's holiday program

    Every city and municipality offers a holiday program with a wide variety of program items during the summer holidays. Of course you shouldn't take part as a student, but if working with children suits you, you can contribute here as a supervisor. In larger cities and programs, these jobs can even be paid. Either way, you can train your social skills and later point out beneficial social engagement.

  2. City tours

    Do you know your place of residence very well and history is your hobby-horse anyway, or at least interesting? Then find out more about the history of your place and apply to your city administration as a city guide. More and more cities are offering jobs that are often not badly paid and are happy to receive support. Here you will also come into contact with numerous people and train your didactic skills.

  3. Lecturing program

    In the semester break straight back to the university: Not as a student, but as a lecturer. Numerous colleges and universities offer courses and seminars for prospective students or students who need to catch up during the summer holidays. For such courses, lecturers are always needed, who often consist of students from higher semesters. You have to pay at least according to the minimum wage. Often, students with a bachelor's degree get more than those without. So if you want to do an apprenticeship anyway or are looking for training in dealing with people and groups, this is a real alternative to a normal job.

  4. Local newspaper

    If you are more interested in a job in the media, your local newspaper could be an alternative to a normal student job. If you can write fluently, you should ask whether you need support in reporting on smaller events or other topics. The payment is often kept within limits, but you can gain initial editorial experience and gain some insights into the way we work in this area.

  5. Improvisational theater

    Participation in improvisational theater is not an alternative to a student job, but a creative option with high learning potential. Offers of this kind are not only available in many cities during the semester break, a quick Google search should bring you numerous hits. The overcoming may be great for one or the other here, but such creative activities train expressiveness, spontaneity and a talent for improvisation. This not only helps you in dealing with other people, but is also a real preparation for job interviews.

  6. VHS courses

    The adult education center can also be an alternative to the classic student job - if you have extensive experience and competence in an area and your local adult education center is currently in demand. Since planning is often done well in advance, you should contact those responsible as early as possible and get a job as a speaker. The pay is often not that bad and you can use such an activity later in your CV and cover letter as evidence of your social skills.

  7. Blog internship

    You read that right - not a block internship, but a blog internship: Many blogs - including the career bible - repeatedly offer the opportunity to do an internship. Since you will probably have significantly more time during the semester break than during the lecture period, you should apply as an intern to a blog that interests you during this period. Whether the internship is remunerated naturally depends on the blog operator. But one thing is certain: you will learn a lot and - if the blog has a name - you can provide evidence of a good reference.

  8. Self-taught training

    Okay, you want to relax during the semester break and not study any more. But you can also have fun learning - if you can do it at your own pace and with like-minded people. To do this, set up a study group with friends and take on topics that offer you advantages not only for your studies, but also for your later professional life. You will see that self-determined learning can be fun.

  9. Coaching jobs

    Are you really good at a sport and can you convey your knowledge in an appealing way? Then apply to amusement parks, tourist resorts and similar institutions as a trainer and use the semester break to earn money in this way. Here, too, you can train your didactic skills and train social skills.

  10. hike

    It may sound old-fashioned, but if you take a week or two, you can explore beautiful corners of Germany or other countries on foot, collect wonderful impressions and really switch off. You are doing something for your health and your mind. If hiking sounds too old-fashioned to you, you can also call it hiking or active sightseeing.

  11. Neighborhood help

    In more and more large cities there is organized neighborhood help that is no longer based solely on volunteer work. Use your semester break to get involved here for elderly and needy people and earn a few euros on the side. Experiences and conversations with a wide variety of people can be enriching and the commitment will definitely have a positive effect on your social skills.

End of semester break: Prepare in good time

It is best to start warming up for the next semester at the end of the semester break. For example, by typing clarify in time,

  • which courses are on the program,
  • how these are distributed over time,
  • which exam requirements exist,
  • which presentation topics can be selected and
  • which reading is relevant for the exam.

The earlier you become active, the more presentations are still available. In this way, you can not only decide on the topics that suit you, but also use possible synergies, for example by using the same sources for similar tasks.

Another option is to take your time some time before the end of the semester break Issues and expectations discuss with your lecturer. They often offer holiday consultation hours at certain times and have significantly more time for you outside of the hectic everyday life.

After the semester break: find your learning rhythm

It is equally important that you do it as soon as possible find your way back to your daily rhythm. Depending on whether you are more of a day or night person, the situation is significantly different: While those who are grumpy in the morning need about ten o'clock to be really fit, early risers are almost tired again at this advanced hour.

Unfortunately, the study calendar rarely takes this into account. But if you have your inner clock know, you can at least arrange your learning phases in the free time available so that you are really fit for it.

Make it easier for you to get started with everyday student life by completing the Prepare the rhythmThat you will also have during the semester: If the events start at eight in the morning, you should go to bed the evening before one.

There is more to finding rhythm, however: Since you have various obligations to meet, you should organize your time so that there is regular opportunity to study. That makes for clear better exam success as panic learning right before the exam - and also keeps the stress level low.

Numerous parties offer fun and relaxation at the beginning of the semester. Incidentally, these can also serve to refresh old friendships and meet new people.

That has practical side effects: You can also join forces with your fellow students to form new learning groups. Ultimately, they learn to be much more successful together, because in addition to motivation and support, social control also works.

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