Why do you like advertising

Don't you like the ads? Contribution to the defense of crooks №1

A friend of mine likes to repeat the sentence: “The school of life is not a university for you!” He only has 8 general education classes and a maximum of 40 years at different universities. Life taught this friend a lot, especially analytical thinking. He has a fitting nickname argument. He loves to use this word in different variations ...

Advertising surrounds us. Hasloo Group Production Studio, Shutterstock.com

Sometimes it annoys:

- Hold the gum.

- Many Thanks.

- argument!

- Gratitude doesn't have to be argued.

- Why? Fight! But more often with an argument it is fun. We go in, it happens, we go to the store to buy Cologne, for example, a pretty girl jumps up to us and believes that speaking standard phrases is her great mission on earth:

- Good day! I can help you?

- Argue, girls! - says the argument. "Do you really want to help?"

- Yes, I will definitely help!

"The car is dirty, do you want to wash it?"

When a program called "Promotion" (or, as correctly, "Promotion"?) Does not accept something like this, it usually "freezes":

"I mean, I can tell you something ..."

Here the argument involves a wise man with no idea where the switch is:

"Young lady, have you already established what social class I belong to?" Did you diagnose my dominant perceptual modality? And who am I audio, visual, kinesthetic, discreet? Who will you focus on?

According to our results, however, the consultants still have enough time to say goodbye: “Thank you for visiting our store! Come back! "And the argument interprets so" creatively "in its own way:

- Listen to what you think, whether creative morgues or crematoriums appear in the service sector, where they also say goodbye: “Thank you for visiting our office! Come again! ”?

Next we develop the topic on the street.

- Yes, they try to spit everywhere, everywhere! I say passionately.

- argument!

- And what is there inexplicably ?! Figure, face, smile ...

- And you would like to see an evil Grymsu in the store who sarcastically comments on your purchase: “Ha! Don't hope that in the eyes of the women on your beer belly, perfume will not be overshadowed! “? We had something like that ... and people changed the political regime. It's just that people have a self-deception program ... they're angry even when they're not allowed to use drugs. If Gorbachev hadn't even introduced the "ban", if cigarettes hadn't disappeared from stores a little later, we would have lived in a different country ... But now we have a respectful stance in the service sector. This is an extremely short-lived concept, but it is extremely important.

And about the little girl ... let's say you don't really need such counselors. And imagine a woman who wants to be beautiful and fashionable. After all, it's such a difficult task - to dress like the others, but not like everyone else, is better than most of the others, but doesn't look like a minority. Presents? And how can such a lady get along without timely advice? But there is no way to do it even if she understands that such advice is just hypocrisy and is paid for with her own money. But when the advisor calls out: “How beautiful you look in this dress! This is the fashion peep! “Then a woman needs exactly that and not just something sensible ... And try in the store to offer this fashionista only 5 pieces of clothing and not 50-500 different ones - no one will see her again.

And not just in the clothing sector. People, homo capiens, want a lot of different things ... And if there's a demand, there's an offer. And there are many offers, namely competition and advertising.

She adores the buyer, advertising, begins to swear with diapers, although at first the mothers are the repeaters of proposals to the heads of the babies. Starting with the same diapers ... For example, diapers that "breathe" appeared in the market, and that's all mother can no longer imagine her child's life without. Nobody thinks that when diapers breathe they can choke, it's sadism to force them to die like this ... Nobody thinks because diapers are an unconditional brand that attracts Philistines no worse than Brand Pitt! And the children meanwhile draw an associative line between TV spots and their diapers ...

"Come on ..." I say not very confidently. "What can you understand ..."

- How many years did you learn German at school?

"I don't remember much ..."

- Learned?

- Yes, somehow ...

"And do you think afterwards that children who are learning a language, often two or even three without tension, are more stupid than you?" So the target audience for advertising is the same children, although adults, and this is not my original opinion ...

- In general, it is clear: you do not like advertising. And here, my friend, you are not original!

- I really like advertising! Firstly, while doing this, I can smoke, pour or pour tea, I apologize, pour a flower bed. It comes in very handy when the program is really interesting. Second, how else could I find out that mishaps in the form of cool toons and sometimes even abruptly can cause a seemingly harmless havchik for kids, not to mention the more toxic products of popular abuse? Thanks to advertising, jokes are generated. Here we have …

A few days ago when I was getting vodka my wife asked me to buy her seals on the way. I bought. I come and say: "Dance!" You: "What is this for?" - "The girls in the commercial are dancing for joy and you are dancing!" - or vodka or my dance and a striptease! “I had to give in. It's not the age to turn down vodka for striptease. And we make fun of each other so often ...

- Okay. If I were you, I would have danced the bear myself under the balalaika ... - I say. - Yes, those who don't make fun of these seals! - You are right here! The interest is directly painful. In fact, I suspect that advertisements for female accessories, as well as some men's dresses and lingerie, lead women to dress up more often than an innate tendency to transvestism ...

- Haha! But that's no longer fun!

"Well, let's talk seriously."