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"Crystalline osmium the rarest precious metal on earth!"

Crystalline osmium is the most valuable investment metal for investors and the most valuable material for the jewelry industry, more valuable than gold, platinum or diamonds. Crystalline osmium has only been available from retailers since 2014.

Crystalline osmium, ...

  • is the eighth and last precious metal
  • is the most precious metal or element of all
  • is the rarest precious metal or even the rarest non-radioactive element at all
  • has the highest value density of all elements
  • is the densest element at all
  • is not falsifiable (due to the highest density and unique crystal structure)
  • has the highest compression modulus of all elements
  • has the highest abrasion resistance of all elements
  • is the most durable element of all
  • shields gamma rays
  • is a low temperature superconductor
  • has the highest purity of all precious metals due to crystallization
  • is the most valuable investment metal for investors
  • is the most valuable material for the jewelry industry
  • is a reference metal for purity measurements (X-ray fluorescence analysis XRF)
  • Platinum-osmium alloys are components of pacemakers and artificial heart valves
  • Osmium serves as a catalyst for chemical syntheses such as dihydroxylation
  • in hard alloys containing osmium was used in abrasive and wearing applications such as phonographic scanning needles, shafts and tenons in instrument construction, electrical contacts, writing balls in ballpoint pens, etc.
  • etc...


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Osmium is not only the rarest precious metal but the rarest non-radioactive element at all.

Osmium is promoted together with platinum. 10,000 tons of platinum ore only contain 30 grams of osmium. The separation of the metals is complex and expensive.

If the production of platinum declines, osmium will no longer be broken down. This increases the rarity even further.

The annual production since 2019 is approx. 1000 kg. The majority of it is used for crystallization, the remaining amount in the form of osmium compounds is used internationally in industry and academic research.

Opportunities with osmium

Osmium is seen in the market as an investment metal and jewelry metal. There could be many other applications that result from the special properties of osmium, but osmium is too rare and also too expensive for each of these application options.

In the long term, investors are primarily speculating on the fact that osmium will become increasingly difficult to acquire for jewelers due to its rarity. In the future, private and institutional investors will supply the jewelry market with crystalline osmium in the form of e.g. osmium bars, osmium diamonds and osmium stars.

It is to be expected that the osmium price will therefore primarily rise despite its fluctuations.

The use of osmium in jewelry is also increasing. It is often processed into spectacular pieces of jewelry together with metals such as gold, silver, platinum or titanium. These pieces of jewelry take additional material from the raw material market for osmium. Since the pieces of jewelry remain in private hands, the osmium cannot be recovered from them.

Osmium has the highest abrasion resistance of all substances. So it would be the most durable nail file in the world.

It also has the highest density of all elements and all compounds in chemistry. That is why it cannot be faked.

It has a unique blue-silver to blue-white sheen, which mainly develops in the reflection of sunlight and LED artificial light. Its high reflectivity reflects the light back in all directions. This is how you can see the sparkling and overwhelming crystal structure.

The compression modulus of osmium is also higher than that of any other substance in the world. You could build the tallest houses out of it, or the most stable submarines, if there were more than 1200 kg of it per year.

Periodic table

Osmium is a chemical element with the element symbol Os and the atomic number 76. In the periodic table of the elements it is in the 8th group, the iron group. It is a hard, brittle, steel-blue transition metal and belongs to the platinum metals.

With 462 GPa, osmium has the highest compression modulus of all elements, only surpassed by aggregated diamond nanorods, and with 22.61 g / cm3 the highest density.

Osmium closes off the precious metals in the subgroup elements. It is the last of its kind.

Precious metals

Precious metals are metals that are corrosion-resistant, i.e. that are permanently chemically stable in a natural environment under the influence of air and water. Because of this stability, gold and silver have been used to make jewelry and coins since ancient times.

In the last four centuries, the platinum metals were also discovered, which are similarly corrosion-resistant as gold. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium have played a role in the world markets to this day.

Osmium has also been available in stores since 2014 because it can now be traded in crystallized form. This means that it can be used in the market as a means of payment, an asset or as jewelry metal. Non-crystalline osmium is harmful to health. For this reason, osmium could not be brought to market before the crystallization process began.

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