How much weed should you smoke

Big or Small Trains? Many cannabis users have asked this question. You've probably heard this myth too: take as big a drag as possible and hold it in your lungs for as long as possible. Correctly? Pull, hold, cough, repeat, and pass.

As it turns out, this is one of the many weedhead wisdoms that is bullshit all over the place. Legalization has broken a whole bunch of these stoner myths. And this is one of the most notable.

At the end of the day, of course, the idea behind this is to get as much effect out of your weed as possible, so stoners theorized that the size of the puff - and the length of time you hold it in your lungs - is directly related to its effectiveness stand.

But is there anything about this concept that is true?

What happens if you inhale cannabis smoke?

In a nutshell, taking huge hits or holding them in your lungs for a long time does not affect the "effectiveness" of your weed. Let's take a look at the actual mechanisms behind the ingestion of cannabinoids through smoke or steam.

• Cannabinioid absorption occurs almost instantaneously

The human lungs contain tiny air sacs called alveoli. When you inhale cannabis smoke, the alveoli immediately absorb oxygen and other chemical components from the smoke, including cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and CBN. These are then transferred into the human bloodstream. This is how you get "high". Because the lungs absorb all available THC instantly, there is no delay in the transmission of the compound.

• Inefficient transmission

Even healthy lungs can only absorb about 5% of the oxygen and other compounds that they take in with an inhale and exhale cycle. This means that it doesn't matter how much smoke you inhale at once and no matter how long you can hold it in your lungs, as your body can only absorb a limited amount of cannabis with a single inhalation and exhalation.

• Your high is not getting any stronger - this is a lack of oxygen

Still, some people swear by this technique, claiming that holding cannabis smoke (and therefore your breath) in your lungs for a long time really gets you "higher". The lightheadedness and dizziness that you may feel afterwards, however, has nothing to do with cannabis, but with a lack of oxygen. This is of course very unhealthy. Keeping your spliff smoke or vape in your lungs for as long as possible will simply give the contaminants in the smoke more time to get stuck in your lungs. Not so good.

According to the limited available studies on the subject, the duration of breath hold has no effect on the amount of cannabis absorbed by the lungs.


Neither nor. Deep, steady puffs that are neither huge nor tiny are the best way to get the most out of your smoke. Inhale the smoke slowly for a few seconds and then exhale normally after filling your lungs. In this way you protect your lungs from unnecessary damage and at the same time optimize the flow of the inflowing cannabinoids.


Getting high is not rocket science, but if the effects are not what you want, you shouldn't blame the bong or vaporizer for it. Try experimenting with different types of cannabis!

This can mean a number of things: To start with, you could try to find high-THC cannabis strains that will make you more stoned with just a few hits. You can also try edibles, even if the high from them is often experienced as different from smoking. A good middle ground could be dabbing concentrates, which is an extremely potent form of cannabis and the high is more like vaping and smoking.


Many people shy away from bongs for fear of or as a result of a bad experience. One hard pull or two can send you to the moon and even make some people vomit. It's just a question of too much (or too big) in too short a time.

Bongs work like this: the water allows large amounts of smoke to fill the chamber until the user inhales. The smoke is then directed through the mouth directly into the lungs. To avoid scratchy puffs while maximizing your high, there are a number of accessories and tips you can consider.

• Keep your bong clean!

Regardless of whether you take large or tiny puffs, a dirty bong also means dirty puffs. Anyone who makes the mistake of keeping the smoke in their lungs for a long time obviously does not know that they are no longer absorbing cannabinoids, but rather that they allow the disgusting substances to stick in their lungs. Before you even think about equipping your bong with cool, expensive accessories, you should clean your bong regularly.

That being said, there is actually an accessory, the ash catcher, that can help keep your bong from getting dirty. They keep the ashes from falling into the bong and often come with their own percolator for smoother puffs.

• Percolators

Speaking of which, percolators generally offer a ton of benefits. These filters look a bit like upturned straws with holes in them and are located in the chamber of bongs. These holes serve as diffusion points that ensure a cleaner and more enjoyable smoke. That way you can take nice deep puffs.

• Lighter alternatives

You can optimize the taste and burn of your weed with different lighter alternatives. With hemp wicks, you can light your weed with weed, which makes the overall taste and experience more natural. In addition, your train burns evenly without burning.

If you want to use a lighter and avoid butane at the same time, you can use an electric or plasma lighter. Some models use metal wires and others a ceramic heating element to make the smoke as smooth as possible.

• Ice catcher

Ice catchers are a great way to achieve a silky smooth smoke. These are small notches in the tube of a bong (not all of them have) into which you can easily throw a few ice cubes. The addition of ice cools the smoke down before it reaches the lungs, which makes for an even smoother and more sensational experience. You can also use frozen glycerin (which lasts longer than ice).


As with the bongs, you can improve your joint pulls significantly by using just a few simple techniques.

• Unbleached papers

The true cannabis connoisseur only uses unbleached rolling papers. These offer a much cleaner, more even burning experience. If you smoke paper, why not go the more natural route?

• Use a grinder

Grinding your weed to an even consistency is essential to achieving a slow, consistent burn. Larger pieces of bud will take longer to burn. You just don't want to grind your weed too coarsely or too finely. If it is ground too finely, it will prevent a good draft, and if the pieces are still too big, it will burn unevenly and waste grass.

• Rotate it properly

Rolling joints is an art form. Most people have their own tricks up their sleeves. But a great joint is one that is neither too firm nor too loose. An over-stuffed joint forces users to fight for every nice puff. On the other hand, if you roll your joint too loosely, it will burn off quickly and offer lean puffs.


If bongs and joints don't get you where you want them, there are other alternatives, including vaporizers! This type of inhalation may take a little getting used to, but a lot of people have made the switch or are now switching between vaporizing and smoking. Vaporizers come in all sizes, from the travel version to the stationary table model. They also have a tendency to obscure the smell of cannabis more.

That being said, no matter how you choose to inhale your weed, you don't have to take huge hits or hold them in your lungs for long to get that perfect high. Stick to our tips described above and you are well on your way to pot paradise!

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