How can I cash a government check?

Redeem US Treasury Check

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aha - have you ever seen such a real treasury check? I have no idea where the other examples without an account # come from - I would just stick to the official website.

Here is the official link with a nice (official) photo:

As you can see on it, the check not only has the usual 3 numbers I have described, but actually also the (rare) fourth on the far left of the line of code.

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Exactly on this official page I looked at myself and the others, that is the linked page within the page that Nepomuk has already linked on page 1 of the thread and that exactly describes the individual check segments and not just the Lists security features.

If you look at the numbers in the MICR Line, you can see where they come from and nowhere in the explanations of the MICR Line does it say that there is also an account no.


Description: MICR LineThe table below describes where information is located on the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) line. The reference letters correspond to the above sample.

  1. Check symbol
  2. Check digit
  3. Routing Number Unique to U.S. Treasury checks
  4. Check serial number
  5. Check digit
  6. Federal Agency Code
  7. Issue Date (MM / YY)
  8. Paid Amount, if the financial institution encodes the amount

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Apparently it is enough for Treasury that they only specify the routing no. That may not be a problem for the banks here in the US, but it certainly does for some German banks that do not have a US Treasury check on their table every day.