Who pays for the wedding dress

Who actually pays ...?

You do not talk about money? Yes, you do - especially during the wedding preparations. We answer the most important questions from buying the wedding dress to paying for the hotel room for the guests.

...the wedding?
In the past, the bride's parents usually took on the costs of the wedding. Such regulations no longer exist today. The financing is up to each bride and groom. Often times, the parents of the bride and groom are happy to bear part of the costs. In that case, you should agree well who pays what.

...the wedding dress?
It used to be common practice for the bride's parents to pay for the dress for their daughter. There are no longer any strict principles for this. However, you may still be one of those happy brides whose parents contribute financially to buying clothes.

... the bridal shoes?
Brides of that time bought their bridal shoes from saved pennies - as an expression of their frugality. Today, brides usually buy their shoes in one go with the other accessories or even with the dress and pay themselves or receive their outfit as a wedding gift, for example from their parents.

... the bridesmaid outfits?
Basically, the bridesmaids pay for their dresses themselves. The bridal couple finances the bouquets and the flower arrangements for the hair. If you want to specify a dress code, you should state the costs incurred. If you have very special wishes, you should consider whether to contribute to the costs or to cover them entirely.

... the bachelor party?
When it comes to stag parties, the motto is: sit back, wait and let yourself be surprised! The planning is up to your groomsmen and friends. You don't need to worry about anything - also financially - and you can let the evening come to you.

... the flower girl outfit?
As a rule, the parents of the children pay for the costs, unless you have very specific ideas, in which case you should participate. Perhaps you suggest dresses in different price ranges to the parents? Then you can decide for yourself what you want to spend. The purchase of the flower baskets is the responsibility of the bride and groom.

... the hotel rooms for the guests?
Usually, the guests bear the cost of their own overnight stay. As a bride and groom, however, you should support them as much as possible with the organization. It is a nice move if you block several rooms in a nearby hotel. In the event that someone cannot afford to stay overnight: Organize a guest room for them with family or friends.

... the guests' transport costs?
Guests are responsible for their travel expenses to and from the hotel. However, if you have to travel a long distance from the wedding location to the festival location, you can set up a shuttle service for your guests. Make sure that all your loved ones can easily reach the location.

... the arrival of the guests on the beach of Mauritius?
A special case is a destination wedding, i.e. a more distant wedding to which all guests have to travel. Here you shouldn't take it for granted that everyone can easily cover the costs. So inform your loved ones about your plans at an early stage.

... the brunch the morning after?
A brunch on the morning after the wedding is great if you stay overnight in the festival location just like your guests. Maybe you have some budget left over to invite your loved ones for brunch? If so, let them know. Alternatively, everyone can book an overnight stay with breakfast. Everyone pays for it, but you can still meet up.

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