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Collection of old musical instruments

The collection of old musical instruments has the world's most important inventory of Renaissance and Baroque instruments. In addition, it stores, maintains and presents numerous instruments that have been played by famous musicians and composers. The special focus of the collection includes the unique holdings of Viennese pianos, Jacob Stainer's stringed instruments and Renaissance woodwind instruments. The sound world of the composers of the Viennese Classic can be fully understood using the objects in the collection of old musical instruments.

The majority of the holdings originally came from Habsburg ownership. The historical core inventory from the Ambras collection, which includes musical instruments from the 16th century, offers visitors information on the oldest surviving European musical instruments. The collection is continuously expanded through purchases, donations and loans. In the matinees of the collection of old musical instruments, visitors can not only see the instruments, but also hear them, provided that their state of conservation allows.

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