Which K-pop idols hate each other


Article # 1, written on November 25, 2014 | 4:15 p.m.
Annyeong! (ღ ^ _ ^ ღ)
First of all, welcome to my topic.
So, KPop facts about idols.
First I had a FF about it, but it was blocked.
I was told I could post it on the forum. So ... here they are !!!
The facts that I had already had, I'll write here again.
Let's start with a few B.A.P facts.
I hope you like them.

Best regards,
your Yuna Akdong. <3

1. Yongguk respects the musician Teddy (1TYM).

2. Jongup is very shy.

3. Himchan's sister is very interested in B.A.P and developed
among other things the signatures members.

4. Youngjae loves gadgets.

5. Jongup is the closest friend of Zelo.

6. Yongguk's ideal type of woman is a virtuous woman.

7. Zelo's favorite film is 2012.

8. Zelo is a fan of Kanye West and Will.i.am.

9. Daehyun speaks a very heavy Busan dialect.

10. Youngjae is a fan of the musician Musiq Soulchild.

11. Jongup has no exact idea how his dream woman should be,
but he wants her to be older than him.

12. Youngjae's ideal type of woman is someone who likes him very much.

13. Yongguk is evidently embarrassed to be alone with Daehyun.

14. Daehyun is also known as the hidden card of B.A.P.

15. Zelo's dream woman is someone who speaks English well and has a beautiful smile.

16. Daehyun respects the singer Shin Youngjae (4Men)

17. Jongup likes Chris Brown.

18. Yongguk's favorite film is Constantine.

19. Zelo is also known as "Fighter Robert" from B.A.P.

20. Yongguk is the closest friend of Himchan.

21. Yongguk has a soft core and often cries.

22. Each of them has a task: Daehyun cleans the toilets,
Yongguk manages everything, Himchan THROWS out the garbage, Youngjae keeps everything organized,
Jongup does the dishes and Zelo does the laundry.

23. Himchan is the MC (presenter) on "MTS" The Show.

24. Zelo loves hip hop and practices 20 hours a day and yet he feels he needs to practice more.

25. Himchan's dream woman is a good woman.

26. If B.A.P were a family, Yongguk would be the father, Himchan and Youngjae the mothers,
Daehyun the elder son, Jongup the second eldest son and Zelo the baby.

27. Daehyun is the closest friend of Youngjae.

28. Yongguk didn't know how to speak until he was five.

29. Daehyun's dream girl is someone like Shin Saimdang.

30. Youngjae doesn't want his future wife to run around freely.

31. Jongup is the most cumbersome in the group.

32. Youngjae is the smartest.

33. Youngjae likes to explain things to his members.

34. Jongup loves to dance.

35. Daehyun's favorite food is cheesecake.

36. Zelo can skateboard.

37. Youngjae likes it when his nails look beautiful.

38. Jongup has two older brothers.

39. Youngjae has blood type AB.

40. Zelo's favorite colors are; Gray, green, red and white.

41. Yongguk has an older sister and brother.

42. Jongup's favorite foods are hamburgers.

43. Himchan and Yongguk have type 0 blood.

44. Zelo's favorite food is kimchi.

45. Youngjae's favorite food is meat.

46. ​​Youngjae has an older brother.

47. Zelo writes songs, but only for herself.

48. Yongguk's motto is; Do what you like and love what you do.

49. Zelo has an older brother.

50. Youngjae's favorite color is light blue.

51. Yongguk enjoys playing basketball and baseball.

52. Daehyun's motto is; If you want, I want too!

53. Daehyun's hobby is watching movies.

54. Yongguk likes to write songs.
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Did I mention that I want to marry Zelo? : D
He's just ... whoaa! * - *
Good chapter. (:
lyra 11
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Annyeong! (ღ ^ _ ^ ღ)
Here are the facts about EXO.
Have fun!!! ^. ^

1. Luhan is a passionate soccer player.

2. Kris is an excellent basketball player.
At 15 he was the captain of a basketball team in China.

3. Kai, Chanyeol and Luhan are the easiest of all to make a laugh.
Sehun said the three could perform together in a circus.

4. Baekhyun made Tao address him with "Hyung".

5.Suho has sharp canines when he says he wants to be a vapir,
will answer like; You already look like a vampire.

6. EXO-K's practice room is the most popular of the SME (SM Entertainments).

7. Suho and D.O love teasing Kai the most.

8. Chanyeol and Sehun produce most of EXO-K's garbage.

9. One day Luhan set the kitchen on fire and then blamed Kris.

10. Luhan is malicious in type, but in a cute way.

11. Baekhyun has a good temper, but only towards Chanyeol.

12. When Sehun cannot fall asleep, Chen reads him a bad fan fiction until he falls asleep.

13. D.O is firmly convinced that one day Suho will be a good leader,
like Leetheuk (Super Junior).

14. Xiumin is scientifically smart.

15. Chen sleeps a lot and can also fall asleep quickly.

16. Tao's ridiculous Lokig annoys Kris.

17. Suho is very ahtletic.

18. Luhan is afraid of heights because he thinks it is too dangerous.

19. Chanyeol loves patting people on the head, but he has never opened
Kris and Luhan's head pounded.

20. Chanyeol and Baekhyun had a ramen competition.
Only Kai believed that Baekhyun would win.

21. Suho is jealous of Kris's height.

22. Sehun is the worst at remembering dance steps and text passages.

23. Lay's dream woman is one who does the housework.

24. Baekhyun's and Chanyeol's room is the last one where the lights go out.
And because the two of them are always so loud, Sehun always knocks on their room door until they are quiet.

25. Chen says that Tao's eyes are natural and that the Tao has no tearfulness.

26. Xiumin gets up the earliest, while Luhan gets up the latest.

27. Xiumin loves to eat steamed bread.

28. Since Chen is a very forgetful person, he has to write down every time
what he has to do the next day.

29. Chen admitted that he is very stubborn and takes whatever he wants.

30. When it comes to eating, Chanyeol is first of all.

31. Kris hates stories.

32. Lay has a horse phobia.

33. Kris is afraid of balloons and their managers.

34. Luhan loves to travel.

35. Chanyeol is Kai's biggest fan. When he watches their music videos
he thinks Kai looks the coolest. He also thinks Kai is the most photogenic.

36. Tao is EXO's biggest crybaby.

37.Sehun doesn't like being told that he looks cute.
He prefers to be found pretty.

38.DO is afraid of making mistakes.

39. Chanyeol is afraid of the dentist and making mistakes.

40. Xiumin has a cat phobia.

41. Xiumin's younger sister is a fan of Chen's.

42. Kris knows a few magic tricks.

43.Sehun says if he had a sister he would allow her
Marry Luhan.

44. Kris thinks he has a talent for drawing, the others agree.

45. Kris says he's not good at saying sweet things.

46. ​​Kai is addicted to chocolate and chicken.

47. Kai hates horror movies. When all members watch a horror movie, Kai goes to sleep.

48. Sehun loves Bubble Tae. His favorite variety is Schocko.

49. Luhan's favorite at Bubble Tae is taro.

50. Kai thinks EXO's choreographers are great.

51. Xiumin believes in love at first sight ...

52. When you are driving your car, nobody wants to sit next to Lay.
Because he's sick of driving.

53. Lay mentioned that everyone but himself was scared of Kris.

54. Sehun said he didn't know what friendship was until he met Luhan.

55. It used to be thought that Sehun and Luhan were brothers.
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lyra 11
Did I mention that I want to marry Zelo? : D
He's just ... whoaa! * - *
Good chapter. (:
lyra 11

Oh yes ... wait ...
I WILL MARRY HIM!!!! * howl *
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Big bang !!! ♥ _ ♥

1. G-Dragons stage name comes from its original name Jiyong,
because Ji sounds like an English G and Yong means dragon.

2. Taeyang translated means sun.

3. Daesung is known for his jokes and is also the funniest from Big Bang.

4. Daesung loves to make other people laugh.

5. T.O.P has an older sister.

6. G-Dragon is known for its incredible fashion style.
He is also one of the most fashion-conscious people in the KPop industry.

7. T.O.P lost a whopping 20 kilos in 4 weeks.

8. Taeyang doesn't like to fight, he prefers to talk when there are problems.

9. Daesung loves Doreamon.

10. G-Dragon has been in YG Entertainment since he was 12 years old.

11.G-Dragons childhood friend is Kangin (Super Junior)

12. Taeyang and G-Dragon actually wanted to make their debut "GDYB",
but Yang Hyun Suk stomalized it because he wanted to make groups of 4 or 6 out of it -> Big Bang.

13. Despite its rapper image, T.O.P is very playful.

14. T.O.P was G-Dragon's childhood friend, but they had to split up because GD had moved.
But when YG looked for a candidate for Big Bang
GD called him and picked up several demons from T.O.P, which were then sent to the YG.
When auditioning for YG, he was turned down because he was overweight. One month later,
he applied again with a slim and physically trained body and was accepted.

15. Seungri opened dance and song akedemi in Korea.

16. GD is really shy.

17. When G-Dragon was 8 years old, he was a member of the children's group "Little Roora".

18. G-Dragon produced all of the Big Bang songs.

19. Going to church is one of Taeyang's hobbies.

20. Seungri choreographed most of Big Bang's dances.

21. Seungri is referred to as "Justin Timberlak from South Korea".

22.G-Dragon started out as a trainee at SM Entertainment until he decided to quit,
because he wasn't sure if music was the right thing to do.

23. Taeyang does his best in everything.

24. At the end of 2011, Big Bang prevailed against Britney Spears and Lena Meyer-Landrut,
and won an "MTV Europe Music Award" (EMA) for "Best Worldwide Act".

Sequel follows...
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Super junior !!! ^. ^

1. Dinghae likes Justin Bieber's songs. He added "One Time" to his Cyworld Page.

2. Heechul nicknamed Leetuk "Pert Pan" because he doesn't want to grow up.

3. Sungmin should finish the sentence "Super Junior is ..." - he said; ,, a theme park´´.

4. Yesung's hands are smaller than those of the SNSD and f (x) members.

5. Siwon loves Cola more than anything and does not share it with anyone.

6. Donghae believes in aliens and ghosts.

7. Heechul doesn't pay his cell phone bills - they are sent to his parents.

8. Heechul is Kyuhyun's favorite hyung - but he doesn't listen to him.

9. When Ryeowook sees an old Super Junior poster / picture, he counts the members on it - to see if there are 13.

10. Heechul almost killed Yesung's turtle once, but only by mistake - and only FAST.

11. Before Super Junior, Leeteuk was an ice cream seller.

12. Yesung goes into the other members' rooms at night and takes them by the lips. (Do that for me too !!!)

13. Eunhyuk likes the K-drama "Secret Garden".

14. Eunhyuk likes to read manga. That's why Donghae read some too.

15. Sungmin is a B.A.P fan, and Ryeowook was once a fan of Infinite.

16. Kyuhyun is not good at cooking - except for himself.

17. Eunhyuk drank alcohol for the first time on his 27th birthday.

18. Sungmin once invited his anti-fans to dinner.

19. Heechul's girlfriend said he was a bad kisser.
So Heechul asked Kibum if he could practice kissing with him. It took 3 months.

20. Kyuhyun likes to sleep naked. * cough * (head cinema !!!!!) * cough *

21. Ryeowook played the triangle in the school orchestra. (ALSO WANT!)

22. Sungmin had his first kiss with Eunhyuk. (Again ... ALSO WANT !!!)

23. Henry can't swim.

24. Kibum taught Kyuhyun how to play Starcraft.

25. Heechul is changing under his blanket because he does not want to be strung. * cough * (head cinema again !!!) * cough *

26. Donghae's favorite dongsaeng is ryeowook.
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Block B! * - *

1. Jaehyo was trained under Cube Entertainment and was to debut as a member of BEAST,
but had to leave because of an injury.

2. B-Bomb has a habit of falling asleep in one position and waking up in the same position.

3. Kyung always has his right hand on top in his pictures, no matter what.

4. Jaehyo usually has a high voice. But when he's with Female Idols, she automatically gets deeper.

5. Kyung is allergic to cats. (Welcome to the club...)

6. U-Kwon's favorite times are 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM because they are meal times.

7. Taeil is persistent and hates being woken up.

8. For the other Block B members, Taeil is like a stubborn grandpa.

9. Zico was trained in SM Entertaiment and should become a member of SHINee.

10. P.O is Block B's Troll. (That's why I think it's so brilliant!: D)

11. Taeil slept once in the bathtub until 4:00 in the morning. He woke up because he was cold. (Did you drink too much before? XD)

12. U-Kwon likes the anime "One Piece". *I like it!*

13. Kyung studied in New Zealand.

14. Kyung calls himself "Sexy Beb". * coughing fit *

15. Kyung once tweeted "I'm not a cucumber" ". (I'm not saying anything about that now ...)

16. B-Bomb once said he wanted to bury Kyung in a cucumber field. (I'm just saying ... get away with it !!!)

17.Zico went to a high school in Japan where the girls nicknames each other
by giving the first syllable of the person's name and the combination with -co, so Ji became (Ho) Zico.

18. Taeil is a big animal lover and before going to Block B he had a large collection of rare fish.

19. Zico once collected Hello Kitty things to break his bad boy image.
But now he doesn't do that anymore. * howl *

20. Zico likes to walk around the dorm naked before taking a shower. * Kopf Kino * (FanFictions send their regards)
Article # 8, written on November 25, 2014 | 4:41 pm
Top Dogg !!!!! ^. <

1. Nakta was a Jellyfish trainee and was about to make her debut with VIXX.

2. Hansol was a backup dancer at EvoL.

3. Jenissi's ideal type's weight should be 43kg. (Jenissi ... I knew he had a waffle ...)

4. Yano was formerly known as Snoopy Swaggy. * Heart attack *

5. Sangwon once hacked Hansol's Twitter and tweeted "Sangwonie is totally cool bbuingbbuing>. <♥" * Dead *

6. Kidoh's fans once tweeted him
and Kidoh said he likes gross fans (based on love). "

7. Hojoon, Kidoh and B-Joo have the same weight:
55kg. B-Joo is 175cm tall, Kidoh is 179cm tall and Hojoon is 173cm tall. * Coughing fit *

8. Hansol: '' I wanted to be a person who one day would heal others' hearts.
That's why I decided to become a singer. "(The guy is killing me !!)

9. The lyrics of the song "Say It" were written by Kidoh, Jenissi, Yano and A-Tom. (I see hearts)

10. P-Goon is considered the father of the group and Jenissi is the mother. (And me the daughter. I just mix with them)

11. Topp Dogg means "the winners in the competition." (I thought [fun] that means good dogs ...)

12. Hansol, Xero, Hojoon, B-Joo (assistants) are visual. (OK....)

13. They stated in a magazine that Jenissi, Sangdo, Gohn, Nakta, Hansol, Yano
live together in a dormitory. (What about the others?) * Howl *
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I stopped by!
I have absolutely no idea how the forum works, so it could be that I can't get on it without the link ...
No matter! Keep writing even if I don't answer anymore (because I'm too stupid) I bet there are others who are happy about it! ^^