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TCS Rundschau 5/2013

Rundschau 5 | 2013

Family day 2013: young and old in Weinfelden!


Relieve city centers: find and implement solutions. Sport as a passion: In conversation with Lea Laib. SWICA as a new partner: TCS members benefit.

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Agenda regional groups: Camping and barbecuing is the order of the day.


TCS Rundschau

5 | 2013 2 - Editorial

Management TCS Thurgau

Marco Vidale President

Peter Hàry Vice President

Yvonne Gasser traffic safety and courses

Marcel Varga environmental officer

Marion Wiesmann Treasurer

Harald Zecchinel Events

Werner Lenzin Editor Rundschau

Editorial Family Day 2013 - a great thing! The TCS patrol (breakdown assistance) is one of the many services that the TCS offers its members. The idea of ​​the family day was about concentrating and promoting the various services in a family-friendly way. The family day with all its interesting attractions for the whole family was born from the basic idea. The summer travel season is just around the corner. So it was only natural that we should provide competent information about the advantages of the ETI cover letter. The correct loading of the vehicles with all the holiday utensils is an art in itself. This was clearly demonstrated by two “packing professionals” each on two vehicles. The visitors also had the opportunity to find out about child seats, which made it much easier to choose a suitable seat. During the long car trips to the holiday destinations, we recommend that the drivers plan several breaks with short fitness exercises. A healthy, light diet should also be taken into account so that concentration on the road and traffic is not impaired. In order to practice the reaction time in an emergency, the brake car was available for the visitors to practice. A quick, correct braking maneuver can save lives. The reaction time and the brake pressure on the brake pedal can be decisive in preventing a possible accident.

Die Zauberflöte Two more tickets! For a member flat rate of CHF 190.–

Rebekka Britt TCS contact point

change. Can you recognize the traffic signals from afar? Is your eyesight like an eagle's? If there were any uncertainties, our eye test could help clarify this immediately. And maybe the result has encouraged one or the other visitor to finally register with an optician. We also offered many attractions such as the bike trail, the bouncy castle, donkey rides, the children's train and other exciting games for young and old. A competition drawing was held every hour and the instant prize, a short sightseeing flight by helicopter, could be collected straight away. Of course, physical well-being was also taken care of. In addition to donated “TCS sausages”, fine grill specialties were offered, and we offered a cooling soft ice cream for dessert.

Every journey is like an independent being, no two are alike. John Steinbeck (1902-1968)

We hope that with the family day we were able to inform many interested visitors about the subject of "safe travel" and also to bring them closer to the advantages of joining the TCS and the ETI protection letter. We are happy to have answered all the countless questions, we hope, competently and clarifying. After such a great day, tidying up almost went by itself. I wish you, dear TCS member, a pleasant and accident-free vacation!

Peter Hàry Vice President & President Marketing Commission

TCS Section Thurgau, Frauenfelderstrasse 6, 8570 Weinfelden Tel .: 071 622 00 12 E-mail: [email protected]

Cover picture: A family day with many attractions: everything from information, tests, games and fun was included. (Image: Werner Lenzin)

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TCS Rundschau

5 | 2013 Interview - 3rd

“Patience and understanding from everyone involved in traffic” Matthias Gehring has been mayor of HauptwilGottshaus for two years. "Even if you can't surf either on our five ponds or on the Sitter, which is ten kilometers from our parish boundary, Hauptwil-Gottshaus is always worth a visit," emphasizes the mayor on the homepage and a resident brings the quality of life to the point: "Hauptwil-Gottshaus is a paradise!" The Rundschau talked to the mayor about the particularly topical traffic issues in this region. By Werner Lenzin TCS-Rundschau: What traffic problems do you see as a municipal mayor in your region in the east of the canton and where are possible solutions? Matthias Gehring: A big problem is definitely the increased volume of traffic around Bischofszell. I have also noticed that since the HVF was introduced, trucks have been driving more and more into rural areas because they choose the shortest route from A to B and no longer necessarily the fastest route. This fact is unpleasant, especially since some municipal roads are not designed for this type of heavy traffic.

“The municipalities are reacting with bans on lorries on their streets, which in my opinion does not solve the problem. In discussions, attempts must be made to find a sensible and environmentally friendly solution for everyone involved. " Hopefully the problem will also be relieved by the construction of the BTS and OLS.

Mayor Matthias Gehring hopes to relieve traffic in the rural area with the construction of the BTS and OLS. (Image: ZVG)


TCS Rundschau

4 - interview

TCS-Rundschau: What are the advantages of implementing BTS and OLS for your region? Matthias Gehring: I think the BTS will relieve the residents of the through-roads in the Thur and Aachtal valleys, who are suffering from traffic today. It also connects the centers between Frauenfeld and Arbon and thus strengthens the Eastern Region economic area. The new main road OLS relieves the Seestrasse between Arbon and Kreuzlingen and prevents traffic problems from being shifted even more to rural areas. The rural communities are relieved of traffic with these two roads.

Problems. Be it in the east with Arbon (is currently implementing the traffic concept), Amriswil or Bischofszell. Kreuzlingen is also struggling with the increasing traffic in the center. TCS-Rundschau: How do you assess the current and future development of traffic?

TCS-Rundschau: In your opinion, what are other long-term projects that need to be implemented in the canton of Thurgau in the coming years?

Matthias Gehring: I think Thurgau is on the right track. Well-developed routes are a decisive factor for the economy. If the statistics are to be believed, the canton of Thurgau is one of the few cantons with a population growth of over 2%. More people bring more traffic. You have to look this fact in the eye and plan ahead. But it is important that the natural beauty that characterizes Thurgau is preserved.

Matthias Gehring: It must certainly be discussed what possibilities exist to relieve the city centers. All Thurgau cities are fighting with the same

TCS-Rundschau: Which measures to improve the safety of all road users need to be implemented throughout the canton?

Jugendfahrlager 2013 from July 27th to August 3rd, 2013 Driving training, car technology, breakdown knowledge, traffic theory; Sport, fun and fun. With official theory test in Bellinzona

Course leader

An experienced team of managers ensures that young people can make friends with the car in an informal and playful way.

Course location

Scruengo / Ticino. A separate training slope and suitable training rooms and accommodation are available.

Course costs

TCS members CHF 750 / non-members CHF 950


Camp participants receive a reduction of CHF 20.– on the emergency aid course of the Thurgau section. The costs of the theory test are charged directly by the Ticino Road Traffic Office. The youth driving camp is intended for young women and men aged 16 and over. TCS section Thurgau, Rebekka Britt, Frauenfelderstrasse 6, 8570 Weinfelden, T: 071 622 00 12, [email protected], www.tcs-thurgau.ch

TCS-Rundschau: What are your personal wishes and concerns with regard to the behavior of everyone involved in public and private transport and at TCS Thurgau? Matthias Gehring: My experience shows that the TCS does a really good job in Thurgau and throughout Switzerland. Be it with the breakdown assistance or with the wide range of courses. These make a significant contribution to road safety. Personally, I would like to see more patience and understanding from all parties involved in traffic.

n r first u z b a tunde Fahrs sin s into the te



Matthias Gehring: When I think of Hauptwil-Gottshaus, we are currently working with the Bischofszell elementary school community and the canton of Thurgau to optimize the way to school and make it safer. In some cases, this is done with very little structural effort. It is important that every road user is aware of their responsibility.

some places w h c! Only report no n a t z t e J


TCS Rundschau

5 | 2013 We spoke to - 5

Lea Laib: "Sport is a great school of life, because you learn to fight for something, even if it is not easy, you have to do without and get up again and again after a defeat." (Image: ZVG)

We spoke to ... ... Lea Laib Lea Laib from Amriswil is a young and successful athlete from the LG Oberthurgau training group, consisting of the LAR Bischofszell + Amriswil Athletics clubs. In recent years she has regularly participated in the Bischofszeller Städtlilauf. In an interview with Rundschau, she talks about success, motivation and future plans. By Werner Lenzin The 18-year-old Lea Laib has achieved a number of sporting successes at cantonal and national level in recent years. What are your memories? “When I look back over the past few years, I have a lot of wonderful memories. My first big event last December was definitely my special event - the U20 Cross European Championships, the silver medal in the active over 800m and the TG record run at the ATHLETISSIMA in Lausanne where I was allowed to represent Switzerland in the U20 international competition ». But also the many beautiful experiences that the young Amriswil-born woman was able to experience with her running chicas (her two loyal training colleagues) are important. There are also great training

Camp by the sea, to become relay Swiss champions, to share joy and sorrow. “I was also able to get to know a lot of dear people through sport in recent years and gain a lot of valuable experience,” says the successful Thurgau athlete. My passion is the middle distance Lea Laib ran the Amriswil City Run as a little girl and for many years became the fastest woman in Amriswil without training. Soon she was running more and more in other city runs and was allowed to win or climb onto the podium without training. And so Lea Laib decided in autumn 2006 to attend athletics training once. At first she practiced all-around and then more and more in the running area. "Until one day I only trained under the direction of Michael Christen, because that's where I found my passion, the middle-distance running". Sport shapes the life of the student from Amriswil and also decides a lot. So also about your choice of school. “The sport challenges me a lot, but it also gives me the necessary balance and that's where I meet my best friends,” says Lea Laib with a smile. For her, the training is always a success from some point of view, if not

sporty, then she could at least see her running chicas. A biscuit or a Schöggeli The Amriswilerin is convinced: “It is important that you eat a healthy and balanced diet and also consciously incorporate some exercise into your everyday life. For example, going on a bike ride or using the stairs instead of the lift. "So you don't have to struggle with being overweight and it is also an advantage if you don't constantly quench your thirst with sweet drinks, because these often contain a lot of calories and the desire for sweet things is usually not adequately satisfied", Lea is of that Loaf convinced. She prefers a biscuit or a schöggeli. Do without and get up again and again "Of course, sport is a great school of life, because you learn to fight for something, even if it is not easy, you have to do without and get up again and again after a defeat," says the middle-distance runner. She was able to learn the most when it wasn't going to be the right sport for her and she suffered a big defeat. «I learned there too


TCS Rundschau

6 - We spoke to

to know me personally anew ». Lea Laib wants to represent Switzerland this summer at the U20 European Championships in Rieti / It over 1500m or 800m. "In the long term, I would like to be on the starting line at major events for the active," the Amriswil-born woman hopes. In the summer of 2016, she will complete her training with the Matura at the PMS (Pedagogical Maturity School) in Kreuzlingen.

sen. There she attended the K&S class (art and sports class) and thus completed a four-year sports high school. Then she dreams of a year in the USA, where she would like to benefit from perfect training conditions on a sports team at a university. “Later I see myself as a teacher for the pre-school level and I would like to continue working as an athlete in the

Person: Age: 18 years of residence: Amriswil Occupation: PMS student (art and sports class) Most important successes: Cross European Championships U20, Budapest 2012 international competition at ATHLETISSIMA U20, Lausanne 2012 Swiss Championships of the active, Bern 2012 Successes: Swiss Champion U20 over 4000m Cross ( 2013) Swiss U20 champion over 1000m hall (2013) Participation in European cross championships U20 over 4000m (2012) Swiss champion U18 over 800m (2012) Swiss champion U18 over 1000m hall (2012) Swiss champion U18 over 4000m cross (2011) Swiss champion U18 over 1000m hall (2011) Swiss champion U16 over 600m (2010) Swiss champion U16 over 1000m hall (2010)

Still being active in athletics in some way, maybe as a trainer or who knows where I might be needed? ”, Lea Laib looks to the future. What does she recommend to young people based on her personal experience? «You should always do what makes you happy and do it with all your heart and soul. According to the motto: Go hard or go home ».

Swiss U16 champion over 3000m Cross (2009) Swiss relay champion U20 over 3x1000m (2012) Swiss relay champion U20 over 3x1000m (2011) Swiss relay champion U18 over Olympic (2010) Swiss relay champion U16 over 3x1000m (2009) Other races: 2nd place European Cup U20 over 800m (2012) 2nd place Swiss championships active over 800m (2012) 2nd place Swiss cross championships U18 over 4000m (2012) 2nd place Swiss championships U18 over 1500m (2011) 2nd place Swiss championships U16 over 2000m (2009) 2. 1st place Swiss indoor championships U16 over 1000m (2009) 2nd place Swiss cross championships U14 over 2000m (2008) 2nd place Swiss relay championships U20 over Olympic (2011) 2nd place Swiss relay championships over 3x1000m (2010) 2nd place Swiss relay championships U16 over 3x1000m ( 2008) 3rd place Swiss Cross Championships U16 over 3000m (2010) 3rd place Swiss Final Mille Gruyère Jg 95 over 1000m (2009) 4th place Swiss indoor champion active over 800m (2011)

TCS bags made from old tarpaulins Attractive bags have been created from disused TCS tarpaulins. These handcrafted products can be purchased by TCS members at a preferential price. Shoulder bags Price: CHF 81.00 TCS member: CHF 73.00 Laptop bags TCS bags made of old tarpaulin Laptop bags Price: CHF 108.00 TCS member: CHF 97.00

TCS Section Thurgau, Frauenfelderstrasse 6, 8570 Weinfelden Tel .: 071 622 00 12 E-mail: [email protected] www.tcs-thurgau.ch

TCS Rundschau

5 | 2013 Current - 7



    

          

   


Competition Karl Wehrli wins helicopter alpine flight In the presence of Harald Zecchinel (left) and Peter Hàry, Manja Kramer from the office drew the main winner for a helicopter alpine flight. This prize was derived from all competition salons submitted on the TCS Family Day from 16.June pulled. The correct answer had been: Children are covered by the ETI protection letter of parents with their own vehicle for breakdown assistance abroad even if they still live in the parental home. le.

   


ZEISS Vision Center BALDINGER OPTIK ZEISS Sportlens glasses: The completely redesigned Sportlens range fulfills all wishes and the highest demands. Exceptional brilliance and contrast vision with the largest possible, sharp field of vision.

Voucher worth CHF 50.–

YOUR BENEFITS: • See better - be better: better results through better vision • best visual acuity even with curved, individually corrected sports glasses • shorter reaction time through higher-contrast, faster recognition • optimal protection against UV rays, wind and other influences • also with polarizing or self-tinting corrective lenses available • Sports glasses can be individually glazed (Adidas, Bolle etc.) • Compatibility guarantee

Redeemable when purchasing a pair of ZEISS Sportlens lenses. Please make an appointment at Baldinger Optik in Zurich on 044 251 95 94 or in Romanshorn on 071 463 11 77.

BALDINGER OPTIK: Quality in mind

Coupon can be accumulated, valid until 30th. Coupon cannot be accumulated, valid until June 31st, 2013. July 2013.

© E. Baldinger, Eidg. Dipl. Optician


TCS Rundschau

8 - Current

Information and fun at the TCS family day Several hundred small and large interested parties accepted the invitation to the TCS family day in the traffic safety center on Dufourstrasse in Weinfelden. At the center of the event, organized under the direction of Vice President Peter Hàry, the interests of the families were in the foreground. In addition to important information about the services of the TCS, there were hourly helicopter flights for the competition winners, an eye test at Neugart Optik and much more. So that the parents could benefit from the offer undisturbed, they had the opportunity to leave the children in a specially set up day-care center. Here they were looked after by two prospective kindergarten teachers and took the opportunity to have their make-up done or to chat with traditional toys. By Werner Lenzin For many, summer time also means travel time, and it is important to be prepared for unexpected events. "It is important that you check the validity of the ETI protection letter and, when you are driving by car, check at least the oil level, water and tires," emphasizes Barbara Garin, head of a.i.Personal Assistance. In addition, the visitors were able to collect information on how to pack a car efficiently, how children can travel comfortably in modern child seats, and how important it is to plan trips and breaks. Proper nutrition and the supply of fluids must also be taken into account. Driving fun and autograph sessions Visitors to the family day also had the opportunity to experience how a car with an unstable rear axle can be steered in a slalom. A lot was also offered with regard to emergency helpers: blood pressure measurements, information about ACBD, defibrillators and, in practice, cardiac massage on a doll, which delivers the results in writing. With Lukas Gasser you could prove your skills and abilities on the two-wheeler. The little ones came

TCS Rundschau

5 | 2013 Current - 9

The responsible helpers. (Images: Werner Lenzin)

not too short either. There were great prizes to be won at the Bobby Car race. The older children were allowed to ride the specially created course with a scooter and also receive a present as a reward. Participation in the competition on the subject of healthy eating, presented by Bettina Gasser, qualified nutrition therapist and emergency aid instructor, was an experience. Among other things, a raffle was made for a brunch on the Säntis for two. Instruc-

tor Markus Aeberli impressively demonstrated in the stop crash test how to sit properly in the car and how to properly apply braking. At the fan article stand of HC Thurgau there were autographs from various players. Helicopter flights and children's attractions Daniela Mauchle, daughter Cheyenne and father Karl Mäder from Flawil arrived at the square early on. «I heard on Radio Top on Thursday morning

that a helicopter flight was up for grabs and I called immediately », said the visibly nervous winner. She obviously seems to be very lucky in competitions and has already won various vouchers, including a flight with the legendary aunt JU. After the eight-minute flight, the three of them come back visibly enthusiastic: "I imagined it would be much worse and on the flight over the Ottenberg we also saw Lake Constance," she reports enthusiastically. The over 80 year old


TCS Rundschau

10 - Current

Walter Gutersohn, who has been a member of the TCS for over 50 years, had no luck, but is enthusiastic about the event and reports on his recently completed TCS “Driving Today” course with Jürg Gasser: “The driving instructor attested that I was still doing quite well ride". Helicopter flights for the competition winners will be offered every hour on this Sunday. While the adults obtained information about the e-bike at Velo Schwarz and also tested it, the children showed their fun while riding donkeys, on the children's train or on the bouncy castle. The free delivery of sausage with bread and softice was very popular.

Emergency Refresher Course Emergency Aid: Are You Ready? program

Refreshment of the most important rules for emergency aid, acting according to ABCD, unconsciousness, ventilation, cardiac massage, defibrillation

Course day / time

Monday Tuesday

Course leader

SSK instructor: Bettina Gasser

Course location

Traffic Safety Center Thurgau, Dufourstrasse 76, 8570 Weinfelden

Course costs

TCS members CHF 50 / non-members CHF 60


With the registration tool at www.tcs-thurgau.ch, Universaltalon, by phone or email to the address below.

August 19, 2013 6.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m. August 20, 2013 6.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m.

TCS section Thurgau | Mrs. Rebekka Britt | Frauenfelderstrasse 6 | 8570 Weinfelden | T: 071 622 00 12 | [email protected]

TCS Rundschau

5 | 2013 courses - 11

ctio www.au

n. t g. ch

Book online now: www.vsztg.ch



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7.13 ag, 12.0 .07.13 it: e 1 r F sr / u WAB-K day, 11.07.13 thursday, 18 3 o .1 rs Thursday, 16.07.13 / D twoch, 24.07 g 3 it a .1 t M s 7 / n .0 Tue 7.13, 30 g, 22.0 3 / Tuesday 6.08.13 atno 0 M. 1st day,, 26.07 Friday 02.08.13 / Tue, Friday 7.13 ag, 30.0 3 ts: 2 ns ie r D u WAB- K h, 07/24/13 / stag, 08/03/1 .13 cmoa S wt / it, 08/07 3 M 08/08/13 / Wednesday 0, ga 8.1 Friday, 06/06 rnet! Inte n e t a er for e course d offer t t next le p m


TCS Rundschau

12 - Current

benefit from a 10 percent discount in the COMPLETA TOP supplementary insurance and a 15 percent discount in the HOSPITA hospital insurance. Rundschau: New SWICA customers can win a voucher worth CHF 100. How do you get this voucher and what can you use it for? In the Egnacher “Seelust”, Peter Hàry and Daniel Rochat provided information about the new contract with SWICA. (Image: Werner Lenzin)

"SWICA is the ideal partner for us!" The partnership between the TCS section Thurgau and innova insurance has existed since January 1st, 2007. To date, 1,800 members have benefited from this financial advantage and the opportunity to adjust the insurance even after the age of 55. Now there is a change that was announced in the penultimate Rundschau: On January 1, 2014, the TCS will switch to the SWICA health organization. On the current occasion, the Rundschau had a chat with Peter Hàry, Vice President of the TCS Section and President of the Marketing Commission, and SWICA Regional Director Daniel Rochat in “Seelust”. From Werner Lenzin Rundschau: With the aim of offering the Thurgau TCS members a discount that relieves the individual and family budget, the TCS section Thurgau launched the partnership with innova insurance on January 1, 2007, from which it is still today 1800 members with great enthusiasm benefit. A move to SWICA is now imminent on January 1, 2014. What does this mean for these 1,800 members? Peter Hàry: It is important to us that all members who benefit today from the partnership with innova can do the same with our new partner. SWICA naturally offered us this option.

Rundschau: How did the collaboration with SWICA come about? Peter Hàry: SWICA is the ideal partner for us. On the one hand, the price-performance ratio, the quality of advice and the wide range of products are convincing. On the other hand, TCS and SWICA share values ​​such as comprehensive security, holistic protection, extensive services, customer friendliness and service quality. In addition, SWICA is firmly anchored in Thurgau and operates a dense network of agencies in the region. Rundschau: Is there an upper age limit when switching to SWICA? Daniel Rochat: All members who are currently insured in the TCS-innova collective agreement can take out equivalent insurance cover with SWICA in accordance with the latest policy without a risk assessment and regardless of their state of health. The prerequisite is that you have to join SWICA by January 1, 2014 at the latest. For those members who are still insured with another health insurance company, i.e. not with innova, the age limit of 60 years applies. Rundschau: Will switching to SWICA bring about a financial change in terms of the amount of the premium for supplementary insurance? Daniel Rochat: Members who insure themselves with SWICA in a collective agreement,

Daniel Rochat: The voucher is given to all members of the TCS Thurgau section who choose SWICA for the first time and take out an insurance package. The voucher can be redeemed at the TCS section for a TCS course or for the voluntary vehicle test. Rundschau: What happens to those members who want to remain insured with innova insurance? Peter Hàry: innova terminated the collective agreement with our section at the end of last year. For those who would like to stay with innova, this means that the previous discount does not apply to additional products. Benefits and coverage are not affected. Rundschau: What do you recommend to the thousands of members who have not yet benefited from this discount? Peter Hàry: The members with an innova contract will be contacted by SWICA in the coming weeks, all others in August. SWICA will then contact them by telephone to make an appointment for an informational meeting. This gives our members the opportunity to receive a comparison offer. We recommend everyone who is thinking of moving to next year anyway, to have such an offer calculated. But it is also worthwhile for everyone else to get a non-binding, individual offer from SWICA. Rundschau: What do you recommend to the members who have benefited from the financial advantage so far, but also to those who have waived it until now? Peter Hàry: As already described: A suggestion shows the personal possibilities in terms of advantages. We therefore advise all members to obtain non-binding information.

TCS Rundschau

5 | 2013 courses - 13

From legal practice

The motorway vignette and the forgery of official stamps Every year, Mr Sauber has the unfortunate experience that removing the motorway vignette is laborious work and that it is not uncommon for residues that offend the aesthetic eye to stick to the window. Overnight he had the brilliant idea of ​​sticking the vignette to the windshield with double-sided adhesive tape the next time. He buys a vignette at the usual price and then does it that way. Soon after, he was checked by the police and reported for forging official stamps. He receives a penal order from the Federal Prosecutor's Office and is sentenced to a fine of 200 Swiss francs and payment of the procedural costs of 300 Swiss francs for forging official stamps. The vignette is confiscated so that Mr Sauber can buy a new one. That would all still work. But after it is not a

If there is a violation, but a misdemeanor, he and his act will be entered in the Swiss criminal record for a full 10 years (it may appear less long on the private extract). The vignette is considered invalid if it is removed from the vehicle after it has been correctly attached or removed from the backing paper and not affixed directly to the vehicle (Art. 7 Para. 3 Letters a and b NSAG). On the back of the backing paper it is also recorded in writing that the vignette must be detached from the backing paper and affixed directly to the inside of the windshield, that the vignette is destroyed when it is removed, and that vignettes that are not affixed are invalid. In addition, it is illustrated where on the windshield the vignette is to be stuck. According to the embassy and the Federal Prosecutor, the vignette must under no circumstances be prepared (e.g. stick it on a transparent carrier object, apply adhesive film or reduce the adhesive strength) so that multiple use is possible and it also appears to be still valid. Such manipulations represent an offense in the

Emergency helper courses For learner drivers of cars and motorcycles Frauenfeld

BZT, Kurzenerchingerstrasse 11

August 30th / 31st, 2013 September 27th / 28th, 2013 November 1st / 2nd, 2013


Mühlhofweg 12

27/28/29 August 2013 WED: 6.30 p.m. - 10 p.m., THU & FRI: 6.30 p.m. - 9.45 p.m.


VSZ TG, Dufourstrasse 76

23/24 August 2013 20/21 September 2013 25/26 October 2013


Tellstrasse 8

August 16-17, 2013 October 25-26, 2013


Wilerstrasse 8

September 06/07, 2013


Pestalozzistrasse School

September 13-14, 2013 November 15-16, 2013

Course times

FR / SA from 6.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. / 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Course costs

TCS members CHF 120 / non-members CHF 140


Further dates and registration at www.tcs-thurgau.ch/kurse.html TCS Section Thurgau, Frauenfelderstrasse 6, 8570 Weinfelden, T: 071 622 00 12, [email protected]

According to Article 245 of the Criminal Code (StGB). The threat of punishment in these cases is imprisonment for up to three years or a fine. The forging of vignettes also falls under this category.

Lawyer Gian Reto Pedolin is President of the TCS Regional Group Kreuzlingen and a member of the TCS Thurgau Cantonal Board (www.schweizer-rechtsanwaelte.com)


TCS Rundschau

14 - agenda


News from the contact point

Barbecue fun

For the trip on vacation: - stickers, ViaCard, vignettes - pollutant stickers for Germany - CH stickers, car pharmacies - road maps

TCS regional group Münchwilen invites you to a traditional barbecue. Date: Friday, August 16, 2013, 7:00 p.m. Location: Münchwilen Costs: CHF 10.–


We look forward to a cozy Friday evening at Hansruedi Hefti, Wilerstr. 58, 9542 Münchwilen!

TCS Section Thurgau, Frauenfelderstrasse 6, 8570 Weinfelden Tel .: 071 622 00 12, E-mail: [email protected]


Registration by Monday, August 12, 2013, to: Franz Grosser, Michelsbühlstrasse 13, 9545 Wängi Tel .: 052 378 15 10, E-mail: [email protected]


Damage handling, bodywork repairs, pressing technology, window service, vintage car restorations, camping club

VSCI-EUROGARANT certified specialist. Member of the Swiss Car Body Association and the Association Internationale des Réparateurs en Carrosserie (A.I.R.C.).

Camping out


The board of the TCS Camping Club Thurgau is pleased to invite its members to camp out on the beautiful shores of Lake Constance. There will certainly be another sightseeing tour and a fine dinner!

Idyllic tschaft Gartenwir m with large bib lp ie p rs e child

Date: September 6th - 8th, 2013 Location: Camping site Seehorn in Egnach (near Arbon) Registration deadline: August 17, 2013 Registration in writing to: Michael Schmid, Hauptstrasse 46A, 8546 Islikon Tel .: 052 366 55 47, Fax: 052 266 55 71 www.tcs-cctg.ch, [email protected]

Welcome! 7 days a week. Economy Stelzenhof Stelzenhofstrasse 11 8570 Weinfelden Tel. 071 622 40 10 Fax 071 622 42 12

Driving a car today brings added security for long-time drivers

Opening times: Monday - Saturday 11 a.m. - midnight, Sunday 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.

«Vom erhhrssic e k ver t a r st i he hlen» recom- mended


Theory: Refreshing the most important and latest traffic rules in the theory room. Practice: Driving on a test track accompanied by a driving instructor. Final discussion / evaluation in an individual conversation.

Course day / time

Monday, July 15, 2013 8.30 a.m. - 11.00 a.m. (fully booked)Augst 2013 8.30 a.m. - 11 a.m. Tuesday September 17, 2013 8.30 a.m. - 11 a.m. Thursday October 17, 2013 2013 8.30 a.m. - 11 a.m. The exact date for the trip is set in theory.

Course leader

Yvonne and Jürg Gasser, dipl. VSR instructors

Course location

Traffic Safety Center Thurgau, Dufourstrasse 76, 8570 Weinfelden

Course costs

CHF 120.– for TCS members / 140.– for non-members; for drivers over 65 years of age there is a reimbursement of CHF 50.–; Subsidy from the Road Safety Fund


With the registration tool at www.tcs-thurgau.ch, Universaltalon, by phone or email to the address below.

TCS section Thurgau | Frauenfelderstrasse 6 | 8570 Weinfelden | T: 071 622 00 12 | F: 071 677 49 40 | www.tcs-thurgau.ch | [email protected]

TCS Rundschau

5 | 2013 competition - 15th

Win a petrol voucher! Answer the questions and, with a little luck, you could own a gasoline voucher worth CHF 100. Everyone is entitled to participate. There will be no correspondence. The winners will be drawn from among the correct solutions. Submission deadline: July 20th, 2013 Which statement is correct?

Traffic competition 5/2013 Your answer: First name, last name: Street: Post code, city: Cut out the completed form and send it to: tcs Thurgau, Yvonne Gasser, Mühlhofweg 12, 8266 Steckborn

Participate via email

[email protected]

Winner traffic competition 4/2013: Wymann Ingrid, Arbon Huber Herbert, Münchwilen

A) The CH sticker must be clearly visible on the rear of all vehicles registered in Switzerland. B) Only those who leave Switzerland must affix the CH sticker to the rear of the car, trailer or motorbike in a clearly visible manner.

Resolution of competition 4/2013: Answer A Increasing the recommended tire pressure by up to 0.5 bar saves 3% fuel

C) The CH sticker only has to be affixed to the rear of vehicles over 3.5 tons, which is mandatory.

Registration form. Please send to the organizing TCS office. Event / course: Additional information according to the advertisement (e.g. place of boarding, half-fare card available, etc.): Name / first name: Street / No .: Post code / city: Telephone P: Number of people / additional people: Telephone G: Date of birth: TCS group: TCS -Member number (if necessary): Date of the event / course: Date: Place of the event / course: Signature:


Still free places summer / autumn trips 2013

On the Rhône and Saône with the luxury ship MS Swiss Coronaddddd

Attractive river trips with comfortable hotel ships

Let it go

8 days from Fr. 990.–

. 900.– discount * up to Fr. and exchange rate * depending on capacity

8 days from 890.– On the Rhine: Basel – Frankfurt – Basel

Discount CHF 900 deducted, main deck aft, full board, arrival / return journey

• Comfortable arrival / return journey • Short bus trips to / from the ship • Fascinating Ardèche • Flamingos, wild horses • Wine tasting in Burgundy • Cities steeped in history

MS Swiss Coronaddddd luxury ship with 68 outside cabins (14 m²) and 7 mini suites (16 m²), all with shower / toilet, hairdryer, TV, minibar, safe, air conditioning. New: all OD / MD cabins with French. Balcony. Salon, panorama / lidobar, boutique, wellness with sauna, steam bath, solarium, whirlpool on sundeck with loungers. Lift. Internet / WLAN. Non-smoking ship (smoking allowed on the sundeck).

Day | Destination | Program / excursion 1 Switzerland - Le Pouzin Bus from Lausanne SBB. Embarkation. «Cast off». 2 Arles - Avignon excursion * Camargue with a visit to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. City tour * in Arles. 3 Avignon - Viviers city tour * in Avignon. Continue to Viviers. 4 Viviers - Tournon bus excursion * Ardèche with Grotte de la Madeleine. 5 Tournon - Vienne Rhône trip. City tour * in Vienne. 6 Vienne - Mâcon Arrival in Mâcon. Bus excursion to Cluny * with a visit to the Benedictine monastery and wine tasting. 7 Mâcon - Lyon City tour / walk in Lyon. * Captain’s Dinner. 8 Lyon - Switzerland By bus to Lausanne SBB. Individual journey home. Lyon – Le Pouzin Same trip in reverse order. * Excursion included in the excursion package (CHF 245.–) | Order flat rate Fr. 35.– | For details and surcharges see www.thurgautravel.ch or catalog prices p.p. in Fr. (before discount) main deck 1990.– middle deck 2290.– upper deck 2490.–

Departure dates 2013 Lyon – Le Pouzin Pont d’Avignon


Le Pouzin – Lyon

08/12 * 700 08/19 * 700 09/23 * 700 09/30 700 October 21 900 October 14th ° 700 * only a few cabins left ° slightly changed program departure dates 2014 discount

2-bed cabin with double balcony

Navigate online


NEW: MS Edelweissddddd

Departure dates: 08/10 08/17 08/24 08/31 07.09. 14.09. 09/21 28.09. 05.10.

6 days from 490.– Most beautiful spas in Germany Departure dates: 24.10. October 29 03.11. 11/08 11/13

MS Antonio Bellucciddddd

9 days from 790.– On the Rhine: Basel – Amsterdam – Basel v.v. Departure dates: 21.08. * 29.08. * 06.09. * 14.09. * 22.09. 30.09. 08.10. 16.10. 05.11. 11/13 11/21

NEW: MS Rügendd

8 days from 1090.– Havel, Oder, Haff: Berlin – Stettin – Stralsund v.v. Departure dates: 10.08. * 17.08. 08/31 07.09. *

NEW: MS Sound of Musicdddd +

9 days from 1390.– On the Rhine: Basel – Amsterdam – Basel Departure dates: 18.07. * 26.07. 08/03 08/11 08/19

RV Thurgau Exotic 2dddd

17 days from 4490.– Burma: Yangon – Bagan – Mandalay Travel date: 10.09. – 26.09.

wLast possibility, 2013/14 season almost fully booked!

MV Thurgau Dalmatiaddd + / MS Royal Eleganza 8 days from 1490.– Dalmatia: Dubrovnik – Split – Zadar v.v. Departure dates: 10.07. 07/17 07/24 07/31 07.08. 08/14 08/21

NEW: MS Serenitydddd

8 days from 990.– On the Danube: Passau – Budapest – Passau Departure dates: 02.09. 09.09. and 16.09. and weekly on Mondays from July 8th.

NEW: MS Swiss Coronaddddd

8 days from 990.– On the Rhône and Saône: Lyon – Le Pouzin v.v. Departure dates: 12.08. * 19.08. * 23.09. * 30.09. 14.10. 21.10.

MS Douro Princessdddd

8 days from 1290.– On the Douro: Porto – Pinhão – Porto Travel dates:

19.07.–26.07.* 26.07.–02.08. 09.08.–16.08.

Lyon – Le Pouzin

Le Pouzin – Lyon

Prices: 2-bed cabin, HD rear, full board, fees, discount already deducted

07.04. 21.04.

14.04. 28.04.


* only a few cabins left


Information at www.thurgautravel.ch or on request

900 700

Book or ask for brochures

Free no. 0800 626 550 Rathausstrasse 5 | 8570 Weinfelden Tel. 071 626 55 00 | Fax 071 626 55 16 | [email protected]

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Exceptional trips at moderate prices

18.06.13 16:34