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Google Home devices: Compatible devices overview These devices can be controlled with Google Home

Google Home compatible lamps, lights and light switches

Emberlight: Emberlight is an attachment that is screwed between the lamp and the lamp holder. It connects to the WiFi router and enables each light bulb to be controlled via a smartphone app. Emberlight can also be controlled by voice via Google Home in conjunction with the Emberlight app.

IKEA TRADFRI: The The lighting system from the Swedish furniture giant impresses above all with its low price and the individually usable light panels. Which can either be hung on the wall (similar to an illuminated picture frame) or bought directly integrated into furniture. The IKEA TRÅDFRI are complemented Illuminants through suitable remote controls and dimmers. As an alternative to direct control via Google Home, it can also be integrated into the Philips Hue system. So lamps of both brands can be operated via the Philips Hue Bridge with Google Home voice commands. The TRÅDFRI roller blinds FYRTUR and KADRILJ can also be controlled with the Google voice assistant.

LIFX: If you want to illuminate your four walls atmospherically without buying a hub, the Google Home compatible LIFX components are just the thing. Your color nuances can be changed as required using the app. LIFX LEDs are available either as a bulb (for all common sockets) or as an LED light strip.


Smart WiFi LED light strip. Multi-colored and dimmable. No hub necessary. Voice control possible.


Nanoleaf LED light system: The smart lighting elements from Nanoleaf are ideal for individualists. They come as an extravagant black Nanoleaf LED bulb or as brightly colored, triangular Aurora light panels. The Nanoleaf lamps are not only compatible with the Google Assistant, but also with Alexa and Siri.

The triangular Aurora panels can be combined with each other to create patterns (Nanoleaf)

Nanoleaf Aurora Starter-Kit is available from Amazon for 195.50 EUR (as of 07/05/2020)


Philips Hue lamps and LED bulbs: Illuminants from the Philips Hue range are among the most flexible and therefore most popular in the smart home sector. They are available, for example, as LED bulbs with E14, E27 or GU10 socket or as a complete unit (with lampshade). Incidentally, Philips Hue is not only compatible with the Google Assistant, but can also be controlled with Siri or Alexa.

Philips Hue Starter Set White & Color Ambiance E27 (4th generation) is available from Cyberport for EUR 168.90 (as of: 23.02.2020)


OSRAM LIGHTIFY and OSRAM Smart +: Many smart home fans use OSRAM LIGHTIFY or the newer version OSRAM Smart + as an inexpensive alternative to Philips Hue. Unfortunately, OSRAM LED bulbs cannot be used with IFTTT and there are (so far) time delays in the app. However, it is possible to connect the Philips Hue Bridge with OSRAM LED bulbs to stabilize the OSRAM system.

The sample Smart Home Apartimentum is also illuminated with OSRAM (HGEsch, Hennef / OSRAM)
OSRAM LIGHTIFY starter kit
As a remote interface for all Lightify products, dimmable, warm white to daylight 2000K - 6500K and RGB color control


Deako Smart Lighting Switches: Deako sells its lighting solutions and smart light switches primarily to architects and builders. The three versions Simple Switch, Smart Switch and Smart Dimmer are available. According to the manufacturer, these can also be connected to and controlled via the Deako app with the Google Home.

Nubryte light switch: The Google Home compatible Nubryte control panel is actually much more than just a smart light switch. It can also be used, for example, to activate an alarm system including a camera or to control the heating.

These household appliances listen to Google Home: vacuum robots and Co.

Anova cooking thermometer: Real gourmets swear by the sous vide method, with which dishes can be cooked particularly gently. The Anova garden thermometer helps to determine the perfect temperature and can - thanks to Google Home - be operated by voice.

LaMetric digital clock: The designation "Digital clock" does not even begin to describe what this multifunctional gadget can do: Energy monitoring, for example, or the display of alarm messages. More information on this can be found on the LaMetric manufacturer's website.

LaMetric also shows e.g. the measurement data of a Netatmo weather station (LaMetric)

Rachio lawn sprinkler: Even the garden is now watering itself with the Rachio app. Rachio can also be networked with the Nest Protect smoke detector and automatically starts watering in the event of a fire to prevent a fire from spreading to other buildings (e.g. garage or garden shed).

iRobot Roomba vacuum robot: Life could be so easy if only it weren't for the daily housework. Fortunately, thanks to Google Home, some household appliances are now listening to the word when it comes to house cleaning. The iRobot Roomba vacuum robot, for example, interrupts its work when the phone rings.


Neato vacuum robot: The manufacturer Neato offers several models with voice control options. Including the Neato Botvac D5 Connected and Neato Botvac D7 Connected.

Speakers with Google Assistant integration

Sonos One and Sonos One 2: In the USA, the popular Sonos One loudspeaker can already be used with the Google Assistant. Integration in Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France and the Netherlands will take place in July 2019, according to Sonos.

Panasonic SC-GA10: More and more manufacturers are now offering their own speakers with integrated Google Assistant software. One of them is Panasonic, which with its Panasonic SC-GA10 relies on a model with a timelessly simple design.


Magenta Smart Speaker: Telekom has launched its own smart home speaker, which is intended to control the manufacturer's own services. In addition to Google Home, the Magenta Smart Speaker is also compatible with Cortana or Alexa, for example.

Magenta Speaker should comply with German data protection laws (Deutsche Telekom)

Google Home compatible WiFi thermostats and room air conditioners

Honeywell thermostats: The Honeywell Lyric Thermostat is a geofencing enabled Wi-Fi thermostat. This means: It detects when the residents move away from a previously defined area around the house and regulates the heating down accordingly. If they return, the smart thermostat starts heating up again in good time, before they even reach the front door.

Honeywell Lyric Smart WIFI Thermostat with Geofencing (Honeywell)

Honeywell Lyric T6R is available for 204.99 EUR from Conrad (as of May 20, 2021)


Nest thermostat: The Nest brand is part of the Google empire and accordingly the Nest Thermostat can also be controlled with the Google Home. It can be personalized with IFTTT and has a learning function so that it can adapt to the habits of the smart home residents over time. The Nest thermostat itself is in turn compatible with the NestCam, the Nest smoke detector, Philips Hue or OSRAM Lightify lamps, Skybell doorbells and much more via the Nest app. The manufacturer overview "works with nest" provides further information.

A Nest thermostat can also be used for smart home control without Google Home (Nest)
Nest Learning Thermostat
Smart thermostat from Nest: Modern design, simple operation and permanent energy cost reduction


Hive thermostat: This intelligent thermostat not only takes over the heating control, but also manages the hot water, provided the hot water tank in the house is linked to the central heating. As with most other thermostats, the Hive thermostat can be networked with the Google Home via the company's own app.

tado ° WiFi thermostats: The wall and room thermostats from tado ° are among the most elegant models that the market currently has to offer. In addition, there is also an intelligent air conditioning system from the same provider.

AWAIR air purifier: Dirt particles, fungal spores and other harmful substances in the air are usually invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, very few people waste a thought on their surroundings. So that the indoor climate is still good, AWAIR measures its quality and sounds the alarm if the values ​​are too bad.