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EU action plan calls for the right to repair

With a Europe-wide action plan, the EU wants to ensure that fewer disposable products come onto the market. Instead, products should be easy to reuse, repair and recycle in the future. The industry association Bitkom is sketical.

The European Commission yesterday presented an action plan to ensure that products have a longer lifespan. The aim is to implement the principle of circular economy across Europe by avoiding waste, reusing and recycling. Among other things, the EU Commission wants to use new regulations to ensure that products are easier to repair and reuse, that packaging waste is avoided and that more recycling material is used. In addition, public procurement is to be made more environmentally friendly.

Specifically, the proposal states that the EU Commission will propose legislation for a sustainable product policy and ensure “that products placed on the EU market are designed in such a way that they have a longer lifespan and can be reused, repaired and recycled more easily and contain the largest possible proportion of recycled materials instead of primary raw materials «. At the same time, the use of single-use products is to be restricted.

1. EU action plan calls for the right to repair
2. Industry association Bitkom criticizes symbolic politics
3. Disadvantages for the function and safety of the devices

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