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The DIY career: How you can create your own dream career

Starting with this article was not that easy - why should I, as a 25-year-old half-journalist, half-yoga and ski instructor and recently a passionate DIY designer, be able to say anything relevant about self-employment?

What does self-employment actually mean?

The Duden equates self-employment with independence or an independent type, whereby the job-related definition refers to self-employment. I would definitely ascribe to myself an independent nature, I am also self-employed - but am I also independent in the original sense?

Oh well. Independence can be interpreted in several ways, be it from a more philosophical perspective or in relation to professional or monetary independence. Like most likely the majority of us, I would like to have both. I want to earn my own money and enjoy the freedom to shape my life independently. And what speaks against it?

Many would probably reply that this sounds more like the utopian worldview of a dreamer than a career goal. I, in turn, would reply that this is exactly what is possible and that I am the best way to do just that. What else have I learned? That work is fun!

In 5 steps to DIY Career - make a living by doing what you love

In the title of this blog article, the biggest secret is already inside - DIY - do it yourself. Nobody knows how better yours Dream career looks like yourself. A fulfilling career is something that you choose create - and not "find". Of course, the right tools, such as appropriate training, a good network and a sophisticated strategy can take you one step further in the right direction, but they have to you be the driving force behind it.

Step 1 - reflection:

Before you start thinking about what your dream job might look like, think about what you are good at and what you enjoy most. Have you always been good at dealing with others and do you love to create synergies? Are you good at organizing, painting, dancing, speaking, selling, ...? The answer options are endless. The basic idea is to find out how you can create value for others that you can then monetize. Be creative, think outside the box, and be honest with yourself.

Step 2 - Inspiration & Definition:

Let yourself be inspired - go to exhibitions, read autobiographies of impressive personalities, read magazines or the Internet, go on a discovery walk and surround yourself with people who are passionate about something. Passion is contagious - get infected. Once you've found your passion (s), write it down and find outWhy you are interested in something.

Step 3 - Planning:

After you have noted your passions and clarified for yourself that you can muster enough passion for this something in order not to lose motivation even in "hard times", think about how you can earn a living with it.

And set yourself a goal, because planning calms you down - so write down short, medium and long-term goals so as not to lose the central theme and enjoy small interim successes in the meantime.

Step 4 - patience:

As the saying “good things take time” already says, it will take time before you can make a good living from your DIY career. So create a network of different sources of income that will give you the (financial) security you need. How about freelance or consulting projects? Or have you ever thought of writing an e-book by disclosing your successes, but also your failures and the lessons you have learned from them?

Step 5 - Surrender:

Nobody said starting a DIY career was an easy endeavor - so keep thinking back tohow so you decided to do it in the first place. Regularly show yourself how much joy your decision to pursue your passion brings you and never forget that you have the reins in hand. You are the one who can decide which direction to go yours DIY career should ultimately take off.

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