How do I find real astrologers

Astrology - nonsense or real help in life?

In modern astrology one is no longer with the glass ball and the raven on the shoulder. You don't make predictions, stir up fears or raise hopes. The modern astrologer is trained psychologically. He does not specify the client, but opens up new trading leeway for him: Together, a solution is found how he can deal with a difficult situation in a new and constructive manner. Changes are actively brought about. Life gains in self-knowledge and self-determination. It also has a positive effect on how you interact with others.


Astrology today - is quite a job


The times in which the person seeking advice relinquishes responsibility at the door to the counseling practice and the omniscient astrologer looks at the stars and says what will happen and where to go are long gone in our part of the world. The astrologer allows the client a new perception of his personality and life situation. The client himself is challenged to find a solution for himself from the information and the selection of new behaviors that the astrologer suggests, working together on an equal footing.


These questions will be clarified during an astrological consultation


What is currently the most difficult area of ​​life? What is the goal? Which skills has the client not used enough so far? Which ones has he used so far destructively against himself and others? How can he use it from now on to achieve his goals? What are his current wishes and visions? What are the realistic steps in this direction? What can he do specifically for the improvement in the currently difficult area of ​​life? What methods help him with this? What can he change himself from now on? Why does he need professional help? THAT is astrology today. It is work, but it also awakens strength, recognizes abilities and develops vitality and self-confidence.


It's in the horoscope


What looks like a complicated mess is actually quite simple. You just have to take it step by step. There are 12 basic astrological energies, from which the 12 signs of the zodiac result: Aries to Pisces. The planets are assigned to them. With 10 planets this means that two planets are responsible for two signs of the zodiac each: Venus for Taurus and Libra and Mercury for Gemini and Virgo. You can think of the planets as parts of your personality. That makes them more tangible. Mars, for example, is the fighter in you. The planets symbolize the inner team that everyone has within. Your horoscope shows you how your personal inner team is so knitted.


These are your 12 personality parts


Your sun, your zodiac sign, is the star, the main person. It shows what their basic behavior looks like, how you build your self-esteem, and what gives you vitality. The moon (cancer) symbolizes your emotional world, what gives you security and spiritual nourishment and how your inner child is on the move. Mercury represents your way of thinking and communicating (Gemini) as well as your sensible, health conscious side and work (Virgo).


Venus symbolizes money and security (Taurus) as well as your definition of love and your relationship patterns (Libra). Mars (Aries) will march to enforce your needs and Jupiter (Sagittarius) will provide education, book the long-distance trips and show what happiness and success mean to you. Saturn (Capricorn) provides discipline, structure and support. It also stands for calling and profession. Uranus (Aquarius) is the free spirit in you, the rebel who breaks out when structures and bonds get too tight and take your breath away. Neptune (Pisces) has all that behind and flows with what is without interfering. He is your social vein, symbolizes your artistic talent and your healing powers, your intuition and imagination and is the opposite of the sensible Virgo. It's different from the others.


This is how you get to know them, the personality components


In addition to the consultation, in which you learn how the planets, i.e. your personality parts, look like, there is also astrology that you can experience. She does not stop at talking about skills, qualities, internal contradictions and tensions. The client also gets the opportunity to feel it for himself. To do this, he uses various methods to contact his inner parts, e.g. through artistic expression such as painting or sculpting, through visualizations and imaginary journeys or by setting up the planets in space, as in family constellations. You can feel and see how the personality part is doing at the moment and what it needs.


In this way you can promote and strengthen your inner team


If you know how your personality parts are predisposed, you can actively work on their further development and strengthening. For example, if you feel the need for more assertiveness, look where your Mars stands, which symbolizes your penetration power. If it is in the twins, contacts, communication, learning and the transfer of knowledge bring dynamism and power into your life: Register for a new course! Learn a foreign language! Expand your library! If Mars is in Aquarius, he or she needs spontaneous actions, breaking out of structures that have become too tight and a community or friends who share his visions with him, i.e. you. For every part of your personality you can find activities and behaviors that you can use to strengthen and stabilize your personality.


That is what the many lines in the horoscope mean


The horoscope not only provides information about the individual personality components. It also shows how they are linked to one another: some support one another, others are in tension with one another. For example, one part wants a free, non-binding relationship and the other insists on solid relationships and wants to nail it down. With such internal tensions, one likes to throw oneself to one side, e.g. the free spirit, and delegate the opposite part to the outside world. You yourself feel like a great, liberal type and the other is fought as narrow-minded and clingy. Or the other way around: You yourself are the decent, reliable type and your partner just hangs around in the area. With this division, one can suffer in relationships for a lifetime.


However, if you know your horoscope and know that you have both sides within yourself, you can save yourself the pain and get to work on yourself. You take the lead in your life again and create a balance between the reliable, "good" part and the free spirit. You could get married but have separate apartments. Or sometimes go on vacation together with your partner, sometimes with your best friend. There is a fixed evening in the week for the relationship, a fixed evening when you have time off, etc. The partner no longer has to live the opposite pole. Each partner can now integrate both sides into their lives.


There are no good and bad horoscopes ...


If so, then there are only conscious or unconscious implementations. You can imagine a horoscope like the listing of baking ingredients. There are x possibilities to make something out of it and in always new ways. Movement is important. In which direction does the astrological prognosis point.


These are astro-psychological forecasts today


A serious astrologer does not make predictions. He only sees what is currently going on “in the sky”. That is the quality of time, the energy that is in the air. It applies to everyone. For example: Be more careful in communication or be assertive at work. And then he relates this quality of time to the horoscope.


What points of contact are there between the current planetary constellations and the horoscope of a person or thing? There are also other forecasting methods. The question is: What challenges, learning tasks, necessities for change, be it through stabilization or liberation, are there? How can the supporting and stimulating force be used consciously, actively and positively? It looks different for everyone. And the best possible implementation is found out and concretized jointly by the astrologer and the client.


Changes are usually made voluntarily, consciously and in a self-determined manner


So I always have something to do with astrology: Be it work on myself, my behavior, how I deal with something, my health care, my thought patterns, or be it in my environment, my relationship, my contacts. As I said, modern astrology is work. And the constant opportunity to shape life in harmony with the quality of time. That usually works. But sometimes there are changes or findings that are not so pleasant and that, even as a person who likes change and experimentation, I did not choose voluntarily. But I (almost always) understand immediately what's going on, why something is happening, what I should learn from it. I can accept it more easily and willingly. I save myself unnecessary fights and agree faster. Sooner or later I will be grateful for this external boost, even if I am not “amused” at first, as the British Queen would say. It all makes sense.


These methods help me to actively implement it


My favorite helpers are painting, writing, e.g. 3 pages on a topic or from the pen of a personality part (planet) that can express itself freely by writing me a letter. Meditation, visualizations, collages with the achieved goal and a picture of myself on it, and setting up the astrological constellations help me to feel certain constellations in the horoscope or between my horoscope and the current quality of time and to find new forms of expression for them.


This is how modern astrology supports health


What I don't tackle myself is triggered from outside. This is usually more uncomfortable than actively shaping your life. This initiation also includes illnesses, as a wake-up call and reminder: Something has to be different! The more I know about myself and the challenges that arise, the less I need outside stimulus. The causes of illness are manifold. But it makes sense to do your part through a healthy diet, exercise, social contacts, inner balance and self-reflection and, if necessary, self-actualization. Modern astrology is a fantastic way to do this.


And newspaper horoscopes?


Newspaper horoscopes for each sign of the zodiac are entertaining, but negligible. They only relate to the sun, the person on the skin, and that is within 30 degrees. Either you are really interested in your horoscope, in all parts of your personality, then you work your way up to the topic with books or get professional advice. Or you can leave it.


Psychological astrology with information and tips for relationship life


If you put two horoscopes on top of each other, you can see at first glance which influences exist and how the two affect each other. These can be love partners, mother and child, boss and employee, work colleagues and friends among each other or even a person in connection at the time a company was founded or whatever. Because yes, things also have a time of birth, a horoscope and can be illuminated astrologically. Here, too, the question is the same as with all relationship horoscopes: In which areas do the two support each other, where are the greatest tensions and challenges, and how can they best be resolved and dealt with. In my experience, it is very helpful to know the horoscope and thus the personality and your wishes, expectations and inner struggles of the other person, and to know where the points of contact are and what they look like. A conscious interaction with one another is always better and is made easier with the help of astrology.


The same applies here: There are no good and bad relationships


There are only challenges. And the question: Why did I choose exactly this person? What do I want and what can I learn? With the help of the partner horoscopes I learn to take and leave not only myself but also the other person as he / she is and to support them precisely in this. A great enrichment and relaxation in the relationship life.


As you can see, modern, psychological astrology has nothing to do with what it used to be. It has blossomed into a form of self-knowledge and practical help in life that everyone can understand and whoever wants to learn. The horoscope is not a graphic shrouded in mystery, but can be understood step by step and used for yourself and everyone you know. Nobody is determined, but pushed to go their own way and to shed their skin regularly. Modern astrology doesn't make decisions. It supports you to find and fill your place in life. This modern form has been helping me for over 30 years.