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Pigment spots on the face: no thanks!

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What women Want? Certainly no pigment spots on the face. Even before the beauty industry told us almost every quarter of an hour, we wanted it: smooth, plump, pure, even skin! A beautiful complexion is attractive. The face looks clear, clean, healthy and fresh, the skin is radiant. To get it, or to keep it that perfect complexion, is, however a lot of work!

Sometimes a couple of things get in the way. Hormonal problems, systematic malnutritionwho have favourited genes, smoking, improper care products, poor use of cleaning products and the nasty, nasty UV radiation. Some of the causes can be avoided or at least combated. But what do you do when nothing works and you get angry every time you look in the mirror?

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How do pigment spots develop on the face?

A horror actually! Many women experience the so-calledHyperpigmentationfor the first time in pregnancy. It is a punctual, clearly darker coloring of the skin in certain places, often on the cheeks and around the eyes. Others have a congenital pigment disorder or only develop spots on the face and body in old age. Interestingly, the formation of unwanted discolorations is predominantly a "women's issue", even if it was not caused by hormones. That men tooCellulite can have little consolation.

How can you remove the spots on your face?

There is no general answer to this question. It depends on the depth of the color, the extent of the spots and whether the pigments are superficial or deeper in the skin. And of course it is also crucial which method you choose to remove the annoying stains again. The Dermatologist is the ideal contact here.

1. Which pigment disorders are there anyway?

What are pigment spots on the face?

The brown coloring of our skin is the job of the so-called Melanocytes. These are cells of our largest organ, our skin, which produce the brown pigment melanin in varying amounts and thus protect us against UV radiation. That can give you a crisp, sexy tan or an undesirable one Pregnancy mask. If the melanocytes do not function properly and, for example, work like crazy, then brown spots of varying intensity appear on the surface of our skin.

Pigment spots versus age spots and freckles

Freckles and age spots are also brown. And in both cases the melanocytes are involved in the development. Freckles are one special genetic programming of these cells. In the case of age spots, we cause the excessive release of the brown dye ourselves. Men and women are equally affected. You suspect the right thing: The cause is the UV radiation, or too much of it.

Vitiligo. Viti-what?

The melanocytes can also have a failure. I don't mean the total one, as with albinos, who cannot produce any melanin at all, but a partial one, as with the so-called white spot disease. Its origin has not yet been fully clarified. What is certain, however, is that to date not curable is.

Help, I have red pigment spots on my face, right?

Too light, too dark, too much, too little: It's like with many things, the right dose is what counts! What doesn't work at all with pigment spots is a different color than “50 Shades of Brown”! Black and red mean that there are probably other pigment disorders that you should try as soon as possible Dermatologistor one in the dermatology departmentHospitalshould be examined. This also applies to itching or bleeding in areas of skin that have changed color. The earlier the better please!

2. Where do pigment spots on the face come from, damn it!

Is the sun to blame again?

Our hands, neck, cleavage and face are parts of the body that tend to be uncovered. Even if we are not outdoors long enough to tan, our cells are continuously exposed to UV radiation. This portion of the light can penetrate deep into the skin and even into the cell nucleus and there that damage genetic material. So it's no wonder that at some point the melanocytes go crazy and try frantically to protect our skin from further damage.

Can you get pigment spots from “the pill”?

Yes. The hormones estrogen and progesterone may please be pilloried. But the presumption of innocence does not apply to other drugs either! Some of them make the skin more photosensitive, which means that it is more sensitive to UV radiation. I mean some antibiotics, anti-epileptic drugs, or chemotherapy drugs. Please ask yourdoctoror yours pharmacist! In addition, chemical components of plants or perfumes can cause so-called phototoxic dermatitis, which then leads to permanent hyperpigmentation. Ouch.

Is there any connection with acne?

Yes. The dark acne scars after a bad, painful pimple has healed are also called pigment spots. They occur when the inflammation of the skin has subsided. One speaks here of the so-called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Something similar can happen with psoriasis, neurodermatitis and after superficial injuries caused by cosmetic interventions, I'll just tell you. Ouch again!

3. Special case: pigment spots during pregnancy

When can pigment spots occur during pregnancy?

Pregnancy not only brings happiness and blessings, but sometimes also heavy legs, high blood pressure, diabetes and pigment spots on the face. That the hormonal change is responsible for it should be clear by now. Not all women are affected, unfortunately more often those with naturally darker skin tone. Genetic predisposition and skin handling in pre-pregnancy life are critical. The discoloration can appear in the first few weeks. Then the use of Sun protection cream with the highest possible sun protection factor essential. We come to that ...

When do pigment spots disappear after pregnancy?

The good news is, once the baby is born, the spots fade and usually go away on their own after a while. Of course, you don't have to encourage their creation by sizzling unprotected in the sun for hours. The sun's rays are not only good for the unborn child, but that's another story.

What helps against pigment spots on the face?

Homeopathy against pigment spots

I'm a fan! And for me this is not a question of faith, although (or precisely because) I am also a scientist. I am definitely not going to enter into a discussion here about whether homeopathy works. In the literature, one can find the indication in question Sepia officinalis and Calcium flouratum. I'm already hesitating with Sepia, because it really doesn't fit everyone! For everything that goes beyond a simple cold, I'm already with mine Homeopath.

Schüssler salts against pigment spots

As an accompanying measure, they are great. Anyone who thinks that he is sucking two or three tablets and then everything that is undesirable has disappeared overnight is wrong. The use of Schüssler salts requires patience. Salts No. 6 and No. 10 are recommended, using a ratio of 1: 2 spread over the day. In addition, you can apply gel or ointment No. 6. The knows more detailsSchüsslersalze consultantor thepharmacist!

Microdermabrasion against pigment spots

This method is used by theDermatologist by. In principle, you can think of it like fine sandpaper. Very fine crystals remove the top layers of the skin. The young skin is less pigmented or not at all, depending on how deep the discoloration goes. There are now devices that allow this treatment to be carried out at home. I haven't tried it myself, but he did Electrical retailer can certainly provide information about the experience of other users. Also helps against wrinkles and large pores!

tip: You just want to have your skin "sanded down" by a professional? No problem: blogger Lilli has researched the top 20 institutes for microdermabrasion in Vienna for you!

Creams against pigment spots

The cosmetics industry offers a multitude of options for daily use: serum, cream, lotion. Two parameters are decisive for success. First the regular use for at least three months. Second, the use of suitable sun protection factors in the day cream. Guys, I tell you, this really works! The ingredients in the cosmetics tell the melanocytes to get down and they actually produce less color. Brilliant. There are good ones Pharmacies and Perfumeries.

However, if you want to achieve faster results, you have to go for bleaching creams Dermatologist there are good reasons for not going without a doctor's consultation. The doctor can then combine the bleaching cream with a peeling, for example.

Laser against pigment spots

Now it's getting invasive. We come to the premier class. Of course, this also means that you “have to take a little bit of money in hand”. The results of treatments with fractionated CO2 laser orIPLare impressive, however. And permanently, provided you know the causes of pigment spots on the face and can deal with them in the future! How often, how long, how expensive - he knows all that Specialist in dermatology, and only the. Comparing prices pays off and going to someone who has years of experience with their laser, too!

Peelings against pigment spots

With a chemical peel, the top layer of skin is removed as gently as possible, but strong enough. Fruit acids ensure that the top layer of skin is renewed. The the body's own regeneration processes are accelerated. The art of getting the right measure here requires some experience and expertise. He does these treatmentsDermatologist. Peelings from perfumery can improve the complexion, cleanse well, but do not make pigment spots disappear.

Microneedeling against pigment spots

With this rather newer method, the doctor lets a roller with fine needles slide over the skin, which punctures countless fine channels in the face. The resulting micro-injuries stimulate skin renewal. I'm basically a fan of DIY, but I find the pictures of women who have used microneedeling sets for home use kind of creepy. Very hard-working, perhaps over-ambitious people are advised against to be on the safe side, because the face can very quickly look like a raw piece of meat. Scars instead of pigment spots are a bad tradeoff.

What quickly helps against pigment spots?

Unfortunately nobody can do magic. Research and development are advancing at breakneck speed not only in medical technology, but also in decorative cosmetics. Today there is make-up that even holds tight for a few hours in the sauna and when swimming, or ensures the impression of an even complexion.

What can be used to cover pigment spots on the face?

The corresponding products are known as camouflage. They played in the professional league for a long time and, thank God, are now also available to end users. I would use the application at the beginning of one Make-up artist or have it shown to a make-up artist. After all, the result should look natural. The products are available inPharmaciesand in Specialized trade.

Sun protection against pigment spots on the face

The most important thing comes at the end: the prevention! Those who do without sun protection or day cream with a sun protection factor (SPF) are saving in the wrong place ‘. Because there is always UV radiation! Even on cloudy days, even in November, even in the flatlands, our skin is exposed to radiation. A day cream in the “dark half of the year” should be at least one Sun protection factor of 30 exhibit. That means 30 times the self-protection time of the skin against UVB rays.

According to the EU regulation, UVA protection must be at least a third of this value. So that's only 10 at the SPF of 30, that's what we're talking about here Skin aging and skin cancer. I have tips on choosing the correct sun protectionalready discussed in detail. But if you use SPF 50+, you are definitely not doing anything wrong! Then it works with the even complexion.

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