Which country wears the most gold jewelry?

How do you wear jewelry? We'll give you an insight.

Sure: Most women love jewelry, sometimes they reach for simple earrings, sometimes for a glittering chain and at other times prefer the stylish ring with them. For a long time jewelry was considered a typical accessory for female fashionistas, but what about the world of men? Are men allowed to wear jewelry and if so, how? We have dealt with the topic once and tell you, among other things, which pieces of jewelry are available for the male gender and which type of man should wear which men's jewelry.

This is the role jewelry plays in men

Men's jewelry has not played a major role for a long time, as jewelry was more reserved for women. The only pieces of jewelry that a man wore were the engagement and wedding ring, as well as a chic wristwatch. That's it already. But the fashion world has become more open. Today women wear cool boyfriend pants and sometimes wear trendy suits instead of elegant evening dresses and men now adorn themselves with chains, rings and bracelets as a matter of course. They set great accents to every look, underline their personality or show that they understand something about fashion and value their appearance. In addition, jewelry also becomes a deliberate breach of style by combining it with an outfit that at first glance does not suit him at all. With jewelry you can move a look in a completely different direction and thus present different facets of yourself.

Men's jewelry with meaning? Photo: Priscilla du Preez

Men's jewelry with meaning

In addition to the pieces of jewelry that you wear because you want to present yourself as stylish, there is also jewelry that has a deeper meaning for the wearer. Without question, this includes the wedding ring, which should show that he is in love, married and one of his loved ones. But other accessories can also have a special meaning - for example the ring that his grandfather always wore and then bequeathed him. Maybe you've been on a trip around the world and bought a special necklace in a distant country that has always reminded you of your great adventure ever since. In addition, bracelets can refer to a deep friendship with a buddy - or simply keep the memory of last summer's hip festival alive.

The right jewelry for every type of man

If you start looking for new men's jewelry, you will quickly find that the selection is large. There is coarse jewelry that attracts attention, pieces of jewelry that are a little more filigree and textile accessories. While some rings and chains are designed in modern silver, other pieces show themselves in sophisticated gold. We'll tell you which jewelry suits which type of man.

Men's jewelry: The bohemian | Photo: Angello Lopez, Christian Buehner

Jewelry for the bohemian

The elegant bohemian loves jewelry, but uses it rather cautiously and as a subtle accent. The favorite of the Boheme men is the classic signet ring, which he confidently wears on one finger and thus attests to his noble origins. This is only completed by a narrow bracelet that fits perfectly with the high-quality wristwatch of your favorite brand. It is important to the bohemian that his jewelry is high quality and noble.

Men's jewelry: the hipster | Photo: Charles Etoroma, Renata Fraga

Jewelry for hipsters

Braided leather bracelets, chains with pendants that reflect current fashion trends and a ring in the hottest color of the season: For you, jewelry is an expression of your fashion knowledge and changes again and again with the current styles. You even wear earrings nonchalantly and never look too exaggerated.

Men's jewelry: the rocker | Photo: Marcos Luiz

What jewelry does the rocker wear

The typical rocker styles himself wild, has a lot of tattoos and prefers cool leather jackets. He sometimes wears his hair long and untamed. Striking pieces of jewelry like long link chains with crazy pendants go well with the rocker type. Here it can be a little more, because the rocker is a statement in itself. Pick up leather bracelets that you wear in the pack and decorate your hand with a large, colored ring.

Men's jewelry: street style | Photo: Tyler Nix

Jewelry and street style

The skateboard is your best friend and sneakers are part of every look? The only thing missing is the right jewelry. Decide on gold and silver chains, which you can also mix and play with different lengths. Bracelets are also allowed and are reminiscent of hip techno parties, as they shine in the brightest colors.

Men's jewelry: Hip Hop Style | Photo: Serrold Valentin

Hip Hop Style and Jewelry

Wide baggy pants, oversized shirts and caps go perfectly with the typical gold chains. These can be particularly long, large and heavy and even a little over the top. If, on the other hand, you reach for narrow chains, they will quickly go under. The casual hip hopper can also use an earring worn on one side.

Ring, chain and Co. - these pieces of jewelry are available for men

But what pieces of jewelry can a man actually wear? Basically, these are the same pieces that a woman adorns herself with: You will find rings for men, bracelets and necklaces. Earrings are also available in the masculine version. A piece of jewelry that is reserved for men are also the cufflinks, with which they add value to a noble outfit. What you will hardly find in the assortments of men's jewelry, however, are glittering elements, rhinestones and radiant gemstones.

Men's jewelry for beginners

If you haven't worn men's jewelry yet and would like to feel your way into the world of cool accessories first, you shouldn't go straight to the limit. As is well known, less is more and therefore you should first rely on a single piece of jewelry that you put in the limelight. Decide on a high-quality piece, but make sure that it is designed rather simply and fits discreetly into your outfit. A ring is always a good piece of jewelry for beginners because it is not as conspicuous as a chain, for example. As a beginner, you should do without earrings.

Why men are also allowed to wear chains

For many women, choosing a necklace in the morning is almost part of their daily ritual, like brushing their teeth or combing their hair. But: Men are also allowed to wear chains and use them to accentuate their necks, shirts or sweaters. A chain is a real statement that you choose just like the trendy new jeans or the rocky leather jacket. Important: If you are a tall, slim man, filigree chains are made for you. On the other hand, if you are particularly muscular and strongly built, you should rather use coarser chains, otherwise narrow models will quickly go under and do not suit your type. Also make sure that your chain is as long as possible.

Men are also allowed to wear chains!

Dos and Don`ts - This is how a man should wear jewelry

Men's jewelry only comes into its own when it is worn in the right way. We have compiled the dos and don'ts when it comes to men's jewelry and tell you how to best use your jewelry.

  • Rely on high-quality jewelry made of precious metals or elegant leather.
  • Wear men's jewelry that fits your type and style perfectly.
  • Adjust chains to suit your physique. Strong men wear coarse jewelry, while very slim men can choose filigree models.
  • Spread rings between both hands, or opt for up to two rings if you want to wear them on one hand.
  • It is also allowed that you wear several rings on one finger.
  • Always wear bracelets on the hand that you also wear your watch on.
  • Don't wear too many pieces of jewelry at once.
  • Avoid blingbling and glitter - that's too much of a good thing.
  • Gold jewelry can quickly become stale in men. Better to wear silver jewelry.
  • Don't mess up your men's jewelry. That means: The materials and colors should be coordinated and appear harmonious.
  • Don't wear earrings that are too flashy, opt for small, discreet plugs.

Which rings are worn on which fingers

Of course, there are no strict guidelines that you have to adhere to. But: There are typical ways of wearing rings for men. So you can wear your ring on the ring finger in the classic way. Especially marriage and engagement rings find their place on this finger. If you are neither engaged nor married, you can also put your taste in fashion on the ring finger. It looks particularly masculine when you wear a ring on your middle finger. The little finger is often adorned with a signet ring, which you can also wear on your thumb. In general: Distribute your rings on both hands so that the whole thing looks symmetrical. Men with slender hands and fingers should opt for narrow rings, while strong hands can handle wide, conspicuous rings.

Minimalist signet rings are particularly trendy right now, here to match the cufflink | REDKI ROBKI

Business dress code and jewelry

The modern business gentleman wears cufflinks | Photo: REDKI ROBKI

Can jewelry also find its way into the office? We say very clearly: yes - but please with caution and style. Decide on a piece of jewelry that does not attract attention, but still sets an accent - for example a noble, high-quality ring. Necklaces or earrings, on the other hand, are unsuitable for the office, as they do not match the fine thread and can sometimes jingle loudly. If you want to wear bracelets, you should opt for a maximum of two pieces that are restrained and minimalist in design.

Important: Wear high-quality men's jewelry and do without inexpensive cheap jewelry. A piece of jewelry that fits into the business world like no other is the cufflink. This is very unique to the man and has been very popular again for some time. When making your choice, don't use funny figures or screaming colors and choose stylish models.

Absolutely suitable for hipsters: extravagant cufflinks in gold in a set of 3
modern cufflinks ROUND made of 925 sterling silver, Made in Germany

CONCLUSION: Men can wear jewelry just as naturally as women. However, you should be careful not to choose too many pieces of jewelry and to opt for rings, chains, bracelets and the like that are masculine in design and do not shine and glitter too much. Used correctly, men's jewelry becomes a cool accent and goes just as well with casual rockers as it does with elegant business gentlemen.