What does an interpreter convert


Apple users are better off: they are only too happy to point out how diverse their Mac world is. And it's true: One push of a button and the apple turns texts, columns of numbers or images into a PDF document in no time at all. Windows users first have to install extra software.

But is it the other way around, i.e. turning a PDF into a text document? Apple users also have to upgrade. There are programs for Apple and Windows computers that can do both. However, the software industry can pay for this well. In addition, such software is not available for every operating system or for organizers.

But it doesn't matter, because I recently discovered a successful solution to the confusion of formats: Koolwire, a website that looks inconspicuous, but proves to be extremely practical and will sooner or later bail everyone out. www.koolwire.com is a kind of universal file format interpreter.

For example, if you want to turn a Word document into a PDF file, simply go to the website and select "PDF" as the target format. Then he uploads the document and a few seconds later a PDF file lands in the e-mail mailbox.

But Koolwire not only converts Word documents, it also processes the file formats of Excel, Powerpoint, Project and Visio. If desired, the program also converts TXT and RTF text files as well as JPG and GIF images.

But the website is not a one-way street: Koolwire turns PDF files into text that can be easily processed in Microsoft Word. Even embedded images and fonts are retained. The pace of work is remarkable. After just a few seconds, users will receive the results by email.

Even files of several megabytes can be uploaded using the web form. If you want to convert Office documents up to a size of 10 megabytes, you can even simply send them by email to [email protected] And PDF files can be quickly converted into Word format by sending an email to [email protected]

Koolwire even has an open ear for music files: the service can convert MP3 files into wave formats and vice versa. This is also done by uploading via the website or by e-mail: The service accepts wave files at [email protected], and MP3 files at [email protected]

Acquired a taste? Then it is worth visiting www.zamzar.com. Several dozen different file formats can be converted here, regardless of whether they are texts, images, music or videos. Zamzar masters all important file formats and can, for example, turn PDF documents into websites - and vice versa. However, it takes longer to process than Koolwire. In addition, it is not possible to send documents by e-mail. [email protected]