Which blogging category is the most popular

Blog Types: Which Blogs Are Most Popular?

I took a look at the blogs in the Top100 list from Blogcounter.de (a.k.a. Tail comparison ’). Mainly to see which topics get the most attention. But first of all, how the visitor volume is distributed among the 100 most visited blogs (correct, according to the power law!)

I provided the Top20 blogs with a large number of visitors with topic tags of my choice. The result was foreseeable: fun, boulevard, eroticism, consumption, media and politics topped the list in terms of topics. Amazingly, in my opinion, technology was underrepresented on this list, in contrast to top American blogs like Engadget. For the sake of simplicity, these leading topics could also be summarized in a category Light meals from and for everyday life ’.

Interesting: The topics are almost exclusively news or sensational in nature. Ergo: Anyone who runs a blog on a less spectacular, e.g. factual topic (i.e. no sex, no slapstick, ...) will hardly ever crack the Top100.

With the choice of the topic of a website, the webmaster determines at an early stage what potential in terms of visitor numbers is theoretically attainable. For example, a previous post showed that mainstream topics like tabloids, politics, technology, erotic, etc. are the most popular topics in blogs.

Firstly, this type of content is of broad interest and, secondly, it is news or sensational in nature. It is easy to predict: the more specific, i.e. less general, the niche and the more factual (also: without ‘sex appeal’) the topic, the smaller the theoretically achievable visitor volume will be. Not everyone is interested in a website about golf clubs. An erotic site, a gossip blog, a dating site or a news portal, on the other hand, is more likely.

Due to a narrower niche, having fewer visitors who are better aligned in terms of their interests can even be advantageous in terms of advertising revenue. But the goal must not be to climb into the top 100 of all websites in terms of visitor numbers. The goal then should rather be to get into the top 5 sites about golfing. And affiliate income there might be pretty good.