Can I wear sweatpants in the gym?

Can I go to the gym with these sweatpants, or does it look weird?

Now that fitness is halfway in vogue, the studios are overflowing with people who are more busy chatting and taking photos than seriously exercising. Often then in relatively ridiculous clothes, such as neon-colored stringers.

I don't think the pants themselves are too bad when it comes to looks. Sure, a bit more noticeable than a simple Nike, but everyone as they like. Ultimately, you pay a decent surcharge for it and for the name, if it is worth it to you.

What would keep me from there is definitely the term Thermo. That sounds more like something to me that I wear outside for jogging in winter, not in an air-conditioned studio. Jogging pants are generally marginal and short pants are often more suitable.

You don't care what people think, you probably only pay attention to your clothes if you care more about fashion than training. The big boys shake their heads at everyone that deviates from the norm in terms of fashion.

In general, I think the clothes are halfway irrelevant. One tends to attract negative attention with the older boys through curls in the knee-bend stand, excessive cell phone photo sessions, poor hygiene or when you wear a shirt to give the heavier boys tips on how to do something, because you picked it up on YouTube from a corresponding fitness channel.

Otherwise, everyone in the shops is most interested in himself or in the people exercising the opposite sex. As long as you don't actively disturb someone, I think almost everything is fine, so don't worry.