Is BAMS better than BDS

Comment by Michael Wolffsohn: No more Israel hatred!

“Don't buy from Jews!”. From April 1, 1933, the criminal Nazi regime enforced this request to the German “Volksgenossinnen and Volksgenossinnen” (Nazi interview) with ever more brutal force. In the end there was the “final solution”, that is, the murder of Jews six million times over.

The extremely anti-Israel BDS movement is tying in with this unspeakable chapter today. BDS stands for "boycott, disinvestment or investment waiver as well as sanctions against Israel". At that time “do not buy from Jews!”, Today “do not buy anything from, for, from or in Israel”.

Regardless of how you feel about Israel's government: It goes without saying that the democratic parties in Germany distance themselves from this legacy not only with words but also with deeds in the present. Actually, because BDS has been up to mischief internationally since 2005.

▶ ︎ Now, finally, you are becoming active in Germany. Better late than never. The initiative in the Bundestag, our legislator, took the FDP. It demands the restriction of BDS activities in Germany.

The AfD also undeniably advanced against BDS. She even demands a BDS ban. As is so often the case, the question arises with the AfD: How seriously are its Jewish political and, in general, moral statements to be taken? For the AfD, is the genocidal Hitler Reich just "fly shit" in German history or is the brown wolf disguised in white sheep's clothing?

The FDP had already tried to dissuade the government from supporting each of the innumerable, no matter how far-fetched anti-Israel motions in the UN.

In plain language: Germany should break away from the modern variant of German followers. She probably felt encouraged by Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD). As the newly appointed Foreign Minister, he had strongly emphasized his ties to Jews and Israel. He forgot this commitment in a flash, especially in the UN, only to criticize a few days ago - far away from the UN - its often blindly directed course against Israel. First zig, then zig, then zig and zag again. Something similar is known from the Federal Chancellor in terms of Israel policy.

The first FDP initiative failed in the Bundestag, the second worked. Although in the opposition, the FDP managed to win over both the coalition of the Union and SPD and the opposition Greens for this project. The AfD was excluded - as expected - even though it is continuously trying to raise its profile for rather than against the Jewish state. Everyone knows that the Left is not one of Germany's friends of Israel.

But even on the left you can find friends of Israel or politicians who know what human decency is and what Germany's moral responsibility for history entails. They include Dietmar Bartsch, Petra Pau, Jan Korte, Michael Leutert and Stefan Liebich.

They are in a difficult position within the factions and within the party. Nevertheless, they are also trying to answer the question of the BDS. Petra Pau sounded out whether the left could join the joint BDS-critical proposal. The Union resisted. This is wrong. Or should one, when it rains and a leftist (or AfDler) find this, counter with the claim that the sky is bright blue? Absurd!

The Union can sleep soundly, because the majority of the left-wing faction opposes the course of its own considerate insight. Christine Buchholz - a confidante of party leader Katja Kipping - writes "We do not support the BDS campaign" and refers to the boycott of Jews by the Nazis on April 1, 1933. And further: To denigrate the BDS campaign as anti-Semitic is "inadmissible" ...

This strange thought means: Anyone who deliberately did not buy from Jews in 1933 would not have been an anti-Semite. Strange comparisons follow about alleged deficits in democracy in Israel and (!) Germany. Apparently balanced Ms. Buchholz speaks of "corruption and democratic deficits" of the Palestinian Autonomy and Hamas.

▶ ︎ First: The last elections in the Palestinian Authority took place in 2005, 13 years ago. Second: Hamas is a terrorist organization in Germany and the EU. Following on from Frau Buchholz's Nazi comparison, one must assume that for her and some (how many?) Leftists, even Hitler's SA only showed “democratic deficits”. With such partners you cannot fight terrorists or right-wing extremists successfully.


* Prof. Dr. Michael Wolffsohn, historian and journalist, university professor of the year 2017, books and others. "Who does the Holy Land belong to?", "To world peace", "Peace Chancellor Willy Brandt?"