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About shapewear

Shapewear is no longer just for curvy women. It can now be found in almost every woman's wardrobe, and for good reason! But what exactly is shapewear?

Shapewear is your secret weapon for feeling good - for everyday life and for big appearances! It usually consists of fine, elastic cotton fabric that adapts to your body and shapes your silhouette according to your needs. The shaping clothing is available in a wide variety of variants: classic abdominal briefs, figure-shaping briefs with a high waistband, body formers, usually corsets or shaping corsets, girdles, bodice dresses and shaping skirts.

All of these body formers belong to the shapewear family and ensure that women feel comfortable in their skin. Shapewear hides unwanted cushions, conjures up a narrower waist, a flat stomach, a lush or smaller cleavage, a well-shaped bottom and slimmer thighs. Gone are the days when shapewear had a reputation for restricting movement! We put an end to the old-fashioned image! Our figure shapers are breathable, skin-friendly and feel like a second skin.

In no time at all, shapewear ensures that women gain more self-confidence and feel comfortable in tight-fitting outfits. Incidentally, the bodice fashion is not prudish or unsexy at all! On the contrary - playful details such as transparent inserts, lace or floral patterns in girdles, shaping bodies or bras make for a seductive appearance and want to be seen! With sexy shapewear you kill two birds with one stone: The exciting details give you that extra kick of self-confidence and the figure-shaping underwear gives you the security that your clothes fit perfectly, just the way you want them! The best thing about the body formers is that they really adapt to any body shape.

In our generous range you are guaranteed to find the perfect companion for every outfit. The different categories of shapewear ensure that every part of the body is perfectly presented. For example, if you want to hide a large bust, it is best to use MinimizerBHs. With their high-quality cups, minimizer bras conjure up a dreamlike cleavage that still leaves enough freedom of movement.

To tighten the stomach and make the waist look slimmer, waist briefs or panties with a high waistband are best. Girdles take care of several problem areas at the same time: They shape the perfect apple bottom, conjure up a narrow waist and tighten the thighs - with our shapewear you are guaranteed to get a perfect silhouette. Shapewear leggings visually lengthen your legs and also tighten them - by the way, the shaping leggings are also perfect for sports. ShapingBodies with integrated bra cups also stabilize your back, lift your chest, narrow your waist and allow a few pounds to disappear from your hips and stomach.