What emphasizes good fashion style

Fashion basics: 7 items of clothing that women with style have in their closets

5. The perfect dress

Regardless of whether you are passionate about wearing dresses or not: Every woman with a good fashion style should have at least a neutral, but perfectly fitting dress. Because there are always occasions that require a few steps out of the fashionable comfort zone - a champagne reception, a company party, wedding or elegant birthday party. Anyone who chooses a dress that ideally suits their figure and personal fashion taste and can then be worn all year round is prepared for all eventualities. Whether you choose a shirt dress, shirt dress, sheath dress, wrap dress or lace dress as a wardrobe basic is up to you. Important: For monochrome models, it is worth investing in a little black - or, depending on the taste and color palette of your existing wardrobe, a dress in shades of blue, dark green, bordeaux or gray. These neutral colors go well with each other, but also with patterned jackets and coats or eye-catching shoes and accessories. By the way, a patterned dress can also become a fashion staple if it fits well and goes with most of the rest of your clothing. It is important that you feel completely comfortable in it and that you can rely on the cut and fit in a styling crisis.

Figure tip: Wrap dresses or models in A-line put all figure types in an advantageous light. Shirt dresses usually have a more figure-hugging fit and are therefore a bit more demanding when it comes to styling if you want to hide small cushions. A knee-length shirt dress is just as suitable for work as it is for leisure - and can be combined with a cozy chunky cardigan, tights and boots in winter, with sandals and a denim jacket in summer.

The most important shoe trends in spring / summer 2019

6. The elegant skirt

By the age of 30 at the latest, every woman who likes to wear serious looks (or who has to do so for work) knows: A well-fitting skirt belongs in every wardrobe. Classic pencil skirts are an elegant choice for business outfits and immediately conjure up feminine curves. Make sure you choose a solid material that looks high-quality and, as a pleasant side effect, brings your stomach and bottom into shape. Also great as fashion basics are skirts with subtle vertical stripes, which together with a print or logo shirt create an unusual leisure look. Are you not bound by a dress code and prefer a feminine hourglass silhouette? Then a circle skirt in the 50s style is the right choice. In knee length or midi length, this cut shows neither too much nor too little skin, emphasizes the narrowest part of the legs with the calves and gives every top, no matter how simple, a touch of Hollywood glamor.

Styling tip: You are not a fan of elegant wardrobes, but want to impress with good style for a special occasion? Then go for a pencil skirt made of synthetic or real leather. The fashion classic looks serious in the office with a shirt blouse, but can also be styled rock in the evening with a printed top and ankle boots. Alternative for determined rock opponents: high-quality trousers in black or with a fine striped pattern that are great for office and everyday wear.

7. The comfortable slippers

Comfortable shoes are important on a long work day or in situations in which you stand for a long time or walk a lot - otherwise you will be annoyed by calluses and blisters the next day. But what exactly is it that makes comfortable footwear? The footbed plays an important role in terms of quality and comfort: if it is hardly padded or not present in the shoe, the risk of blisters is high. Therefore, invest in at least a pair of high-quality shoes that are gentle on your feet and keep them healthy.

Shoes made of smooth leather, suede or fabric such as linen and canvas are particularly breathable and adapt to the shape of the foot. Another quality indicator are carefully processed or glued seams that run evenly and have no protruding threads. A good sole is robust without being stiff and has a removable insole inside. Heeled shoes can also be comfortable if they have the features mentioned. A block heel is usually more comfortable to wear than a stiletto heel - and can even be done by women who have never tried high heels with a clear conscience.

The top priority for simple but stylish basic shoes: The models should look as high-quality as possible and be quick to put on and take off. A slip-on shoe is an ideal choice - in the flat version as moccasin, loafers, ballerina, mules or ankle boots, with heels as kitten or mid heels or simple pumps. You are welcome to cost a little more for the basic equipment of a stylish shoe collection - because in the best case scenario you will wear the shoes regularly after buying them.