How can I stop my abusive father

How to stop my dad from abusing me physically

This is being voted down the hell, but I'll post it anyway as the accepted answers are "Dad please stop beating me" (it's unlikely to hurt but someone here believes really that this will work?) or "Call CPS" (and end up in a nursing home which is most likely worse), both of which are vaguely ridiculous.

You are 15 and from your username I suspect you are male. So you're probably about as physically strong as your dad, and if you aren't, you can get in some exercise.

The next time he hits you, hold on him physically away from. Grab his arms, pull his arms behind his back, wrestle him to the ground, whatever it takes (within the scope of common sense). This will a) prevent you from getting hit this time, b) make it much less likely that he will try again, and c) send an extremely clear message that you are not a little kid to push around.

Now you are likely to get a pretty violent backlash for not respecting your elders etc, but as long as you stay cool and don't let this escalate into a bar brawl, you have the upper hand morally and physically. Good luck! And we hope you don't end up in a troubled teenage boot camp.

Jeremy Miller

I think you have familial Missed component of option 2. As Isaac Asimov so cleverly put it: "Violence is the last resort of the incompetent."


I'm not suggesting that he beat up his father, just that he defend himself.


Most 15-year-olds do not belong in the same physical league as a grown man, especially one who has shown himself to be willing and able to inflict violence on a family member. (It likely would have stopped by now had the child been physically imposing.) It is at least as likely to escalate the severity of the domestic violence or cause them to be kicked out of the house, or worse.


+1 In the Land of First World Perfection, we'd like to say that a good nudge in the snout won't solve anything, but often it does.


@jpatokal If you live with the attacker, anything but fatal violence is a waste of time and will only make him angrier and any subsequent blows heavier.