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Working on an oil rig Part 2- Speaking clearly

Mailyn Schürmann December 20, 2019

In Part 1 of the article, I discussed the benefits of working on an oil rig. The advantages clearly include: good pay, excellent food and holidays in one go.

Of course, it's not all sunshine and sunshine on an oil or gas platform. Time to speak plainly.

Absolute don’ts on the oil rig

In addition to freedom of movement, there are also bans on the oil rig for safety reasons that apply to everyone without exception. The consumption of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited. Wild party nights and hangovers in the early morning? No way. All celebrations must be postponed to the vacation time. One is on an oil rig to work, not to celebrate.

What about chain smokers? Due to the strict safety regulations, smoking is only allowed in certain zones. Seriously, you don't want to be responsible for the explosion of an oil rig because you smoked a cigarette in the forbidden area, right?


Cons of life on the oil rig

Privacy? If you can't do without it, you'd better not work offshore. Life on the oil rig is very cramped. You share the room with a stranger who may have different rest or sleep times than you or, in the worst case scenario, snores so loudly that an entire forest is sawed off. Here you can only advise earplugs.

As in normal everyday life, you like some people more, others less. When you get on less well with someone, there are fewer opportunities to avoid them on the oil or gas platform. Sooner or later you will inevitably run into each other, be it in the canteen or on the way to the work area. Eyes shut and go for it? Because of the cramped situation, the potential for conflict is of course greater. It is more difficult for sensitive people to maintain their private space. The boundaries of privacy are blurring. Sharing a room with a work colleague is certainly not for everyone.

Love chaos on the oil rig?

Since women in STEM professions have been on the rise for some years now, more and more women can be found on the oil rig. What if you have more in common than a purely collegial relationship? And above all: How do you get out of your way when the love of life has turned out to be a farce?

As in other areas of work that used to be dominated by men, such as. in the Bundeswehr, this is a situation that can certainly happen. According to a Statista survey from 2018, 26.3% of the Austrians surveyed think that you can get to know a potential partner at work, especially if you are already over 30 years old (source: https: //de.statista. com / statistics / data / study / 865719 / survey / survey-on-the-topic-love-at-work-place-in-oesterreich /).

But the reverse can also happen: Does love suffer from a long-distance relationship? According to a survey by the company Parship from 2014, the most important prerequisite for a long-term love relationship is that you can always talk to your partner (source: survey / survey-on-the-most-important-requirements-so-that-a-love-relationship-holds /). Thanks to modern communication technologies such as WhatsApp or Skype, it is possible to communicate with loved ones even in the most remote places. In second place follows: "That you allow yourself enough freedom". Miles away there should be enough space for self-development. So the oil rig does not become a relationship killer.

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