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Visit us on Facebook. Hear and understand Greek music! is a website all about Greek music. Here you can find out about the music history of Greece, the different Greek music styles and dances, Greek folk music, as well as current Greek CDs or charts.

Hear and understand Greek music: song texts from many musical genres, from modern to rembetika, are translated into German.


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Is the translation really free?

Answer: yes.

Quite real? Without tricks?

Answer: Yes, really.


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Greek music and musicians

Get to know many important and popular Greek performers, musicians or composers. Listen to the music of the performers and learn interesting facts about Greek musicians.

Greek dances, performers, composers and lyricists.

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How can one find one's way among the abundance of Greek performers and music?

Here you will find an archive with works, albums and singles by the most famous and hottest Greek musicians, sorted by year of publication.

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We always keep you up-to-date on Greek events, concerts or events, as well as the Greek charts.


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