Should men shave their ass hair

βœ‚ REMOVE ass hair

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Almost everyone has ass hair on their buttocks. It is part of the natural hair growth of the body and skin.

However, hair on the buttocks is more common in men than in women.

Most people have no problem with hair on their buttocks.

But if the hair on the bottom is too long, it not only looks uncomfortable, it also becomes a real problem.

A hairy ass can be a test of courage when showering in public.

Long hair on the bottom also restricts everyday life, such as when going to the toilet.

How can you remove ass hair?

Removing hair on your buttocks can be very exhausting. It is probably one of the most difficult forms of hair removal.

You don't always have to go to a waxing studio and spend huge sums of money.

There are now some methods for at home too.

But you have to find out for yourself which way of removing hair on your ass is best for you.

2 zones of hair on the bottom

The topic of removing ass hair can be divided into two points:

  • Buttocks that grow from the top of the ass to the tailbone
  • Buttock fold that is a little harder to reach

Both types of hair on the ass are not easy to remove and require individual techniques.

Removing ass hair: ways

There are many ways to remove hair from your buttocks.

Some bring more, others less good results.

Some of them are listed below.

1. Remove hair on the ass: hand and scissors

Single or multiple ass hairs are gripped by hand.

With the help of a mirror for sufficient visibility, the ass hair is removed.

2. Shave ass hair

Better results are obtained by shaving your ass hair.

There are two ways to shave:

  1. Shave with an electric razor
  2. Shave with a wet razor

Electric razor

The electric razor is one of the best ways to remove hair on your ass.

Long ass hair can be roughly shortened with the accompanying trimmer.

Then you briefly run the razor down your bottom and you're done.

When using it, the following advantages arise:

  • very quick hair removal
  • long-term cheap purchase
  • precise hair removal
  • Skin-friendly

Those were just the most important points.

You can find the full report elsewhere.

Hand razor

As an alternative, you can use a hand razor.

Ladies razors are particularly suitable for ass hair.

They are smaller and the blade guard has narrower blades:

  • Easier handling of the razor between the bottom
  • Are specially developed for finer and shorter hairs

However, caution should also be exercised:

  • increased risk of injury in a hard-to-see area
  • costly blade wear

3. Remove hair on the ass: epilator

Epilators tear out the hair on your ass.

That probably sounds worse now than it really is. πŸ˜‰

Unlike when cutting, the hair root is also removed.

This will reduce the number of ass hairs and at the same time create smooth skin for several weeks.

The full report can also be found here in a separate article.

4. Remove ass hair: IPL device for permanent hair removal on the ass

Another very good option is to use an IPL device.

The devices are especially known for women for the legs and face.

But they also work just as well for the intimate zone of both sexes.

IPL devices are shaped like a hair dryer and work with light pulses.

These fight the hair on the ass right at the hair root and stop it from growing.

To the full report!

5. Remove ass hair: wax

Waxing is arguably one of the most famous removal options.

A distinction is made between:

'Brazilian waxing' is particularly well known for the ass.

Without help, however, the method can only be used very poorly.

You need both hands to stick on and tear off the wax strips.

Inexperienced people in this field should rather go to a local waxing studio.

However, this can be quite costly in the long run.

6. Remove ass hair: depilatory cream

Depilatory cream to remove ass hair can also be effective.

The gel is applied to the problem areas at regular intervals.

However, I advise against it.

The skin can react quickly and unpleasantly to chemical exposure.

Remove ass hair: depilate buttock folds

Hair removal in the buttock crease is the hardest part of hair removal.

Hair on the buttock is not easy to treat. But it is feasible and you will certainly succeed too. πŸ˜‰

To remove the hair on the anus, I recommend a similar approach as on the buttocks.

This works best with a razor or trimmer.

Removing Ass Hair: Approach

The approach can be easily divided into two steps.

At the beginning, you should start by removing the rough ass hair.

Coarse hair removal:

Wet razor:

  • To start with, use a men's razor for coarse and long hair on the anus

Electric razor:

  • Use the trimmer on the electric razor to remove roughly most of the ass hair

Fine hair removal

Wet razor:

  • Then use the women's razor for stubble and fine hair in the buttock fold.

Electric razor:

  • Now use the electric razor for the fine areas and stubble.

Try to work carefully from place to place (avoid criss-crossing!)

Removing Ass Hair: Movement Style

You can achieve the most effective removal possible by shaving in the opposite direction to the direction of growth.

You can shave with and against the direction of your ass hair.

As a result, almost all of the ass hair is caught in the buttock fold.

But that only applies to this area of ​​the ass.

After the coarsest thing around the buttock crease has been shaved, you can move to the edge of the butt hole.

Remove ass hair: be careful around the butt hole edge

Here you have to be particularly careful and Not drive too close to the edge of the butt hole.

Otherwise, your razor could cut your skin.

Removing ass hair: negative side

A lot of sweat gets to this part of the body without you even realizing it.

This is due to the hair, which beads of sweat normally catch.

Because of this, it could be quite uncomfortable if sweat is given free rein in the future.

Removing ass hair: what to do against a flood of sweat?

The only thing that will catch the sweat without your ass hair is your underwear.

To get used to shorter ass hair in the future, I recommend investing in cotton shorts.

They replace the function of your ex-hair on your ass.

But there are also other underpants that are moisture-transporting.

You avoid the uncomfortable feeling of wetness and protect yourself from acne on your buttocks or other infections.

Removing ass hair: extra razors for the genital area?

This question is easy to answer with common sense.

The answer is very simple: YES!

Hand razor vs electric razor

Removing your ass hair with a hand razor can cause enormous wear and tear on the razor blades.

Not only does hair grow back quickly on the ass, it also becomes a bit more robust.

So razor blades have to be sharp so that:

  • there is no pain with a blunt blade
  • Ass hair is removed effectively and does not have to be shaved several times

For this reason, I definitely recommend an electric razor:

  • long-term one-time purchase
  • shave faster
  • more comfort without a wet shave
  • no risk of injury

A suitable model would be this Phillips electric razor.

Removing ass hair: visibility problems on the buttocks

Since you only have a very limited view of your bottom yourself, aids must be used.

There are two ways to do this:

  • hardened partner who does that for you
  • Mirrors for a better view

Remove ass hair: cabinet or wall mirror

If the partner's conviction doesn't work out, you have to lend a hand yourself.

Wall mirrors or closet mirrors are ideal for this because they are placed at the level of the buttocks.

To do this, stand with your buttocks towards the mirror.

Now you bend forward with your upper body and look through your legs at the mirror.

Then you can start the treatment.

Remove ass hair: hand mirror to enlarge your view

If you don't have a matching wall mirror, you can use a hand mirror.

You can align this at the right angle to the buttock fold.

You hold the razor in the other hand.

Alternatively, you can place the hand mirror on the floor or a chair.

This means that you have both hands free to be able to optimally shave your buttocks hair.

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Good luck with the first treatments!