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On the other hand is it better sometimes To withdraw from a tiring situation and seek opportunities for service elsewhere.
On the other hand, it is sometimes better to withdraw from a trying situation and seek opportunities of service elsewhere, or along other lines.
And anyway is it better sometimesto record something than to say.
In this context is it better sometimesto say less.
Even if the internet connects everyone with everyone somewhere on this planet is it better sometimes to be closer to your consumers.
Although the Internet connects anyone to anyone elsewhere on the planet sometimes it is better to be closer to your web content consumers.
Because in order to be successful is it better sometimesto start with some kind of voluntary goal.
However, I am allowed to visit the regional court in Essen tomorrow, and I was summoned personally and there is it better sometimes, one also appears.
However, I can tomorrow, Essen District Court pay a visit. I was summoned in person and it is sometimes better, it also appears.
Another question is how the Agency is supposed to collect the different data from the different Member States and whether that will be useful, because in the fight against terrorism is it better sometimesto have information in an uncollected form.
Another question is how the Agency will aggregate the disparate data from the various Member States and whether this will be a useful operation, given that to counter terrorism it is sometimes better to have information in a disaggregated form.
When it comes to fighting spam, is it better sometimesto be alone and safe than to go with free and experienced and awful lot of uncertainty.
When it comes to battling spam, it is sometimes better to be alone and sure, than to go with the free and experience and awful lot of uncertainty.
Maybe is it better sometimesjust to get what you need.
Although, for parents is it better sometimeswhen I'm served as a surprise.
In this job is it better sometimesto feel nothing.
In cases like yours is it better sometimesnot to concentrate on the problem instead of chewing it through over and over again through therapy and being more mentally busy than physically.
In cases like yours, sometimes not dwelling on the problem is more productive than examining it through the minutia of therapy, staying mentally busy instead of physically.
Since the effect of "Optimize" depends on the angles between the surfaces, is it better sometimesto apply it to selected area sub-objects rather than the entire object.
Because Optimize makes decisions based on angles between faces, it's sometimes best to apply it to selected face sub-objects rather than to an entire object.
If rain or ground fog is to be expected, is it better sometimesjust leave the camera at home and enjoy the light show without taking pictures.
If it's going to tip it down with rain or there's going to be low lying fog, sometimes it's a lot better to just leave the camera at home and enjoy the display without taking photos.
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