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Re: one big or many small factories?

Postby Jerry85 ┬╗Fri, Jan 17 20, 3:55 pm

After trying many things back and forth, I solved the whole thing as follows, and it works.

I took Ketzer's downfall and built several factories in this sector that together produce everything my local shipyard needs. This includes a separate solar power plant, a complex for refined goods, food, high-tech, etc.
@Bastelfred, either I don't understand your statement or I don't know either, you can very well prevent the peoples from trading with their own stations, even for each product / resource separately. I did that too, the peoples are welcome to buy excess production from me.
The core of it all is that I use free traders in this sector, except for mining ships, so the stations don't have their own ships. They have to be 3 star pilots, then you can send them to the automatic trade and set the shopping / sales range to 0, with which they only trade in this sector, although I believe that you could solve this with a blacklist that the ships are forbidden with Stations to trade other peoples (if you raise the whole over more than one sector).
When a station is ready, you have to make a few settings in the logical overview. The purchase price for each resource is set manually to the maximum, the sales price of the products is set to the minimum, here you can also exclude the other fractions from trading, you can even determine whether the factory can actually produce intermediate products itself (if the corresponding resources are not available) should buy / sell and up to which freight level in the warehouse. As a freighter I mainly use M-class freighters, for example I have 5 freighters that only transport energy cells, 2 freighters transport food and medicine. No more than 5 different goods are assigned to any freighter. And what can I say that everything is running, the stations always get their resources and apparently no money is debited from the station managers when your own freighters shop there.

Unfortunately, the whole thing just jams the list of possessions full, what I would like is to be able to assign the freighters to a factory and then never have the opportunity to give them range restrictions or to say whether they should just buy or sell and for which goods they should are responsible or even better that they should only buy from the faction's own station. I also built the same cycle over 2 sectors. I would like to try soon to solve the whole thing via the blacklists if the freighters are assigned to a factory.

Greetings Jerry