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Our new McDonald's restaurant in Haren

"The only way to know how strong you are, is to keep testing your limits!" (Superman: Man of Steel, 2013)

Today we finally opened our restaurant in Haren and thereby tested our limits of the Eckstein Family. The result: We have a super great team, which works flawlessly even when thrown together. ♥ ️

Today not only the new employees from Haren were present in the restaurant, but there was also active support from various restaurants. On the photo you can see our restaurant manager from Wilhelmshaven, Markus Möller. Markus has supported the restaurant in Haren today with 3 employees from his restaurant. In addition, employees from the restaurants Lingen, Jever, Nordhorn and Ibbenbüren were on site and you could also discover many familiar faces. We thank the supporting employees from the bottom of our hearts! Such a great team cannot be taken for granted and we appreciate that very much about our Eckstein Family! Many thanks to our great team, without you the new opening would not have been so easy and without major problems! We were happy about every visit today and look forward to every coming visit from you! Did you attend the opening today? If so, please give us feedback on our restaurant and the stay as a whole. If you haven't been there yet, we would be very happy to see you! So come and see us and convince you of our beautiful, new restaurant!