Why are Bengali girls so cute?

Super cute well socialized Bengal

Super sweet well socialized Bengal girl So sometimes a breeder has to take a difficult decision! We have decided to stop breeding our short-haired Bengals so that we can smell more of the long-haired Bengal! Our little self-bred Juffie is unfortunately short-haired and although She has a great character, loves to lie on her lap, is great affectionate and likes to be with dog and cat, we had to decide to find a nice cozy and permanent home for her! With the father Bengalivo Another Level (silver rosetted) and a mother from glitter glam lines, the little one can count on super parents. All our cats are brought into the new home, we would like to see how and where our 'children' get along. Our cats have already moved to many countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, England, Germany, Malaysia and soon also to America. We wish for our Mau s a home where there might already be one or two cats, another hand would be really great! Would you like to know more about us, our breed or our little mouse ..... email me your questions! We live also in Hungary, but are often in our house in Germany!

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