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Vegeta is a Saiyan like Son Goku. As the son of King Vegeta, he is her prince. Since Freezer destroyed the planet Vegeta and its inhabitants, he has served Freezer. Raditz and Nappa are his followers. They raid planets (in Freezer's name), wipe out the population and auction it off to the highest bidder. He does this because he knows that he is still too weak to defeat Freezer. So he is waiting to punish him one day for making the "prince of the Saiyajins" (as he often points out) a slave.

Vegeta's story

Saiyan saga

At the beginning of DBZ, he and Nappa are on a distant planet because they want to conquer it in order to sell it. That is the work of the Saiyans. Raditz had already made his way to earth a year before DBZ to get his brother Kakarott, as they apparently need help to conquer this planet. After Raditz was killed by Piccolo, he also traveled to earth with his friend Nappa to punish the traitor Kakarott, to conquer the earth and also to collect the Dragon Balls, which they learned about from Piccolo's conversation with Raditz. He would like to wish for eternal life with them.

Then there was a fight on earth. Vegeta and Nappa faced Piccolo, Son Gohan, Tenshinhan, Chaozu, Kuririn and Yamcha. First of all, Nappa fights against opponents who are not to be taken seriously. When he lost to Son Goku, it is time for Vegeta to join the fight.

Fight against Son Goku

At the beginning of this fight there is an exchange of blows, which at first gives the impression that the two are equally strong, but Son Goku seems to notice that Vegeta is not yet serious. When he uses his Kaioken he is superior to him, but quickly notices that the power of the Kaioken tears him apart. Vegeta is sure of victory and wants to take all hope from Son Goku, who despite his obvious inferiority is not yet desperate enough, by attacking with full force. Son Goku has nothing to counter this wave of attacks. Finally, Vegeta uses flashes of energy that Son Goku can only just dodge thanks to a double Kaioken.

The triple Kaioken

Son Goku cannot stand if he continues to fight like this, so he decides to use the triple kaioken even if it should destroy his body. Bulma, who had taken Raditz's scouter and repaired him, located at this moment the tremendous fighting power that Son Goku exudes. At 21,000 the scouter burned out. The subsequent attack by Son Goku is of a very different caliber than anything before. After a series of painful attacks, Vegeta realizes that Son Goku's fighting strength has exceeded his. Filled with anger that he should be a Sayajin elite fighter inferior to a subclass Ayajin, he decides to fire a Gallik beam at earth with all his might, regardless of the planet. Son Goku has to repel this attack with a Kamehame Ha, otherwise the earth would be doomed. Vegeta is horrified to find that both attacks are equally strong, but Son Goku cannot be satisfied with a draw because he cannot endure this state for very long. He therefore increases the Kaioken four times to win the ray duel. Vegeta is shot in the sky and is seething with rage. He wants to transform himself but realizes that the moon has not risen. He assumes that someone has destroyed him and returns to the ground to give Son Goku the sad news that this was useless, as he, like some other elite yajins, can create energy balls with great loss of energy, which offer the same conditions as a full moon . No sooner said than done and suddenly Son Goku is faced with an oozaru.

Son Goku loses

Son Goku knows that he only has one chance to defeat this monster monkey, he has to use the Genkidama. However, it needs a certain time to collect the energy. Therefore, he blinds Vegeta with the sun attack and moves into a distant position in order to have enough time to concentrate. Just as the Genkidama is ready for action, he is discovered and immediately attacked with an energy beam. The plan has failed and Son Goku has no strength left to avoid further attacks. Vegeta breaks his legs and tries to pierce him with his finger. A beam of energy from Son Goku that injures Vegeta's eye makes him pause. Instead he wants to let him perish in agony by breaking all his bones. Now Kuririn and Son Gohan arrive, who felt the enormous increase in energy during Vegeta's transformation and flew back. Son Gohan is supposed to distract him and Kuririn tries to cut his tail with his energy discus, but the graceful giant can evade. Just when everything seems lost and he wants to finally crush Son Goku, Yajirobi, who has been watching the fight for a long time, cuts off his tail.

With united forces

Stripped of his tail, Vegeta attacks again. His first target is Gohan, whom he knocks down with one blow. Kuririn wants to intervene but will be dealt with just as quickly. Vegeta throws the little one next to his father and wants to kill him in front of the helpless eyes of the child. Son Goku, who is conscious again, encourages his son to take on Vegeta, since he has much more strength to dodge the bullet. However, since Gohan is an ally of the Genkidama, he can ricochet them so that Vegeta can get them off. He tries to destroy the environment with a wave of energy, but it has little effect. Humiliated, he now wants to put an end to it. Yajirobi steps in just when he realizes that Son Gohan's tail has grown back and therefore has to take it out. He distracts him so that Gohan can look to the sky at his father's request and transform himself. Thanks to his human half, his friends can influence him so that he attacks the opponent in a targeted manner. He is forced to use the energy discus to cut the tail. However, this technology robs him of his last energy reserves and he can no longer avoid the falling giant monkey. Flattened, he lies on the floor and can just pull a remote control out of his suit with which he calls his space capsule. Kuririn, want to stop him. He takes Yajirobi's sword and wants to stab him, but Son Goku asks him not to do it, as the sayajin warrior pride in him arouses the desire to defeat him one day if he should attempt another raid on earth. Kuririn allows Son Goku to request this and the Sayajin can flee. Shortly afterwards, Chichi, the beef devil, Bulma, Muten Roshi and Karin appear and fly the battered heroes to the hospital.

Freezer saga

His pride and Saiyan honor were broken that day. He and Son Goku were initially enemies, then rivals, and finally rivals. When he found out that there are also Dragon Balls on the planet Namek, he went there to fulfill his wish of "eternal life". Vegeta first had to face his two subjects Dodoria and Zarbon. He was able to defeat Dodoria with ease, but Zarbon was able to beat him with an unexpected transformation. After this fight, Zarbon brought Vegeta to Freezer's spaceship to heal him again at Freezer's request. After Vegeta was healed, he fled to face Zarbon again. Zarbon thought he would win the fight again, but Vegeta had become so strong that Zarbon had no chance and was therefore killed by Vegeta.

Then he meets Kuririn, Son Gohan and Bulma. Kuririn, Son Gohan and Vegeta set off together to find the Dragon Balls, as they have heard that the Dragon Balls fulfill three wishes on Namek. But someone else is after the Dragon Balls. His name is Freezer.

And as expected, the three of them meet Freezer, a heated battle ensues. However, the three do not look good in the fight against Freezer, although Piccolo, who was resurrected from the Dragon Balls and merged with Nehl, also fought against Freezer. Still, none of them had a chance. Freezer had already defeated them all. Freezer tormented Vegeta for a long time, until suddenly Son Goku came. Freezer dealt the fatal blow to the defeated Vegeta. Lying lying down, Vegeta burst into tears and told Son Goku that he should avenge the Saiyajins because he was probably the only one who would make it. Vegeta told Son Goku that Freezer had wiped out the entire planet and that he was responsible for the many dead Saiyans. After Vegeta mocked Freezer and told him that he could not defeat Son Goku, Freezer kills Vegeta, who was lying on top. However, he is resuscitated by the Dragon Balls and teleported to Earth. Here he wants to wait for Son Goku to be resurrected as well. From Polunga, however, everyone present, including Vegeta, learns that Son Goku is still alive and has decided to return to earth himself. Then Vegeta takes a spaceship built by Bulma's father and flies off to look for him.

Trunks saga

Hoping Son Goku would be back, he flies back to earth at some point and decides to wait for him at Bulma's, as this is the best place for it. Later, like everyone else, he feels that Freezer is coming to earth and meets with Group Z to fight him, who is defeated by Trunks, who also tells them that Son Goku will arrive soon. Together with Trunks, everyone is now waiting for Son Goku. After a conversation between Son Goku and Trunks, they then learn that cyborgs will appear in three years' time, and they are said to be invincible. Then Vegeta decides to train hard to be able to survive against them. During this time he and Bulma had a son. He trains hard to match Son Goku's strength and become a Super Saiyan. When it doesn't work, Vegeta gets so angry that he transforms into a Super Saiyan for the first time.

Cyborg saga

However, Vegeta does not come to the agreed meeting point, but only intervenes when C19 absorbs Son Goku's energy. He then takes up the fight against the cyborg and, to everyone's amazement, turns into a Super Saiyan. With this new strength he manages to defeat C19 with ease. C20 then runs away and after Vegeta has thrown himself a magic bean, he takes up the chase. However, he manages to escape after another fight and activates Cyborgs C17 and C18. After they activated the Cyborg C16, they make their way to Son Goku. Vegeta flies behind and faces them, whereupon a fight breaks out between him and C18. However, Vegeta has no chance against them.

Cell saga

In the Cell Saga he trained with his son Trunks, who came from the future, in the space of spirit and time. Through the hard training, Vegeta achieved the Dai-Ni-Dankai, also "advanced SSJ" and the Dai-San-Dankai, also "Ultra-SSJ" (SSJ stands for S.super-S.aiyaJin. After this training he fought against Cell, was even stronger than him, until he absorbed 18C. He used his newly developed Technick Final Flash against Cell for the first time. Vegeta was no longer up to him after the absorption. Cell knocked him down a few times and Vegeta turned back into a normal Saiyan. A few days later, all the members of the Z group met at the Cell Games. Since Son Goku first steps in and then sends Son Gohan forward, Vegeta does not get a move. however, the rules of the martial arts tournament will soon be thrown overboard. When Cell then kills Trunks in front of Vegeta's eyes, he freaks out and pounces on Cell. However, he has no chance and is beaten unable to fight by Cell. When Cell tries to give him the coup de grace, Gohan rushes protectively in front of him (injuring his arm). Vegeta realizes that he screwed up and apologizes (for the first time !!!) to Son Gohan. At the crucial moment he helped Son Gohan to victory by distracting Cell with an attack.

Great Saiyaman saga

After Cell's death, Vegeta devoted himself to his training even more intensively than normal. He trained every day and achieved full power Saiyan mode for the first time. His son Trunks also suffered from this training because Vegeta wanted Trunks to be stronger than Son Goku's son Son Goten.

Boo saga

But in the Boo Saga, the powerful magician Babidi set Vegeta's hatred towards Son Goku again. When he fought against Pui-Pui and was able to defeat it with ease, Babidi Vegeta's bad heart felt. He brainwashed Vegeta and released his hatred inside him. He just wanted to fight Son Goku to finally destroy him. At Tenkaichi Budokai he killed many people to make Son Goku angry so that he could fight him. Son Goku didn't want to fight in this place, so the two postponed the fight to the mountains.

There a great fight broke out between the two. Neither of the two Saiyajins wanted to give up. Vegeta showed Son Goku that he can now also use the Super Saiyan 2. Since neither of the two wanted to give up, so much energy was released that the demon Boo now hatched from his egg again. But Goku was defeated by Vegeta after all, as Vegeta said that he no longer wanted to fight because he and Son Goku were equally strong. Son Goku turned to get a senzu from his pouch. At that moment Vegeta Son Goku broke the neck.

Immediately afterwards Vegeta fought against the awakened demon Boo. Vegeta was much faster than Boo, but Boo was able to regenerate again and again and therefore did not suffer any damage. Since Vegeta was already very weak from the fight against Son Goku, Boo was able to gain the upper hand in the fight and put Vegeta very hard. When Vegeta was freed from Boo's fat technique by his son Trunks, he decided to explode. He collected all of the energy that was in the body for a long time and then released it to the outside through the final explosion.

But later when Vegeta came back to earth from hell, he reunited with his rival Son Goku and thus became the strongest fusion warrior in Dragon Ball Z, namely Vegetto. Vegetto was much stronger than Super Boo and took the upper hand in that fight. Since Boo was able to regenerate again and again, the fight lasted longer. In order to get into Boo's inner life, Vegetto had to let himself be absorbed by him. Boo did that too and sucked him off. The fusion dissolved again in Boo's body. Son Goku and Vegeta went in search of their absorbed friends. When they released them, they also released the good Boo. But they didn't bring it outside. Now they fled with their unconscious friends Son Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks and Son Goten through a hole in Boo's head. But getting rid of the good Boo was a mistake, and Super Boo turned into the mighty Kid Boo. Kid Boo destroyed the whole earth. Gohan, Piccolo, Goten and Trunks were torn to their deaths in the explosion. Vegeta, Son Goku, Dende and Mister Satan were teleported to the Kaioshins planet by Kibitoshin at the last second. There Vegeta got angry and yelled at Son Goku why he had taken this Mister Satan and Dende with him, he could also have captured Trunks and Son Gohan. Son Goku said this was a reflex. At that moment, Kid Boo appeared.

Vegeta and Son Goku figured out who could fight the demon first. But Son Goku won and fought Boo for the first time. But after a while Vegeta admits for the first time that Son Goku is the number 1 Saiyajin. But Son Goku lost too much energy through the long fight. Now Vegeta enters the battlefield and fights from now on against Boo. During this time, Son Goku gathers energy to defeat Boo with the combined strength of a Super Saiyan 3. But Vegeta has no chance against Kid Boo, he is constantly knocked to the ground. But Vegeta keeps getting up and facing Boo. Suddenly Boo started to strangle Vegeta with his snake arm technique. After a long time, Vegeta transformed from a Super Saiyan 2 back to a normal Saiyajin. But when Boo wanted to give Vegeta the coup de grace, Mister Satan entered the field and was able to draw Boo's attention to himself, meanwhile Vegeta was able to recover a bit. Immediately Boo stormed towards Mister Satan, but he could not hurt him. The good half in Boo seem to hold this back. But suddenly Boo spits out the good Boo. Now Mister Satan was easy prey for Boo. But when Kid Boo tried to kill Mister Satan, The Good Boo intervened. A fight ensued between the two. Meanwhile Vegeta forged a plan that he immediately put into action. The earth was restored by the Namekian Dragon Balls. The second wish was to bring the people back to life on earth so that they can transmit their energy for the Genkidama to Son Goku. They only succeeded in doing this with the help of Mister Satan, as all the people on earth believed him to be the strongest and he was known as a hero. Immediately all the human energy was transferred to Son Goku and a huge Genkidama was created.But Kid Boo captured Vegeta and Son Goku could not use the Genkidama. But suddenly the previously incapacitated Good Boo appears and rammed Kid Boo. Immediately Mister Satan pulls Vegeta off the floor, exactly at this second Son Goku uses the Genkidama. But Boo resisted and hurled her back at Son Goku. At the last second, Dende speaks to Son Goku that he has all his energy back. Son Goku noticed this and turned into a super Saiyajin and throws the Genkidama back with full force on Boo, who could no longer withstand this powerful attack and was crushed by Goku.


  • In Cross Epoch, Vegeta is part of a flying pirate gang along with Trunks, Usopp and Nico Robin. He and his three comrades-in-arms have horns on their heads.

Super Dragon Ball saga

Vegeta only appears sporadically in this saga. He is mostly only seen with his family. He is also seen with a beard for the first time in this saga, but he shaved it off again because his daughter Bra said the beard was out of fashion and would make him old.

Baby saga

After Baby clawed the bodies of Son Gohan and Son Goten, Vegeta went on a shopping spree with Bra. Then the two meet the possessed sons of Son Goku. He sends his daughter home and faces the fight. But he is inferior to the two and Baby also takes over his body. With Vegeta's body, he could defeat all of the remaining Saiyajins with ease. Baby just couldn't hold a candle to Son Goku as he turned into a Super Saiyan 4 in the fight against him. When Vegeta had his own body back, he trained like an obsessive man to be able to reach Super Saiyan 4 as well. He also had the plan to teleport all Earthlings to Tsufuru to save them from the impending earth explosion.

Super 17 saga

Vegeta met his old colleague Nappa here again, as he was also involved in the invasion from hell and killed him. Then he meets Hellfighter 17. After the original C17 appeared, the two C17's merged to Super 17. When he fought against Super 17 in Super Saiyan mode, he demonstrated the final brilliant attack against the cyborg for the first time, despite this technique he could not defeat him. Son Goku, however, managed to destroy the cyborg.

Devil Dragon Saga

A saga later he fought with Son Goku against the devil dragons and was able to transform himself into a Super Saiyan 4 for the first time with the help of Bulma through the Super Burutsu wave detector. Together they merged to form Gogeta and were able to demonstrate their strength to Yi Xing Long, but after 10 minutes the merger broke up again. Then first Son Goku and then Vegeta transformed back into their basic forms. Son Goku was hit by a negative energy bullet and thought to be dead. Vegeta goes into a final battle together with Trunks, Son-Goten and Son Gohan, in which Vegeta's shoulder was pierced by Yi Xing Long's spikes. Then Son Goku appeared with a Genkidama, which drew its energy from the entire universe and destroyed the last devil dragon.

His skills and powers

Fighting techniques

Vegeta's attacks mainly consist of energy techniques. His most powerful attacks include: The Galik Beam (also known as the Galik Gun), the Final Flash, the Big Bang Attack, and the Final Bright Attack. But the Renzoku Energie Dan is one of his core techniques, as he used this technique in almost every fight. His attacks are also very powerful and require a lot of energy. He has a lot of different attacks that change over and over again over the course of the series.

Vegeta's Super Saiyan Shapes

While on Planet Namek, he failed to attain the Super Saiyan. In his 3-year training before the cyborgs arrived, he finally succeeded in releasing this form when he reached his limits through his anger and anger. After his defeat against C18 and C17 he had to admit angrily that his current Super Saiyan form was not enough to defeat his opponents and he decided to go beyond this level. Which he finally succeeded in his training with Future Trunks in the space of spirit and time and he achieved the Super Saiyan second degree form and the Ultra Saiyan. He only used the former in his fight against Cell because he knew that the Ultra Saiyajin was strong but unsuitable for a fight because you were way too slow and used too much energy.

Thanks to his intensive training, he finally succeeds in the seven years after the Cell Games to achieve the two-time Super Saiyan, which he uses in his fight against the demon Boo. But in order to finally be able to catch up with his rival Son-Goku, he lets himself be brought under Babidi's spell in order to be able to release the hidden powers in himself with the help of the associated majin form.

Although he could not reach this level on his own, Vegeta managed to reach the quadruple Super Saiyan in Dragonball GT with the help of his wife Bulma and her Super Burutsu wave emitter and to Goku in his fight against Yixinglong support.

His skills and powers

Fighting techniques

Vegeta's attacks mainly consist of energy techniques. His most powerful attacks include: The Galik Beam (also known as the Galik Gun), the Final Flash, the Big Bang Attack, and the Final Bright Attack. But the Renzoku Energie Dan is one of his core techniques, as he used this technique in almost every fight. His attacks are also very powerful and require a lot of energy. He has a lot of different attacks that change over and over again over the course of the series.

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