How did Donald Trump get orange hair

Donald Trump's hair Gray instead of orange - does it no longer color?

What happened to Donald Trump's hair? Suddenly they no longer glow characteristic orange. Has the US President stopped helping out artificially?

Washington - Donald Trump's hair is a mystery - one of many of his presidency. Are they actually very long, artfully placed around the head and fixed with a lot of hairspray to hide a baldness? And how do you get your orange-yellow tone? Will the US President help with dye? However, Donald Trump no longer shows completely new pictures with his hair color, which is as characteristic as it is unnatural: The 74-year-old suddenly wears gray rather than orange.

Many users on Twitter promptly ask themselves: What happened to Donald Trump's hair? “Is my TV broken, or has 45 finally stopped dyeing his hair that horrible orange?” Asks one user. The number 45 refers to Trump being the 45th President in United States history.

Another user describes the new look as "the best decision in three and a half years". Others believe that Trump is copying the style of his US Democratic challenger Joe Biden with the new look in order to convey “more credibility”. Even the fashion magazine "Vogue" speculates about what the "silvery tone" might mean. Isn't it any different for the President in times of Corona than for the normal US citizen and he has no way of going to the hairdresser? Historian Alexis Coe replied to the magazine: “I think he wants to get the message across to American citizens that he is suffering too. It's about appearances - Trump is trying to distract from his dangerous and sometimes deadly communication about the coronavirus. "

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In doing so, Donald Trump would take an example from his probably most famous predecessor: When George Washington was in the middle of the Revolutionary War in 1783, he gave a speech to his troops - he had to use glasses to help decipher the lines. “Gentlemen,” he said, “you have to excuse me, not only did I go gray but also went blind while I was serving my country.” However, it is doubtful that the 45th President knows about this historic incident: Donald Trump is not known to be very interested in world history.