What can experienced programmers learn from beginners

Learn to code for beginners

This article is intended as a guide for anyone wanting to start learning to code. You do not need any programming knowledge to read this article!

Why is programming so important and so fashionable these days?

Well, it's very simple, we are using more and more intelligent devices in our everyday lives. Our smartphone is right at the top of the ranking. Our ever-popular cell phone is more than just a phone. It is a computer that accompanies us every step of the way and that is equipped with software en masse. The biggest program on a smartphone is probably the operating system that runs on it. But even the many apps installed on it can in individual cases consist of several million lines of code.

But wait, one at a time.

Software, programs, operating system, code ...

Well, these are terms with which you as a programmer will sooner or later be confronted.

Even if you do not know these terms yet, you may have already considered the desire to program, otherwise you would not read this article. And if you do not have the desire to program yet, what is not can still be ;-)

Learning to program is a very exciting task, and programming will always have an important place in our modern world.

This website is here to make it as easy as possible for you to get started with programming.

On the one hand, it should take away the fear you may still have of programming, and on the other hand show how great it is when you write your first own programs.

How do you start learning to program as a beginner?

First things first, you have to be passionate about learning to code.

Programming is great fun, but especially at the beginning the programming path is rather rocky and peppered with a few obstacles. But don't worry, that shouldn't put you off. The more experience you have subsequently, the easier it is to write code and the more fun you have with it.

Any experienced programmer will tell you that programming helps you switch off a little from everyday life. Once you are in a programming flow, it can easily happen that you forget space and time.

As is so often the case in life, you start with small things and over time you can dare to do the big things in life.

This is also the case with programming. You start with small programs and then develop larger programs later.

Think back to your school days. In mathematics you learn numbers first, then adding, subtracting, etc. Fractional calculations, differentiating and solving integrals only come much later, when you can already deal with numbers.

Nobody, except particularly gifted children, can write essays or even captivating novels straight away in elementary school.

Here, too, you have to learn letter by letter first in order to then form words or, later, entire sentences.

This learning process takes time.

It is the same with programming. First of all, you learn a programming language from the beginning. What are variables, what is a function, etc.

With this basic knowledge you can now start writing mini-programs, e.g. a program that counts the number of letters in a sentence. Experienced beginners can then already count the words.

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