What happens after the suicide

The first days after the suicide

Undertakings provide comprehensive advice on farewell and laying out / burial. After the corpse has been released, the necessary measures must be taken within a certain period of time and in a specified sequence. Trained undertakers take the time to give advice and enable a trusting atmosphere for discussion. Among other things, it is important to clarify whether and how the bereaved would like to see the deceased again. Let the funeral advise you in this regard as well. Saying goodbye to the near deceased is an important part of the grief and parting for many relatives. However, it is understandable if the open laying out is dispensed with. There is also the option of having photos taken of the corpse and viewing them at a later time in order to say goodbye inwardly.

The funeral service can be designed individually. Whether relatives want to address the type of death is up to them. Nowadays, clergymen of all denominations as well as freelance speakers naturally accompany mourning ceremonies regardless of the cause of death. It is usually difficult to stay active in everyday life despite the difficult time and to have contact with other people and to complete tasks. But it can also have a stabilizing effect. Just don't expect too much. It is important that the bereaved can count on support from family or friends, for example. If there is no contact person or if the affected person is doing very badly, professional help is necessary.

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