How do I sleep 12 hours

More than ten hours: bad news for late risers

Those who have to get up early on weekdays and suffer from a sleep deficit are often already looking forward to the weekend or upcoming holidays. Because then there is the opportunity to go to bed without setting the alarm clock or to doze off on the sofa for an hour after lunch. The good news: You can't sleep too much. But if you regularly slumber twelve hours at a time, you are not necessarily healthy.

Sleep afterwards

Anyone who has not gotten enough sleep due to work and private commitments would like to make up for the deficit on their days off. It actually works.

"It is possible to catch up with sleep," explains Peter Young, Director of the Münster University Clinic for Sleep Medicine and Neuromuscular Diseases. But that is only possible to a certain extent. "You can't say: I don't sleep all week, but for two days on the weekend."


In the new year it will be stressful again, so just stay longer in the feathers over the holidays? If you slept well in advance, you can get by with less sleep the next day or the day after that, says Alfred Wiater, chairman of the German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine (DGSM). “However, we cannot sleep late over a longer period of time. That prevents our internal clock. "

Sleep too long

"You can't sleep too much, you can only stay in bed too long," explains Ingo Fietze from the Sleep Medicine Center at the Berlin Charité. "The body only gets as much sleep as it needs."

Sleep doctor Young also emphasizes: “Sleeping a lot doesn't make you sick. But it can be a sign of another illness. ”Those who neither have a disturbed night's sleep nor have another illness wake up automatically when it is enough.

According to the DGSM, around two percent of men and 1.5 percent of women regularly need ten hours of sleep in order to be fit during the day. For them Wiater has bad news: "These constitutionally predisposed late risers have an increased mortality rate of up to 24 percent."

Sleep normally