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Rasputin Vodka 1,0l 70%

Item number: 3472
different manufacturersPure VodkaInformation on the food regulation:
Items: Vodka
Net filling quantity: 1l
Alcohol content: 70,00%
Food manufacturer / importer: BERENTZEN-Gruppe Aktiengesellschaft, Ritterstrasse 7, 49740, Haselünne, Germany
Country of origin: Germany

Rasputin Vodka with 1.0 liter and 70% vol.

Do spirits with a high alcohol content inevitably have to show their (too) strong side and sometimes have an unpleasant bite? No, because there is a welcome exception here and there. Just take Rasputin Red Vodka once, which is still an insider tip in this country and yet has a lot to offer. It is available with a really high drinking strength of 70% and should be treated with respect. In fact, the drinking experience is powerful and it is advisable to only use the spirit in small quantities in cocktails and long drinks. Apart from that, the Rasputin Vodka offers a surprisingly mild pleasure and of course relies on purity and softness. That reduces its rough edges a little. The Rasputin Blue Vodka is the gentler relative of the flagship with only 40% alcoholic drinking strength. It is also traditional and easily mixable and is less high-proof. Alternatively, it can be found under the product name Vodka Rasputin Cristal.

With this strength one should no longer drink this Rasputin Vodka pure, just mix it carefully. The Rasputin Vodka is rather soft and mild despite its percentage. The power of 70% volume should never be underestimated with Rasputin Vodka.

Customer ratings (2)

Rasputin Vodka 1 liter 70% volume on 05/13/2015 5.00

Product quality: 5, service: 5

Rasputin Vodka 1,0l 70% 05.04.2018 5.00

Very fast delivery, safe packaging, easy to drink despite 70% percent, gladly again.
Product quality: 5, service: 5

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