Can Iran destroy Israel?

Iranian parliament demands Israel's annihilation by law

A 16-point program to retaliate for the death of Qassem Soleimani includes the demand that the Iranian government must have destroyed Israel in 2041/42.

Last week, a group of Iranian MPs presented a 16-point program of Iranian retribution for the killing of Quds Force Commander Qassem Soleimani. Part of this program obliges the Iranian government to take precautions to have Israel destroyed in 1420 on the Persian calendar, a point in time that would come in just over twenty years (2041/42).

This seems to refer to the same date that Iran had predicted Israel's demise in the past, for which the regime even set up a digital clock with a countdown on Palestine Square in central Tehran. The difference is that the annihilation of Israel was previously announced, but now it is required by law.

The part of the plan that deals with Israel, Article 5, does not seem earth-shattering at first glance.

Article 5 - The government is required to take the following precautions to destroy the usurping Zionist regime by 1420.

1.) Break the siege of Gaza by sending essential goods to Gaza from official naval bases for money or free. The first delivery, which includes at least public relief supplies and private institutions, will be sent within six months of this law coming into force.

2.) Continuation of the provision of welfare, economic and security services and infrastructure facilities in support of the people's march for the "right of return of the Palestinian refugees". Supporting its spread to other areas of the occupied territories under headings such as “Return to Jerusalem”, “Liberation of the Golan Heights”, “Pilgrimage to Quds”.

These points are not very different from what has been going on for years even without the law. (…) However, it is unusual for a parliament to threaten the annihilation of a sovereign nation directly - and to set itself a certain deadline in the process.

Usually, Iran's threats to Israel are carefully worded to disguise them as retaliation for Israeli aggression. The current program, however, is a direct threat and, as such, should be the subject of a formal complaint to the UN. Not that it meant much, but such a complaint would at least make it a little harder for Europe to cooperate with Iran.

(From the article"Iranian parliament orders the government to destroy Israel by 2040",published by Elder of Ziyon. Translation by Alexander Gruber.)