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  1. Signal and Whatsapp offer encrypted communication - the problem: the telephone number must be known. The provider Keybase.io brings a messenger that can use almost any identity - from Github to Facebook to hacker news.

  2. The startup Protonet holds the German crowdfunding record - but still has to go into bankruptcy. Apparently it has not been possible to survive in the market with corporate servers and groupware applications.

    08.02.201733 CommentsVideo
  3. Fitbit has bought parts from smartwatch pioneer Pebble. Fitbit is not interested in the hardware department, which is why the successfully financed Pebble Time 2 and the Pebble Core should not appear. Many Pebble employees are likely to lose their jobs.

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  4. In addition to home servers, Protonet also wanted to offer smart home products. But problems with a supplier delay the project. Customers get their money back first

  5. Protonet also wants to be successful in the USA with its miniserver for office communication and new smart home products. But the legal form that was chosen for it apparently causes numerous problems. The company's continued existence could be at risk.
    From Hauke ​​Gierow

  1. Haufe Group, Freiburg im Breisgau, home office
  2. Melitta Group, Minden
  3. Dr. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG, Bielefeld
  4. Eichler GmbH, Pürgen OT Lengenfeld

  1. The Reddit discussion forum has raised $ 50 million in an investor round. Part of the money is to be paid out to users - in the form of a cryptocurrency.

  2. A new cloud provider advertises a "magic drive" that never gets full. Compared to the competition, the offer is worthwhile from a storage requirement of one to two terabytes.

  3. In a joint open letter, 63 well-known IT companies are calling for more transparency in connection with the NSA Prism program. They want to publish details of what information they have passed on to the US intelligence services.

  4. Dropbox has increased its number of users and presented "Dropbox Platform", a collection of developer tools, at its first developer conference. The goal is that Dropbox replaces the hard drive, so company boss Drew Houston.

  5. The Dropbox competitor AeroFS is now available to all users. The system works continuously encrypted, saves its data on any file server or in Amazon S3 and can synchronize data between devices in the same network even without an Internet connection.

  1. With Snapjoy, Dropbox has taken over a company that specializes in merging user photos from online services. Last week, Dropbox took over a music streaming provider.

  2. Dropbox acquires Audiogalaxy and closes the platform. Apparently, the operator of the cloud storage service is concerned with the developers at Audiogalaxy, who are to create a new music product at Dropbox.

  3. Kickstarter is hugely successful, but actually not much more than a platform for pre-ordering unfinished products. At Founders Club or Seedmatch, investments are not made in products from young companies, but in startups.

  1. The two former Facebook developers Eric Frenkiel and Nikita Shamgunov want to offer MemSQL, a fast in-memory alternative to MySQL. MemSQL converts SQL queries into C ++ code, which is supposed to make the database faster than other in-memory solutions.

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  2. Firebase has presented a simple cloud service with which real-time information can be embedded in your own website with just a few lines of Javascript. If a user changes data, it should appear in a fraction of a second for all other users via Firebase.

  3. Posterous is now part of Twitter. The blogging service is to remain for the time being, but backup and relocation instructions are already being prepared.

  1. Y Combinator, arguably the best-known and most successful startup incubator in the US in recent years, wants to invest in new companies to help the US film industry come to an end more quickly.

  2. Dropbox wants to reach professional users with a new product. 1 TByte is provided in the cloud for one year, including support and admin console.

  3. Steve Jobs met with the founders of the cloud storage service Dropbox in December 2009 to buy the company. But things turned out differently, and Dropbox is worth $ 4 billion today.

  1. PHP inventor Rasmus Lerdorf will in future be working for Wepay, a startup that is developing an internet-based payment system for groups.

  2. The start-up Hexagram 49 is working with RethinkDB on a storage engine that is said to be superior to other systems thanks to current algorithms and alignment with SSDs. Since RethinkDB comes as a MySQL plug-in, the database can easily be integrated into existing systems.

  3. With the "IE6 No More" initiative, Weebly wants to prevent so many Internet users from visiting the Internet with Internet Explorer 6. Internet Explorer 6 is now eight years old, does not support current web standards and therefore hinders innovations on the Internet.

  1. Omnisio promises more interaction with online videos and has aroused Google's interest. Just four months after the official launch of the service, Google took over Omnisio to integrate the company into YouTube.

  2. With Zenter, Google has taken over a web-based PowerPoint competitor. The Zenter software can be used to create online presentations. In the future, it should complement Google's online office suite.

  1. Full keyboard cell phone with 1.5 months of battery life for 80 euros

    With the Asha 210, Nokia has introduced a cell phone with a QWERTY keyboard and long battery life. For 80 euros there is a cell phone with Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, WLAN and a long battery life of 1.5 months - with a dual SIM function at no extra charge.
    (Nokia Asha 210)

  2. Windows Live Messenger is forcibly merged with Skype

    Microsoft has now officially announced the conversion of its Windows Live Messenger to Skype. The old instant messenger can still be used until spring 2013.
    (Windows Live Messenger)

  3. Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion in the test
    Apple's desktop iOS with complicated iCloud

    Mac OS X 10.8 aka Mountain Lion is available for download. The ninth version now brings many little things and a clear approximation of iOS. We really like the new option of distributing Time Machine backups across multiple data carriers.
    (Mountain Lion Airplay)

  4. Sony and Panasonic start production of large OLEDs

    In 2013, Sony and Panasonic want to be able to offer large OLED televisions. A joint venture was announced today for this purpose.
    (Oled Tv)

  5. 140 million euros in sales with online games

    Business is going well at the online game operator and developer Gameforge, which reports sales of around 140 million euros for 2011. For 2012, boss Alexander Rösner expects further strong growth.

  6. The Last of Us and the parasites

    The developer studio Naughty Dog is best known for Uncharted, now a second team is working on an action adventure, the scenario of which is reminiscent of the movie I Am Legend. Golem.de spoke to the developers about the content and technology of The Last of Us.
    (The Last Of Us)

  7. Samsung Galaxy S2 in the test
    Nimble lightweight with a powerful display

    The Galaxy S2 from Samsung shows what modern Android smartphones should be able to do: The large Amoled display shows rich colors and the dual-core processor ensures plenty of speed. The case, on the other hand, is a matter of taste.
    (Samsung S2)

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