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The history of sneakers

Sporty sneakersare worn for every occasion because they are absolutely comfortable. The sneakers originally came from England and America almost at the same time, where the sport of crockett was played with these sporty shoes, which were invented in 1860. The shoes of that time had a flexible sole made of rubber, with the upper material made of linen. At that time the sneaker was not yet called sneaker, the term of which was only invented by an advertising expert in the 20th century for reasons of fashion.

While normal shoes made loud noises when stepping on due to the leather soles, the sneakers were literally translated as “sneaks”, with which very quiet steps were possible. As early as the 1950s, the well-known actor and youth idol made James Dean known this footwear, which is why the young people imitated this fashion. This was followed by the so-called sneaker generation. To this day, sneakers are very popular footwear that is not only worn for sports. In many everyday situations, the comfort of these shoes is the most important feature and you can easily buy sneakers online.


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