What makes us what we are

What makes us what we are?

"What makes us what we are?" - A difficult question ... I myself recently dealt with the topic:

You are talking about three factors that make up our being. Unfortunately, I cannot entirely agree with you. For me there are only two factors:


Factor 2: the genes

Factor 3: The environment


Factor 1 is about self-determination, so we create ourselves.

I don't think that we create ourselves, everything we do, everything we are, has existed before (or it results from something that has already existed), which is why I do not consider the factor “free will” as an independent factor See factor, but as a sub-point of the third factor (“The environment”).

Of course, genes play a role, I'm sure of that. Because (I personally assume) our genes are also the reason for our homosexuality and they play a major role in personal development. Everyone is different from an early age, they look different, they behave differently, everything is related to genes.

However, I think that the environment plays the biggest role. Let us assume that we are abandoned in the jungle as babies. We are not influenced by anything or anyone. We would try to survive. Everyone would of course try to do this in their own way (-> genes), but otherwise we would all be the same. We would not have a “worldview”, worry about love or history. We would only be different in the way we survive. Our self-being in today's society means, in our world, in which there are thousands of possibilities to be oneself.

Being-one-yourself today is roughly called:

How do i survive? - So how do I get food, oxygen (essential things).
Where do i live - Everyone stays in a certain place for a long time (an apartment in the big city or a hut in the jungle).
Who or what do I surround myself with? - Every person needs other living beings, with which he surrounds himself, these in turn influence us (our family, friends, animals ...).
How do I shape my everyday life? - Do I meet friends and tell them about the latest in my life? Do I go out and hunt out of my hut into the jungle?

All of this results from the third factor, that is, upbringing, the people around us, every movie we see, every article we read, the places we were, everything we do in this world, everything what we don't do, every second of our life affects us and shapes our personalities; either consciously (factor 1) or unconsciously (factor 4). Because our I-being is no longer called “How do I survive (as with other living beings)”, but is made up of a wide variety of factors, the cornerstone of which is human intelligence. Because if we were abandoned as babies in the jungle, we wouldn't surround ourselves with some people because they like the same music or something, or because they have similar views on life; We only do that due to the influence of our environment, which presses innumerable information (in the form of books, conversations, behavior of people, music, just everything we perceive) into us every day, which every person processes in his own way (- > Genes) and thus developed his personality further. For me, the “genes” and “environment” factors are the most important. But I think there is no need to split them up and say which one is more important. Everything is connected and you won't come up with a uniform result anyway, so:

Factor 2 + factor 3 (factor 1 + factor 4) = 100% I.

Haha, I don't know, sometimes I have to let the philosopher hang out