What is the rule of any of the internet

NetiquetteRules for correct behavior on the internet

Remain polite

Refrain from insults, slurs, provocations and threats to others. Remember that insults can be prosecuted. Respect the opinions of others and express constructive criticism. Adapt the text to the target group of the medium.

Pay attention to legibility

Write with correct sentence structure, correct spelling and use punctuation. Use upper and lower case letters and avoid using too many colored markings or other formatting. Leave out unnecessary information.

Duzen is common

People use the Internet more often than they do it. Do not get angry if you are talked to - even if you are talking to the other person.

Use the real name

Use your real name if possible. The anonymity leads to statements that you would rather not make face-to-face.

avoid misunderstandings

Think carefully about what you mean by what you say. Then express yourself clearly or use emoticons, for example smileys, as a substitute for the missing gestures and facial expressions. This is especially true for ironic remarks.

Pay attention to network jargon

The network community has developed its own language and continues to develop it. So make yourself familiar with common abbreviations like “LOL” (Laughing Out Loud) or “OMG” (Oh my God) and with the meaning of certain characters like “!!! 11elf !! 1”, which are supposed to express irony . Do not write your text all in capital letters - this is not only difficult to read, but also counts as shouting on the Internet.

Quote correctly

Mark the quote and refer to the author in accordance with the copyright. Do not cite too much, just cite the relevant content.

Do not distribute photos and videos without hesitation

Respect the copyright and the right to your own picture - do not use third-party photos without consent. Avoid images and videos that depict violence, humiliate other people or show them in embarrassing situations.