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Comforting mourners - reading texts, words of consolation & letters of comfort

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The texts shown here under "I comfort you" are aimed at grieving people. Some of the texts are suitable as letters of condolence or to be read at the funeral or as part of a funeral service.

Wounded time

"With the parting of the loved one, time died for you. Our eyes meet, but it is as if we live in different times. My time is not your time. For you it has stood still. As if moving in an empty room You .... yourself. ..."

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Give time to grief!

"(I know, and I've experienced it myself!) Mourning will be your companion; but accept it! It cannot be driven away, give it space! It will wake you up early in the morning, don't be frightened! It accompanies you through the day, let her be by your side! ... "

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If necessary, these consolation texts can also be written as a letter to a grieving person - that is, as an expression of condolences. But they are not typical letters of condolence, as neighbors say. These texts can only be written by someone who has a close, intimate relationship with the grieving person.


How to deal with grief!

An extra chapter shows how mourning cards and letters of condolence are already part of the path of mourning. The death notice, obituary notice, and condolences shouldn't be seen as mere formality. They are an expression of sadness and closeness; alös such helpful in the mourning process.

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Comforting gently!

A physical injury cannot be talked away. So the deep grief cannot be appeased with words. What someone needs, whose body is injured, is also good for the grieving person.


Consolation cannot be deeper and more loving!

People in situations of farewell, death and grief meet the old wise woman as well as the little prince. A handy book with new touching wisdom stories and poems to comfort, to wish condolences and texts for the organization of the funeral service. Available in bookshops everywhere.

Love will be, eternal love, what else!


This is what grieving people need

  • be left in peace and still feel that people are close,
  • to be alone and yet know that there are people who can be called
  • the silence of others and yet hear words that acknowledge and understand the pain,
  • People who give pain time and who are not indifferent.


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