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How much does a wedding cost and where can you save money?

The best day in life not only has to be well planned, but also financially calculated in advance. Because often couples do not know exactly what costs will be incurred at a wedding. How much can a couple in love expect to celebrate this occasion in style? In 2015, an average of € 5,500 was spent on the day of the wedding in Germany; in 2016 this figure rose to an average of € 6,072. These details include the registry office and wedding celebration - honeymoons, bachelorette parties or bachelorette parties are not included in these calculations.

The best way to get an overview of your own wedding costs is to start thinking about how you want to celebrate. The figures only become realistic with concrete ideas. That is why it is particularly important that you know what you want. In any case, compromises have to be made for the final planning. We'll give you all the information you need to estimate the cost of your wedding. If you plan smartly and calculate well, you can always save on a few factors.

The most important cost factors of a wedding

What should your first steps be when planning the cost of your wedding?

Think about what budget is available to you

Anyone who can objectively say how much money they actually have available will quickly say goodbye to unnecessary daydreams. Of course, a wedding lives off dream dreams come true - but a realistic budget helps you to recognize what you can do without and where you want to set your priorities. Therefore, the consideration is: How much should the wedding cost at most, quite wise, since you already know your absolute maximum.

How exactly do you imagine your celebration?

Wedding costs can vary widely. They depend on how and where you get married. Therefore, when considering costs, you should think about the setting in which you want to celebrate at an early stage. Only at the registry office? Or with a big family celebration? Maybe even abroad? Or in the closest circle of your loved ones?

Consider certain time factors

For the cost of a wedding, it is not insignificant whether the wedding and the party take place on the same day or whether the civil and church wedding are a year or more apart. In the past, couples usually got married on a Thursday or Friday in order to end the party with the wedding celebration the next day. Meanwhile, the registry offices are often open on Saturdays - but you may pay higher fees for such an appointment. Those who want to separate their church and civil wedding from each other often have less stress, but depending on the planning, they also pay significantly more for the two entertaining guests, etc. It is therefore important that you know early on how you want to schedule your wedding .

Creates a preliminary guest list

The big advantage of a preliminary guest list is that you can finally count on concrete numbers. You can see estimates for certain guest numbers in our table below. The closer you get to your actual number of guests, the more precise your calculation will of course be. You should generally expect that around 5% of the invited guests have to cancel for a variety of reasons. However, it makes perfect sense to calculate your wedding costs even with more or less rejections.

Are there factors for initial cost estimates?

Of course, there are some rules of thumb that can be used to roughly estimate the wedding costs. The big catch with these considerations is always that they are based on the average. So if you are planning a particularly expensive wedding celebration or, conversely, have to get by on a very low budget, then these estimation factors will only help you to a limited extent.

However, it can be assumed that around 50% of all costs are spent on food, drinks, wedding cakes and all other beautiful things that make a wedding celebration. As a guideline, one can speak of 100-150 € per person in this case. In the following you will find a detailed breakdown of all possible cost factors that should serve as a guide:

Wedding costs according to the number of guests:

The rent for the wedding location

The rent for your wedding location is one of the biggest cost variables. You can see immediately that it makes a big difference whether you celebrate, for example, in the parish hall of your church or in the small castle on the edge of the forest. The rent can be between 150-2000€ be. On average, however, it is less than € 500 in Germany. If you're looking to save money, this is a great option.

Cost of drinks in the restaurant

Drinks and food are significantly more expensive in the restaurant than with the party service. You don't have to worry about anything and in case of doubt you can fall back on a well-rehearsed team. Sometimes the disadvantage of catering is that you have to find the waiters yourself. Almost no restaurant wants you to bring your own drinks. Therefore, it is essential to inquire about these wedding costs in advance at the first meeting in your party location. As a guideline, you can use € 30-60 per person going out for drinks. You can often agree with the organizer which drinks should be included - special requests such as cocktails can then be bought by the guests. Or in this case you can also opt for an additional cocktail bar, where everything has already been paid for and will be served until your agreed budget is used up.

Beverage costs with party service

If you want to calculate the drinks for a wedding, you should come along 5-10 € per person count when your Organized drinks yourself. That means: the service does dispense them, but you have to order them yourself beforehand. It can be problematic to think about how much to buy. Ultimately, the drinks (in contrast to food) don't go bad - so you can also give away the leftovers. So better buy enough drinks than sit on dry land later. Incidentally, this also applies to the Champagne reception: Here you can with at least 1.50 € per person calculate. Of course, there are no upper limits to this number, for example if you want to serve particularly high-quality sparkling wine or offer special appetizers.

The cost of a wedding menu

That too Eating in the restaurant is much more expensive than catering. 30-80€per person are quite realistic depending on the choice of location. However, the same applies here: You will get the appropriate service and ideally there will be much less left over. In any case, it is advisable to find out about the prices for menus in different restaurants beforehand.

Experienced wedding locations always offer the possibility of wedding cake shelter somewhere. The sweet temptation costs average 150-350€. However, there is also the possibility of having this given to you, for example, by a group of friends or a family member. This also saves you the preliminary tasting and other appointments that go along with the planning of the wedding cake. Sometimes there is even an experienced hobby baker among the wedding guests who is happy to take on this great effort.

Catering costs for a wedding

The price range for that Catering food lies by € 20-60 per person. So you should think carefully beforehand whether the choice of a long-standing wedding caterer is a good alternative to the menu. Of course, that also depends on where you are celebrating. It will be difficult to go without the menu and resort to catering in a particular restaurant. On a meadow by the lake, in your own orchard, in a rented hall or in the dance hall of the historic castle, on the other hand, catering is always the first choice.

Costs for the printed matter

Printed matter is everything that is made of paper for a wedding: that is Invitation, table and thank you cards. You should from 1,50-4,50€ go out per person. However, this item can quickly become expensive, depending on how much attention to detail you want your stationery items to be designed with. For example, if you hire your own graphic designer, you will of course pay significantly more. Also Newspaper advertisements, a guest book or church notebooks increase the costs for the printed matter clearly. Then they can too up to € 600 cost even if you haven't invited 120 guests.

The cost of the flower decoration at the wedding

Flowers are part of every wedding. You have to come along for this special table decoration 100-500€ calculate. However, it can quickly become expensive if you add men's pins or floral decorations for the church and the car. Then the cost is over 500€ And of course there are no upper limits to these prices if you are celebrating a flower wedding, for example, in which, depending on the motto, a particularly large number of floral elements will appear. It is difficult to save on this cost item because fresh flowers usually come at a price. Exceptions are self-made cornflower bouquets for the tables, but you should definitely hand this task over to someone. Otherwise you will save money, but you will be unnecessarily stressed by the additional work on your wedding day.

Costs regardless of the number of guests

The cost of the bridal equipment

The bride's equipment consists of the wedding dress as well as the shoes, accessories and the bridal bouquet. The cost of one Bridal bouquet are included depending on the size and type of flower 30-60€. Depending on how voluminous or noticeable your dress is, you should also adjust the size of the bridal bouquet. What does a wedding dress cost? Basically you should come with at least € 600 calculate. However, there are now very nice second-hand clothes on the usual Internet exchanges. The motto here is simply: be lucky and strike in time. Together with the bridal shoes and the bag, the Bride's outfit overall easy 600-2000€ to reach. If you want to save or would like to continue the family tradition, you can also have the wedding dress or individual accessories sewn by your mother or grandmother. Just like with the wedding dress itself, it should be noted that changes made by a professional tailor also cost money.

Schedule a DJ / band for the wedding

The price range for DJs starts at € 400 on the wedding evening. Of course, a whole band or a more popular DJ is more expensive (be careful, this is often fully booked well in advance). You should get an idea for yourself whether it is worth saving at this cost point. Music is crucial to the atmosphere of a celebration and it is not necessarily advisable to choose the cheapest DJ for reasons of cost. Between € 400 to € 1200 is the Price for entertainment by a DJ, solo entertainer or band but in any case.

Cost of a professional wedding photographer

Who would want to forego capturing the most beautiful day of their life in pictures? Of course, this can best be done by a wedding photographer whom you are responsible for 400-1200€ can get involved. Sometimes additional hand cameras are added to the guest tables. So every guest can try their hand at being a photographer. However, these snapshots are no real substitute for a photographer. Take your time to consider how important good shots are to you. Some couples simply keep the pictures of that day in their minds forever.

The cost of equipping the groom

In the confusion of wedding planning, it is sometimes forgotten that the groom also needs something to wear. Ideally, of course, color-coordinated with his better half. That is the tendency Groom's wedding clothes a little cheaper than with the bride: 400-1200€ is a realistic guideline. In addition to the suit, it is often the men's shoes that are particularly important here. With these items you can also save with second-hand parts or you can buy a pair of wedding shoes, for example, that the groom likes to wear again and again after the big day.

Cost of the wedding rings

After selecting the Engagement ringsthe wedding rings should not be forgotten. The price for Wedding rings can between € 300-5000 per ring vary. This strong fluctuation is explained by the fact that wedding rings can have very different designs and materials. Depending on whether you opt for 925 silver rings or 950 platinum rings, you should calculate with different costs. The stone setting can also have a decisive influence on the price. In our Wedding ring configurator you can create a wide variety of ring models, see the price changes live and calmly consider which one suits you and your partner best. Since you will wear these pieces of jewelry with you for the rest of your life, it makes sense to think carefully about how your perfect ones are Wedding rings look and what precious metal they should be made of.

Take make-up & styling into account

The bride and groom want to shine naturally on their wedding day. There are appointments with the hairdresser and make-up specialist before the wedding. Depending on the styling experts, these embellishments cost between 80-250€. Many hairdressers offer trial appointments at which the later hairstyling can be tried out. It is worthwhile in any case, so that you know what you are getting.

Factor in hidden wedding costs

Some costs for a wedding are very obvious, such as the rent for the location. Couples sometimes only notice others when it's too late. Therefore, here is our list with the hidden wedding costs that you should definitely take into account:

Costs for the registry office

The cost of the ceremony may vary, depending on which state you are married in. They are included 50-150 € for paperwork and documents. If you carry out your civil wedding ceremony separately from the actual celebration, then you can use approximately as a guideline 800 € for equipment, styling, flower arrangements, food and fees calculate.

Costs for the church wedding

Surprising for some bridal couples: some churches also charge fees for a wedding. You should by about € 50-150 for the ceremony go out. Usually the organist or other musical accompaniment is already included in this amount. In any case, you should discuss in advance with the pastor exactly what costs will be incurred.

Overtime by service providers

Another hidden cost is the possible overtime your service providers can work. It starts with the service staff and ends with your wedding photographer, the DJ or the whole band. It is best to make precise arrangements in advance for such eventualities. Sometimes overtime is much more expensive than regularly scheduled working hours and therefore unnecessarily impact the budget.

Changes at the tailor

No wedding dress and the rarest suits fit perfectly when they are bought off the shelf. Therefore it is advisable to expect certain costs for the alteration tailor. Afterwards you will be glad that you have planned these small expenses in addition, because a correct seat also guarantees that you feel comfortable.

Postage for invitation and thank you cards

It is often forgotten that the beautiful cards also have to be sent. Therefore, think carefully beforehand how many letters you have to send and calculate an approximate value with which you can calculate.

Dance course costs

Couples often take a dance class together before the wedding reception in order to really shine during the wedding dance. These costs also count towards the wedding calculation. You should by about 100-200 € for a crash course go out. Internet videos or relatives with strong nerves are an alternative.

Wedding car or carriage

A dream for many, but also a cost item that has to give way in the end: Your own wedding carriage or the classic car. As Loan fee you should go with 300-600€ calculate. Sometimes the friends' self-decorated mini-van is a good consolation solution.

More tips on how to do the right thing Wedding car finds

A wedding planner for the perfect wedding

A wedding planner can keep all the unnecessary stress off a couple, so that the bride and groom can concentrate on the best parts of the wedding celebration. Of course, that also has its price: The costs for a wedding planner are based according to the total budget of the wedding. They are included 5-15%. So if you're planning a wedding with a total cost of $ 15,000, then his planning salary would be $ 1500-2250.

How can we save costs at our wedding?

If you want to relieve your budget a little, then it is worth paying attention to a few points:

Those who plan perfectly also minimize the budget

You should always calculate everything very carefully, because then you will have an exact idea of ​​the costs and will not experience any nasty surprises in the end. If you have to say goodbye to some dreams for reasons of cost, this also helps: think carefully about how important these factors are to you. It is best to make a list in which you set clear priorities. For example: wedding menu - very important that it is of high quality, decoration - can also be more economical, music - should definitely be available, carriage - can also be omitted in an emergency. Categories like “must be”, “maybe”, “if possible” or “desirable” help you to recognize what you want.

Compare prices from wedding service providers

The price ranges are sometimes very different, even for similar offers. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to compare between different service providers. This applies to wedding catering and wedding rings as well as to photographers, DJs or service staff. The most expensive provider is not always the best. Sometimes you can use testimonials from friends or acquaintances. Sometimes it also helps to get an idea of ​​yourself during a rehearsal dinner or an (unannounced) visit to the restaurant of your choice.

Location private instead of booked

The location is one of the biggest cost factors of a wedding. So if you have the privilege of renting a room or garden or having it made available as a wedding gift, you should definitely buy it. In this case, asking does not cost anything. For example, if you can imagine celebrating in your friends' garden shed, just ask them. Of course, you should also expect that your wish will not come true.

Save decoration costs

Decoration is a good way to save money. With hand-picked bouquets of flowers as well as handcrafted place cards, self-hung balloons or lovingly cut out hearts - there are no limits to the imagination. However, you should only leave this task to people who you really trust in terms of taste. Then a home-made decoration can give a wedding celebration a very special charm.

How much does a wedding cost in total?

The wedding costs mainly depend on how and where you are celebrating. Overall, you should assume that a celebration in Germany will average between 5.000-20.000€ costs. With the help of the table below you can calculate exactly which guidelines you should deal with depending on the number of people. However, it is crucial that you plan a certain buffer zone for this prior calculation. Not only the hidden costs can push up the budget in retrospect, sometimes the wedding becomes more expensive than planned without a cost factor being forgotten in the calculation. So it is wise to always assume that you end up paying more than you calculated. So you won't experience a rude awakening after a dreamy wedding night.

You can find out more about how you can celebrate an intimate wedding and even save money in our article Elopement - wedding in a small circle.

Location costs150-2000€150-2000€150-2000€150-2000€150-2000€150-2000€150-2000€150-2000€150-2000€
Drinks restaurant300-600€400-800€500-1000€600-1200€700-1400€800-1600€900-1800€1000-2000€1200-2400€
Beverage party service150-300€200-400€250-500€300-600€350-700€400-800€450-900€500-1000€600-1200€
Wedding menu costs900-2400€1200-3200€1500-4000€1800-4800€2100-5600€2400-6400€2700-7200€3000-8000€3600-9600€
Catering wedding costs600-1800€800-2400€1000-3000€1200-3600€1400-4200€1600-4800€1800-5400€2000-6000€2400-7200€
Printed matter (without postage)45-135€60-180€75-225€90-270€105-315€120-360€135-405€150-450€180-540€
Equipment bride600 - 2.000€600 - 2.000€600 - 2.000€600 - 2.000€600 - 2.000€600 - 2.000€600 - 2.000€600 - 2.000€600 - 2.000€
Costs DJ / band wedding400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€
Wedding photographer costs400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€
Equipment groom400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€400 - 1.200€
2 x wedding rings600 – 10.000€600 - 10.000€600 - 10.000€600 - 10.000€600 - 10.000€600 - 10.000€600 - 10.000€600 - 10.000€600 - 10.000€
Floral decoration wedding costs100 - 500€100 - 500€100 - 500€100 - 500€100 - 500€100 - 500€100 - 500€100 - 500€100 - 500€
Make-up & styling80 - 250€80 - 250€80 - 250€80 - 250€80 - 250€80 - 250€80 - 250€80 - 250€80 - 250€
Registry office formalities50-150€50-150€50-150€50-150€50-150€50-150€50-150€50-150€50-150€
Registry office celebration in total800€800€800€800€800€800€800€800€800€

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