Is Quebec City expensive

Experiences in Quebec, Canada from Fred


What is it like to live in Quebec? Would you recommend it to others? What's the city like?

I have lived in Quebec for 3 years and I love it. It's a small town to be in feels good, it's not as crowded and dirty as Montreal. Do not be afraid of winter. Yes, there are very cold days in January / February, but with the right clothes it's okay. And there are many different activities and festivals in winter, like the carnival or the Igloofest, to really enjoy the winter.

How is student life in Quebec?

The campus of Laval University is just outside the city and the faculties are all together there (except for art and architecture) There are on campus different possibilities, among other things, there is a hairdresser and a small supermarket.

Usually one has 4 or 5 courses per semester. This includes 3 hours of lessons and then, depending on the course, some group work that still takes a few hours.

There is only one week of lectures per semester. It is also a good time to travel.

How much does it cost to live in Quebec?

The rent of the Dormitories on campus costs 300$, an apartment near the university costs between 400-500. But I recommend moving to a dormitory if you are doing an exchange here, everyone lives here and you always meet someone in the kitchen.

eat: 50$ per week.

The Books for the university can do a lot expensive if you're lucky, you can buy them second-hand.

Going out here can be expensive, you have to add the taxes and a tip of 10-15%. The same thing happens in bars, man always have to tip. A Eating out in a restaurant costs around $ 15-20.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Quebec? Do you have any tips?

It is very easy to get a room in the dormitory, definitely recommended for exchange students, as everything takes place here. Big dinners together, preheating and you have all your friends just a few doors away ...

But one also finds an apartment without any problems, there are websites like where people search for roommates. But there are also different groups on Facebook.

How is the food there? What are your favorite dishes?

The typical dishthat you have to try and what is perfect for 3 a.m. after partying, is called Poutine. It consists of french fries with a brown sauce and sticky cheese. You either love it or you find it gross.

And then of course there is that Maple syrup. You will definitely have the opportunity to try one of the "sugar shacks" (although most of them are now big tourist restaurants). The dish will be a plate with Scrambled eggs, ham, beans, sausages and pancakes with a lot of maple syrup poured over it.

What places should you see in Quebec?

The old town is small, but very beautifulthat you keep coming back here, you can stroll through the small streets, sit on the terrace by the famous Chateau Frontenac or in the park Plaines d‘Abraham relax.

You can go to Montreal, a big city with tall buildings.

Don't miss the chance to go to New York City, it is only 7 hours away by bus.

One can Whale watching in Tadoussac or go on a road trip to Gaspéis to enjoy the Canadian nature.


Is it good to eat out in Quebec? What are your favorite restaurants?

There are a few very good restaurants.

Around Quebec dishes to eat, “Le Cochon Dingue”, there are also very tasty desserts. Here you can also go very well brunch go there. The “Cora‘s” has a good breakfast, it is a chain of restaurants that only serves breakfast.

Good sushi you get in "Tokyo", on Sundays the Makis cost only $ 5.

On the campus is there a Pub Universitaire, everything on the menu is delicious and in winter you can easily get there through the tunnels from the dormitory.

Is the nightlife good in Qubec? Where can you go out?

There are on campus itself to do a lot of thingsbut everything closes at 3 a.m.

The Pub Universitaire is Thursday evenings always particularly full, on other evenings rather quieter. Some of the faculties organize club evenings in their cafeterias on Thursdays.

Next to the campus you can go for a beer in Temps Perdu. in the La Petite Grenouille there is a huge beer (1l) for 6 $ (+ tip) every Wednesday. Also plays one tape Classics from Quebec, France and America, this is where I go best.

In the city center there is the rue St Jean several bars: Sacrilège, Nelligan, Ninkasi, etc. And at the end you go into that Grande Alléewhere all clubs are located: Maurice, Dagobert, Ozone ...

What advice would you give to students going to Quebec?

Don't be afraid of winter. One becomes so much Have fun so that you don't even feel the cold!