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the impossible


We must the impossible make possible.
Unfortunately, the Japanese Navy creates time and again the impossible.
My military advisers in the pentagram succeeded the impossible.
My military advisers at the Pentagram have managed to do the impossible.
But the impossible consists only in overlooking the means.
Today, some cash makes it possible the impossible.
3D printing turns the impossible in the possible.
We just have to the impossible make possible.
Then I try the impossible - or at least improbable ones.
For its part, Parliament must stop the impossible to promote.
It's tough, the impossible to promote.
If you the impossible exclude what is left ...
Let's work on it the impossible to enable.
Michael Shackleton and his crew often have the impossible made possible to the limit of what is justifiable.
Michael Shackleton and his crew often managed to do the impossible, and the demands made of them sometimes bordered on the unreasonable.
Tom tries the impossible to make possible.
Let's be realistic, let's try the impossible.
We should not the impossible try, for example, to set up joint bodies or to harmonize legislation.
We should not aim for the impossible, for example setting up common bodies or harmonizing legislation.
Take a look at the impossible.
Maybe you can the impossible accomplish.
You demand the impossible, Dearest.
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