What is the most recently published research paper


Raw data
«Primary data and materialsthat are developed within the framework of research projects at ETH Zurich, in principle, remain the property of ETH Zurich, subject to a different arrangement with external project partners. "1
Primary data are “the original experimental data or the original data that has not been further processed by another method”.1
Materials are "any kind of samples and products produced before or during the research work in material (e.g. prototypes) or non-material (e.g. programming codes) form".1

"The copyrights to works that were created in the context of employment (textbooks, scientific publications, etc.) remain with the author."2

«Inventions by employees of ETH Zurich that were made in the course of their official work or with the use of resources or infrastructure of ETH Zurich are the property of ETH Zurich. Contractual agreements with third parties in the context of research collaborations remain reserved. "2 If in doubt, please contact ETH transfer.

Software and code
"In the case of software (computer programs), ETH Zurich is entitled to the exclusive rights of use and exploitation if the computer program was created in the context of employment and in the exercise of official duties at ETH Zurich."2
"Subject to contractual agreements between ETH Zurich and third parties in the context of research collaborations."2
"Computer programs that were created as part of an employment at ETH Zurich and are to be used must be reported to ETH transfer in writing using the“ software notification ”form."2

Software that is to be made accessible under an open source license must be registered with ETH transfer via the ETH Data Archive. Please consult the “step by step” instructions in English. If you have any further questions about open source software and software licensing, please contact ETH transfer directly.

1 Guidelines for Integrity in Research and Good Scientific Practice at ETH Zurich, November 14, 2007 (as of October 25, 2011), https://rechtssammlung.sp.ethz.ch/Dokumente/414.pdf
2 Guidelines for the commercial exploitation of research results at the ETH Zurich (exploitation guidelines), December 16, 2003 (as of January 1, 2020), https://rechtssammlung.sp.ethz.ch/Dokumente/440.4.pdf